The Love Making With My Gf

Hi, guys, this is Akshay living in Raipur, as everyone does I am too hiding my name and but this is my first sex story and incithent is about my past relationship by the way I am single now.


As I have given Title Love making is itself a love making and I adore that day will cherish it forever coming to the lady love Miss Apurva. She also lives here as I am currently pursuing studies and have joined my dad business and I am a normal guy with little fat there haha but not that fatty so my Apurva is super beautiful.


So Here I begin.


When I lost my elder father I was totally alone and even went into total depression nothing used to cheer me up my friends used to call me and check whether am ok or not but I used to ignore them because I was totally hurt by d demise so one day I went to my class I was asking notes from my friend then I saw she was talking to this girl and I had joined that class since 2month but nor noticed her but when Apurva was talking to her, God her voice was so sweet melodious hehe ek alag si smile ayi so jus I was staring her that she speaks so low that is even not audible.


Then I thought to send her friend request to her on FB as she don’t even use to come out in break and didn’t even talk to even girls so then I requested my friend to tell me her name after that I went home after class then I found her name and sent a request but I wasn’t expecting an acceptance from her but I was surprised when she accepted it d very next day.


Then it was like hie hello started then even got to not who she is where does she lives it was like I wanted to take things slow at first cuz I genuinely liked her then I used to find reason to take her notebook used to sit with my friends where she uses to sit and used to check her whether she is looking at me or not hehe trust me guys when we started talking to each other then she used to help me and whenever I used to cry she was always there to listen to me like these we were at the end of our classes and she was not giving her number as exams were near so i too cant talk to her daily in facebook so said her indirectly that today will be d last day as we both have tp study I didn’t want to force her to give me her no and when she feels ok she ll give it so then how come don’t know she gave in at the end and said muj thena tha no but pta ni.


It was my first interaction with a guy that’s why I wanted to be sure then we used tp talk then we shared that liking was there from both sides and i expressed my feelings towards her then she said she was waiting for my bday that was coming so she thought she wud give me that as a gift wen she told me at I was very happy but wen one f my friends approached her one day when I was in d class so it was her point that ll not disclose any things so that I asked her as I was angry and sad at the same time but she said I love you and we got committed and it was the best day things went like this as her family was very orthodox kind of ppl so we could not use to meet regularly but we managed some how and loved each other.


Then when we used to make love calls chat celebrate bday valentine every month of our anniversary and I used tp gift her small things and my cousin brother marriage waa fixed as my exam were in between so I cud not go but my mum dad went there and i was jus waiting for d day before exams only I planned that I will turn this opportunity best I can and then I convinced her as it was both of our first time and we don’t want any complications so she asked me to get condoms but I waa adamant that I will not use it in my first love making as I wanted each other to feel each other so d day was luckily our monthly anniversary


Venue was my room and time and all was decided as by evening I was to board my train


I planned everything before that day as my exam got over by 5 pm and I arranged flowers in my bed for her bought chocolates for her and I was really nervous I was 19 but jus bcoz it means. a lot to me it was not jus sex we see porn we read stories but wen we go ahead for it many questions turn up right sp d same and I went to pick her up by 11 and came home then I locked our door and I asked her kya logic so she said pani so I gave her water and blind folded her eyes and hold her hand and tool her to our bedroom as she was coming second time here first gym we just hugged each other but we both knew wat was coming ahead.


So I hugged her and we were siting in my bed and hugged her human bat ki and slowly i looked at her and kissed her passionately for more than 10 min after that kissed her on her forehead and said love you and then she hugged me back and said I am all yours and then she came over me I hugged her tight and then I came over her kissed her neck and she was moaning as it was her weak point haha I utilised it fully then I removed her top and first time I was looking her in bra and that too the one I gifted her red colour I just hugged her.


Then I lip kissed her and removed her jeans and I removed my shorts as I came and changed my thenim into t-shirt and shorts so now she was in red bra n panty it was best I could get to watch she was not able to make eye contact was begging me to come to her and hug her so I jus did as I loved her more than anything and then I was pressing her boobs it was soo spongy and soft licked her in between she was sweating even wen AC was on hahaha.


so I tried unhooking her bra but was not able to as she helped me then it could not wait for anything I used to imagine that what kind of nipple my wife would be getting and to my surprise I expected brown but it was baby pink then widow wasting any min I just grabbed them hehe mere dono hath me ni aa rhe the itne bade the I asked her size hehe she said you know it don’t ask I kissed her wid her sweet smile and licked her bubu and was soaking milky boobs and kabhi left bubu kbhi right her eyes were closed she was moaning aaaaagh ahaahhhhhh do it harder more I am all yours jus yours.


I was continuously kissing them tb muj smj aya ki asli maza hota kya hai then with one hand I went down with my fingers inserted in her panty and felt sticky was coming out then I jus touched her pussy and she released her first organism it was all in my hand and I cleaned it with tissue paper then came down removed my shorts and she saw my bulge in my underwear I pointed it towards her that dis is your gift today she jus hide her face then removed her panty she lifted her hips and her pussy was also pink and she shaved her pussy.


I asked her she said she did it for me it makes me so special that she too planned so much then to her surprise I expanded her legs and moved in between and started rotating my tongue in her clitoris and licked my lips bite it hehe she shouted aram se kro then inserted my finger it was totally wet inside she must have come thrice till then I then kept doing that she jus was moving her hips holding bedsheet tight then I inserted my tongue she jus exploded hahaha it tasted different as it was first time so then I went above her removed my undies then she saw my 7inch iron rod ready jus came in missionary tried inserted it slowly as it didn’t pain her then it was slippery then with full force I inserted it she jus kept mum and closed her eyes was holding my hand cross


Then I waited for few min and kissed her till then aftr 5 min she said ab kro then I started too and fro movemnt she was hugging me and jb mera ander gya and my dry penis became wet and yr ye ehsas best hota h man liya jb uski makhmal si skin me ander bahar hota tha aisa lgta tha bs sb kch mil gya.


I was pressing her boobs and then aftr 15 min hum dono ka nikle wala tha fir maine apna penis bahar nikala aur sperm uske pettu pe nikl diya and hum clean hone gye and ane k bad ek dusre ko hug kiye and kiss krne lge and agn second round start hogya hehehe yar wo feel k bad rukne ka man hi ni kiya then I asked her to come above so she came and usne mere upar baitha ek to wo puri dudh ki tarah gori aur bubu b gore nipple b pink aur ander ka ehsaas muj pagal krdiyathen wo baithi mera penis pakad k ander gya uske and she was herself doing up and dwn movemnt aur me b kr kr rha tha and we smiled as dono upar niche kr rhe the fir I waa preesding her bubu and niche sexy feel jb b meri skin khichti aur ander jata aur eo bech me ruk jati then me usko niche dabata and wo aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh krne lgti fir jb mera niklbe wala tha tb maine usko uthaya and bhaga washroom hehehe


dn hum hug kr k let gye ek movir dekhi and mera doggy style try krne ka man kiya wo b try kiye hum and then hum huggy kr k sohgye wo khadi ni ho. pa rhi thi I supported her and went to bring my suitcase as packing ws nt yet started yehi prepare kr rha tha hehehe n you noe d best part morning me she brought uske hathk parathe hehe they wer so yummy puco mt fir usne packingme help ki and humne choclate ek ek bite share ki usko ghr drop kr k aya then I went to my cousin marriage


Thanks for reading my sex story and please do give your valuable comment.

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