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I am Rajat from Mumbai. Obviously, it’s not my real name. My age is 24. I am a college student and an amateur sportsman who plays cricket regularly for past 9 years.

It was one of those times in early December 2015, when my exams were over and we had an 3 week holiday for the college. I was 23 by then. It was then when I was referred to another coach for practice sessions at Churchgate by my coach, rather than our regular practice ground. Thus, I was sent for almost four weeks regularly for practice. I normally used to go for practice at 7-10 in morning and sometimes even practiced from 4-6 in evening, making it twice a day.

In the first week, I practiced just in morning except one day. Then, from next week I was asked to practice twice a day. It was Tuesday and after finishing my practice session, I decided to explore Churchgate rather than going home and coming back again. I changed my clothes and kept the kit in the club room and went for a walk. It was 10:45 when I crossed the flyover bridge (one over the tracks near Churchgate station just ahead of Wankhede stadium). Just after getting down from the bridge, I noticed a small group of children waiting for a bus. There, I noticed several ladies with those kids too. Most of them were looking as maids who came with the children to drop them, except a few, It was just near to Mumbai University gate. It was not so narrow nor wide lane but wide enough two vehicles could pass at a time.

In that group, there were few ladies who were mothers of children. Just after getting down, my eyes were looking at those all ladies who were present. Suddenly, my eyes met with a lady in tight kurta pyjamas. She was married lady, who was shyly staring towards me as I passed by her. Her breasts were nearly ogling out of her kurtas and she almost had an round shaped ass. Her colour was very fair and breast size might be 36 as they were fitting to her kurtas and she had measurements of 30′ 26′ 36′. I am not at all good at measuring assets but she looked quite fit or medium rather than bulky. I was confused as why she staring and looked at me like this. Then I took a u-turn and again went by the side of lady and now we were again facing each other and she looked at me with less hesitation comparatively.Just then the bus arrived, and one of these ladies asked till when would bus return.

The assistant of bus told one of the ladies that bus would arrive by 3:15 or 3:30 at most. The lady took her car and drove away after the bus went. I too went away and wandered near marine drive and had lunch. then, I decided to return to same spot again around quarter to three. The bus was about to arrive and I stood to the nearest spot where bus was standing. To my surprise the lady arrived at sharp 3 and parked her car just couple of feet away from me. As she walked out of car, I went and stood near her car. The bus arrived at 3:20 and she came with her child and our eyes again met when she was rushing towards her car. She waited for a moment, looked at me and gave a cheeky smile and excused me, opened doors and sat into her car with her child.

This went on for a week, until the next Wednesday. This all was going in my mind and I used to jerk off every day after practice in the night. It had become a routine for both of us to play the stare game. Someday she wore a saree or some day punjabi dresses. On that day, just as usual after practice, I went there. The lady was in a sleeve less saree. Her navel was almost visible. She dropped her child in the bus and smiled at me as usual while excusing and today I winked at her. She sat in her car and she too winked at me and drove away.That same day later while picking up her child, she again was in the same saree and this time her navel was clearly visible. She came out of her car and I rushed towards the door of her car from opposite side as she parked her car.

As soon as she saw me, she took a tissue from car and kept it near the dashboard on drivers side by writing something on it and went towards the bunch of ladies waiting. I went near the dashboard and on that paper she had written her name and number. I too went to nearest shop and took a pen and piece of paper and wrote my detail on it. As soon as she came to excuse me with her child, I purposely dropped paper near her door and indicated her with eyes. She picked up paper and went away. I saved her contact with her name Jalapa on it and later came to know she was Gujju.

I had intention of having sex with her, but I didn’t knew from where should I start.

Later that night I got a text from her. We chatted normally for a couple of days about each other and I told her I play cricket and why I was here in Churchgate. She wasn’t surprised me being an athlete and she said that she thought something like too. I told her where I live and she wasn’t amused too as my house wasn’t far away from Churchgate. She told me she lived near Babulnath. I missed going to the place where we met, on Friday. Then on Friday evening she texted and asked me immediately after my practice, “Why didn’t you come today? I was hoping to see you where we met.”

I conceded that she was showing interest and replied in a flirty manner. She first said flirt with your girlfriend not me. But, then I said I don’t have one jokingly. She said it isn’t possible and then she too flirted in reply and we went on till night. I visited the place we met on Saturday at same time i.e. 10:30 am, but I couldn’t see her. I texted her and she said I missed her jokingly and kept calling her. After few minutes she answered my call and she asked me to stand outside wankhede stadium, but on opposite side of marine drive kattas (seats). I waited for few minutes there, and there she arrived at about almost 11:00 am.

She stopped her car near me and she came out of her car and removed her glasses. She was wearing a sleeveless saree with a deep navel. She shook hands with me and asked me to sit inside the car. I sat beside her on the front. We were chatting casually as she was driving us towards Worli sea face side.

We chatted casually until we reached there. She was parking car on side of road just when I asked her about her husband and she said, “he is in Gujarat for business and lives with parents there.” I asked her with whom she stays and all and she said, “I stay alone with my child and couple of days of a week with her younger sister, who is studying in nearby college.:

Then suddenly she cut and giggled at me by saying, “you really don’t have girlfriend?” I said, “No, how would someone like me could have a one?” Then, she said, “What about me? Ain’t I like a girlfriend to you. You chat and flirt with me too. We are on a date just like a couple only difference being I am married.”

I wondered her about husband and she said while crying, “All he cares about is his business. He hardly comes to Mumbai say for couple of days in 15 days and sometimes not for a month. He might be having affair as I have checked his phone and contacts. He hardly loves me, haves sex with me. I feel very shy and lonely to share these feelings. And now after my delivery, he hardly had sex with me once in those couple of days when he comes home. Even I am hungry for sex and I am starving. What should I do now? I want to enjoy my life too. I don’t want to cheat but I can’t live like this too.”

Hearing the word hungry SEX drove me crazy as fuck and my tool became erect, forming a bulge in my joggers, which was clearly visible. I knew I had to take advantage of the situation if I was to fuck her. So, I patted on her shoulder and she hugged me tightly removing her seat belt. Just as we completed hug, I raised my lower body in order so my tool brushes her body. She suddenly went back and looked at me. I thought she might be angry. She looked at my erected tool in joggers and said, “Look what I found!” I tried to hide my bulge but by then she had placed a hand on my thigh and asked me to look her and as I kept looking at her, she said, “Look, don’t feel ashamed. I am a human and you are too. We do have such feelings. We should help each other in such emotional things by being friends and there is nothing wrong in it.”

Saying this she pinched the tip of my dick very hardly and I almost let a sigh out. Then, she smooched me and after a few seconds I too responded. I broke the kiss and pulled her towards me and our tongues were playing with each other.I tasted her lipstick then and pulled out her upper lip with my lips. I inserted my hands from the front side of her saree and she spread her legs until I realised she was cumming inside her pussy. She put hand inside my joggers while kissing and took my 6 ‘ thick cock out of my pants. She bent and rubbed it with her saliva by spitting on my dick. I suggested her to take it in her mouth . She tried sucking my cock for few minutes. I was almost in heaven and sat still as she sucked my cock.

Few minutes later she said she wasn’t comfortable and needs more space. She said we should head towards her house for further action as her son might be playing indoor games in society with her maid. By that time my cock was fully wet with her saliva and I was aroused. I asked her to stay in same position and she helped me to masturbate. she kept smooching and I told her I was cumming. She bent near my cock and I came straight into her mouth. She ate all my cum and cleaned my cock with her pallu of saree. Then, we drove towards her house.

She lived on the 3rd floor near Babulnath temple. We took stairs instead of lift till her flat arrived. Just as she closed the door, I hugged and bit her from behind on her neck and she was making sounds of “ooohhssss ahhhhs hooooff.”

Then, she said she needs to check whether her 5 year son and maid is home or not. She stayed in 6 BHK house, which was made by joining 2 flats of 3BHKs. She checked whole house as I walked behind her and she said, “My child is playing and my maid has accompanied him. They won’t return before 2:30” Hearing this , I grabbed her from behind and pinned her against the walls biting her back and bare skin inside her blouse. She pushed me aside and now she pinned me to the wall and bit me on my chest. She raised my hands and removed my t-shirt. She bit me on my chest leaving red marks. then, she held me and bit on my biceps and back leaving hickeys over there. Then she took me on herself and I started tasting her lipstick this time by biting her lower lip. She too bit my lips and our lips had started bleeding. But we didn’t stop there.

Now I made circular rounds from my tongue on her neck and shoulders and I bit her. I removed her pallu and was inserting tongue in her cleavage. She was slowly moaning and was rubbing my penis and it didn’t took long for my penis to get erect. Then I pulled her saree and peti-coat while sucking her cleavage down from her waist and now she was only in her blouse and panties. Then, I squeezed her pussy from outside the panty and she moaned harder. Sssss aahhhh Ummm she was moaning,

The I removed her blouse and went to her navel. I sucked her navel for half a minute and teased her by moving towards her pussy and again went up and kissed her. She held my head and said, “Please eat my pussy. I will do anything you ask.” I then took her bra straps and removed them. I was watching her melons for first time. They were whitish and had red nipples. i became mad seeing her boobs and first had a look at them. Then I pressed them as I kissed her. I rubbed both her boobs between my fore-finger and thumb with bot hands and she moaned real hard. As she broke the kiss, she panted and moaned. I continued sucking her boobs and she was pressing my head against her melons. Then I alternatively sucked her boob and rubbed other boob between my forefinger and thumb partly. She was moaning loudly and calling out my name.

Then I went towards her opantytried pulling it and then she removed it and pushed me to bedroom. I lied on bed while she was above on my face. Her pussy was clean shaved and she stayed afloat on my face and made circular motion closing her eyes her pussy touching my mouth. It went on for a minute now she lied on bed. I went on her top and kissed her. I played and fondled her boobs as I was teasing her from navel to boobs and vice-versa but not going to pussy. Then she finally slid her body above and made me lick her pussy. I spread the walls of pussy and straight away started licking as she was instructing. i then the bit her cunt softly and pinched it. She moaned and lifted her boad. This continued and she moaned “ufff mar gayi. Khaa jaa mari chut ne. I love you. Jo chahiye wo karungi. Aaj meri chut khaa jaa tu. Chod mujhe.” After few minutes she came.Then she slid her hands inside my joggers and removed them. Now I was in my undies and she grabbed my dick and bit it from above my underwear and said, “Aj to tera lund khaa jaungi main.” Saying this she almost tore my undies while biting my cock and I undid my undies and now we were both naked.

She tried taking my whole 6’ cock in mouth but wasn’t able to. Then I pushed her head on my cock and she was literally in tears. She continued doing for minutes until I came too. We sat and she bought cakes to eat. We ate them just when she rubbed cream on my dick and licked it. This again aroused my Semi erected cock to full size and I pushed her and made her lie on bed. I rubbed my cock between her thighs to tease her and then she held my cock and put it in her pussy.She let a huge moan as my dick inserted her pussy. She then held my back and made up and down motions. I kissed her while doing so and played with boobs too. She kept moaning and kept saying “chut faad meri. AAj chod de mujhe.”

Now she went on upper side and I was down and she almost jerked every second on my cock and jumped. She kept increasing pace as I was breathing calmly and fondling her boobs. Then she finally came and lied on me. I meanwhile pushed my cock inside her pussy and inserted my short nails in her back and kissed. She kept moaning harder. Then she lied down me and did same and inserted nails on my back and kissed my shoulders and biceps. It went for few more minutes and we both finally came together. She then immediately took my cock in her mouth stroked it and drank all my cum which was dripping.

She watched the clock and it was 1 o’clock. I was already feeling a bit tired by then. She asked me to wash myself and I washed myself and was still naked. We ate bread and some cakes until she went in bathroom for shower. I grabbed her from behind in my arms inside the shower and rubbed my cock against her buttocks. She then went down and took my cock into her mouth. Then she pinched my balls as I shouted in pain and then she bit the skin surrounding my balls. Then she sucked my bells. Then I lifted her up, kissed her and went on for 5 mins. Now, I lifted her in my arms, pinned her against wall and made her jump on my cock. She hesitated, but once the grip was set she moaned and i kissed her and we started back and fro motions. Within 5 minutes I came inside her.

Together we both came in the shower. I was very weak by now and could hardly walk. We somehow washed ourselves and she made glucose water for me and I drank, as I was too weak after practice and after almost cumming 5 times.

It was almost 2 pm by now. She then said she would call me tomorrow if possible and she would like to try different positions. She kissed me hard and we both dressed up. She asked me to take her scooty with me which I rejected. She asked me to go by taxi. She booked and paid in my wallet for taxi for which I hesitated too. But she forced me to keep it as a sign of friendship. Then just when she was opening door she kissed and hugged me and said thanks to me. I said, “no worries. We’ll meet tomorrow.” She said,”Yes, tomorrow I want to try anal too. Have good rest so we could have fun.” Saying this I went home instead of practice.

The next part of the story includes where we both have anal and another one in which we include her hot young sister as well for a threesome.

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