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Hello Friends, this is Shravan from Mangalore, Karnataka and presently working in Bangalore. The following new story of mine is Completely a FICTION and is not inspired from real life. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedbacks to [email protected].

Enjoy my Latest Fiction Story…….

The incident i am going to narrate to you all happened during my cousin’s wedding function in my village. The function was attended by all my family members. I had put leave from my work for 10 days and attended the function. My cousin’s home was just a Kilometre away from my home. Most of my family members were living in the same village.

I loved my family members a lot and I was loved by all. I have many cousins, most of whom are all married. So I had many bhabies(sister in laws). Among all my bhabies, I liked the company of my cousin Deepak’s wife, Vidya, a lot. We both bonded well as we were almost of same age group. I used to address her as bhabi or sometimes just as Vidya which she preferred more.

I and Vidya Bhabie were always in touch over phone, with regular calls, sharing photos and videos and jokes on whatsapp . She liked my company a lot. Vidya bhabi was 31 years old and she was having a 4 year old son. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and had a great figure.  Vidya bhabi usually wears chudidars and during functions she used to wear sarees .

Now coming back to the story. It was the day after mehendi / sangeet. We family members enjoyed a lot dancing to DJ and had loads of fun during function. As a practice in our family, during marriage functions, ladies get mehendi on their hands a day before the marriage, that is after the sangeet night (held 2 nights before marriage).

So the day before marriage at around 10 am, many ladies of my family had gathered at my uncle’s place, which was the wedding home.  Vidya Bhabi was also there, wearing red colored saree with a matching blouse. She was looking beautiful as always. Looking at her I remembered the previous night of sangeet function during which we two had danced a lot on various songs and i had great time being close to such a sweet and beautiful lady.

Vidya bhabi like some other ladies of my family was sitting waiting for one of the beauty parlor ladies to apply mehendi on her hands.  She looked at me and waved me to come to her. Smiling, i went near her and sat next to her and we started chatting.

I complemented her that she was looking very pretty. She smiled and said “Thanks for the complements shravan “

Her hubby that is my cousin had gone to his electronic retail shop after dropping Vidya bhabi and he was supposed to come in the evening.

Vidya bhabi told me to send her some of the photos which were taken the previous night of sangeet . So I took off my mobile and started sending the photos through WhatsApp to her mobile.

Her mobile started beeping with messages i had sent. Vidya bhabi slightly pulled the pallu of her saree aside and put her inside the blouse and removed the mobile phone which she had kept there. While doing so, I could make put the size of her breasts in her blouse as i got a good side view.

She looked at me staring and smiled shyly at me which made me blush.

Looking at me smile ,Vidya bhabi naughtily said “ Shravan, this is a safe and only place available to keep the mobile phone as I havn’t carried my purse along “. Saying this she winked at me and we both laughed.

We were sitting separate from others, so nobody would be listening to our conversation.

I wanted to tease Vidya, so I asked her “ Bhabie , what if somebody calls you on your cell and you have mehendi on your hands , so how will you receive the phone?”

She blushed at my question and said “Shravan you are there na . You remove the cell from my blouse and give it to me, as I would not like to ruin my blouse with mehendi “. Saying this she winked at me.

I started laughing and I told her “Bhabie it would indeed be very lucky for me if i get that chance”. She started blushing at what I said.

In the meanwhile the action of removing the mobile from the blouse had made bhabie’s pallu of the saree fall aside and I got ample view of her cleavage and side view of her boobs in her blouse. She caught me ogling and naughtily said “Shravan, I think you are very keen on becoming lucky.”

Embarrassed, I removed my eyes from where I was looking and said “Yes indeed bhabie. I will really cherish that opportunity” and winked at her.  We both had a good laugh.

After a couple of minutes one of the beauty parlour lady came over to the place where we were sitting in order to apply mehendi on Vidya bhabie’s hands.

We both kept chatting, but casually, as we had beauty parlour lady with us. After 15 minutes, I went out to the market as I had some flower arrangement work and some other works to be taken care of for the marriage.

When I came back after nearly 2 hours, I found Vidya bhabie sitting with both her hands kept sideways, far from anyone’s any one’s touch as both her hands had got mehendi on them. She got both her hands covered in arabic design of mehendi and it looked beautiful. I complimented her for mehendi.

Bhabie thanked me and told me that mehendi s drying up now. We chatted for some more time and later I excused myself from her and went around and spent time with other members of my family.

After some time, I heard Vidya calling my name, so I went to her. She told me that silver trays and some other items where that were required for tomorrow, for the wedding were are at her house. So she asked me to go along with her to fetch the items.

Her house was 2 kms away, so I got my bike and we rode along to her place. And we reached her home in 5 minutes.

Once inside she told me to come to her room and collect the items and put it in a bag. I handled the items myself as mehendi on her hand was almost dried up.

I was sneaking a peek at her beautiful belly and her ass from behind. She knew what i was doing as I saw her blushing. I knew that her cell was still in her blouse, so i decided to try something naughty. I picked my cell and dialled her number and kept my cell aside. Vidya’s cell which was in her blouse started ringing. She panicked a bit and tried to remove her cell from blouse. But since her hands had mehendi, even though it was dry she hesitated to ouch her blouse as it may ruin the cloth material.

I laughed and asked “Vidya do you need my help?”.

She smiled and said “Shravan it happened as you had told; now I can’t remove my cell. You have to help me out Shravan . I can’t ruin my blouse with mehendi on my hands. Please remove the cell and see who is calling. “

She smiled naughtily at me and I exclaimed “Wow. What an opportunity I have got “and started laughing .She also laughed at my words.

Without wasting any more time I went near her and from side I pulled pallu of her saree a bit to the side and put my right arm in her blouse. Her body was warm and touch of my hand made her shiver. Vidya was biting her lips and looking at me and smiled. I got bold and pushed my hand more inside. I got hold of her mobile, but I got naughty pushed my hand further down and got hold of her right breast in my hand which was covered in her bra. I squeezed her right breast which made her moan” ouch”. I squeezed her breast again and I started feeling her right breast more.

The cell phone had stopped ringing long back .She smiled and naughtily asked “Shravan are you looking for my cell or something else? “

I smiled and said “ Vidya I am looking for something more “, saying that I squeezed her breast again and this time I pinched her nipple which was erect under her bra and  she moaned loudly and said “Slowly shravan “.

That was a clear green signal for me and I knew she was liking my actions too. I moved my left hand over her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks. She moaned and closed her eyes.

Now I removed the cell phone from her blouse and threw it on her bed . I pulled her close to me and hugged her and moved my hands over her ass. She had spread her hands wide to avoid her mehendi filled hands touching my body.

She was looking into my eyes and her eyes were filled with lust. I moved my lips to hers and kissed her. I could feel her body shiver in excitement.  I started chewing her lips and soon she opened her mouth and started kissing me back.

We both were kissing each other passionately and my hands were moving all over her back. After 5 minutes of kissing, we separated from each other and I found her panting for her air with closed eyes.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled shyly. I brought her close to me again and we kissed more passionately this time with our tongues fighting with each other.

Now we both were horny and I knew she wanted more. I moved my hands on pallu of her saree and tugged it and unwrapped the saree from her body like I was unwrapping the cover of a gift. Soon i had all of her saree in my hand and i threw it away.

Vidya was now in her blouse and petticoat and she was looking like an angel. Her belly was almost flat with round and sexy navel. Vidya shyly looked at me, admiring her body and told me to get rid of my clothes as she can’t do with it with mehendi in her hands. I laughed at that and tugged my Tshirt and threw it aside and the pulled my pant down. Now i was just in my boxers.

Vidya was blushing. I again hugged her and we kissed for some more time and this time she could not control herself and started moving her hands over my back and through my hairs which resulted in the dried mehendi falling out from her hands.

I took my right hand down and tugged the strings of her petticoat and loosened it and in fraction of seconds the petticoat was down on the floor. I moved my hands to her ass covered in panty and squeezed her ass cheeks which made her squirm in pleasure.

I started kissing her neck and left a trail of my saliva on her neck. I moved my hands to her blouse and started removing the hooks. Vidya was looking at my actions and smiling at me.

Soon i had all the hooks removed and Vidya carefully pulled the blouse from her and threw it away.

Vidya was looking sexy in just bra and panty. I couldn’t control myself anymore and hugged her and kissed her lips. I moved my face down and brought it down to her breasts covered in bra. I started kissing the boobs over her bra and Vidya was enjoying it a lot and was moaning in pleasure.

I turned her around brought my hands to her bra hooks. I kissed her neck and unhooked her bra ..Vidya bhabi pulled her bra away from her chest and threw it away. I turned Vidya around and there it was , her glorious round breasts in front of me. Her breasts were big and her nipple were erect with excitement . I put both my hands on her breasts and felt the firmness by squeezing them which made Vidya bhabi moan …”aaahhhh ….”

I took her nipple between my fingers and twitched them making bhabi shiver . Vidya bhabi looked at me and said “Shravan ..slowly . I am all yours ”

I brought my lips to her breasts and took her right breast in my mouth and started sucking it while I was squeezing her left breast. Vidya bhabi was moaning in pleasure and.i.was really excited . I sucked her right breast for some more time and then shifted my attention to her left breast and gave the same attention to it too.

Bhabi was very horny by now and she pushed me away and looking at me with naughty smile she put her hands to her panty strip and started pulling it down. I could hardly contain my excitement while vidya was getting rid of her panty as I was getting the view of her neatly shaved pussy . I could hardly wait to explore it’s depth.

Looking at me , Vidya bhabi went to her bed and laid on it, naked. Looking at me she spread her legs wide, giving me the view of her gorgeous shaved pussy. I could see she was turned on because her juices were coming out of her pussy.

I could hardly wait , so I got rid of all my clothes in a go and kept it on the chair. I was in my underwear now and I saw vidya staring at the bulge formed in my underwear. I smiled at her and pulled it down and I was completely naked in front of her with my hard cock twitching in excitement.

Vidya bhabi exclaimed ” Wow ” in excitement and she motioned me with her fingers to come to her and I was already ready for that. I got on the bed and went in between her legs and held her thighs in my hands. I kissed her inner thighs and I felt Vidya shiver.

I got a closer look at her pussy which looked lovely and without wasting a moment i moved my lips to her pussy and kissed it which made Vidya moan in pleasure.

I stuck my tongue out and started sucking and licking her pussy. It felt so good. Her pussy was dripping with juices and I was licking all of it. After a few minutes of licking she shouted ” Shravan keep going I’m going to cum”, I kept licking and sucking and felt a load of her juice enter my mouth and I gulped it all down . Vidya bhabi had a loud orgasm and her body was convulsing as she came

After she had cum she pulled me on her and started licking my face which had her cum and when she got to my lips she started kissing me passionately and putting her tongue as far in my mouth as she could.

By this point my cock was very hard and when she saw it she pushed me on the bed on my back and she went down and took my cock in her mouth. I moaned in pleasure. The feel of her warm mouth on my cock was amazing .

Vidya started moving her tongue up and down my cock slowly at first and then faster and faster. I was lying on my back just enjoying the whole thing. The look on her face while she was sucking my cock was amazing.

I was really on the verge of cumming , so i pulled her up and pushed her on her back and I positioned myself over her and lowered myself down on top of her, I felt her hand guide my cock into her pussy. It slid in easily because she was very wet. I loved the warmth of her pussy that wrapped around my cock and when I was inside her she said “Fuck me Shravan, I want you” .

I obliged and I started pumping her . I was squeezing her tits and fucking her hard and she was responding to my jerks with equal excitement.

I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy and soon I started fucking her as hard as I could. Vidya was moaning out loudly in pleasure and I kept pounding her pussy.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy without any notice which made Vidya bhabi look at me questioningly. But she smiled naughtily when I rolled her over and made her sit in doggy style on all her fours. I pulled her ass up towards myself and spread her ass cheeks and entered her pussy from behind. Vidya moaned in pain as I slapped her ass and started fucking her fast. I was enjoying a lot ,feeling the warmth of Vidya’s pussy .

Vidya bhabi didn’t last long and had another loud orgasm and I too reached the climax and came inside her pussy , grunting.

Spent, i rolled away from her and lay next to her panting.

“Wow, Vidya you were amazing,” I said.

“So were you, Shravan. I had never enjoyed sex this much before . I am glad I found you” saying this she pulled me on her and kissed me hard on my lips.

We lay next to each other on her bed for a few minutes, when she said, “Shravan, we should go back now. We are late”

“Yeah I know Vidya. But only after I fuck you in the bath room,under the shower” Saying this, I pulled her up and carried her to the bathroom.

I hope you really liked the story…Waiting to hear from u all. Please mail me your response to my mail id: [email protected]

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