The Mystery Land (Present Time With The Widow)

Hello guys, I am Chinmay. I hope you have read my first story in the couples category. Here is another of my experience which I want to share with you.

It happened 4 years ago,around. Then I was a final year student of graduation. I had an aim to get admission into a good college where I can do my P.G.So I left hostel and took a rent home .It was cheap and maintained minimum standards. There happened to be two bathrooms but they are like attached to each other. In my adjacent room which was only partitioned by an inter way,staying this aunty.She was teaching in a nearby school.

So before going any further let me tell..I was thin that time.And subhra aunty is just like a perfect indian aunty.She was brown.With nice big boobs which I later came to see and a round face with cutest eyes. Her stats would be 36-30-38/40.Man she was bit fat but perfect.She would always wear saree.And days passed.We would chat normally. Sometimes she ask me for shopping.She would tell me how her husband died and she didn’t look for another man etc.I would tell her my career pursuits. We became friends within no time.

Then came those time when I had classes at 10 o clock unlike morning classes therefore our bathroom time synched.We would both go to our respective bathrooms at the end of the interway.And when accidentally our eyes meet she would smile so I smile back.She had her school at 10 o clock.So we both had to haste.. Someday before I finish she would have gone or someday the reverse happens.What was interesting when the reverse happens I get to see her only in a petticoat which she would wear after bathing.She would smile I smile back.

On this particular evening she knocked my door..I told her what happened.

Aunty- chinu I am having trouble with some of the science topics.Can you help me with??

Me- of course aunty.Then I cleared her doubts.

Aunty- thanks.I smiled and said don’t mention.

Usually I go to a nearby hotel for dinner.It was 10 pm by then.So aunty offered me to dine with her.She cooked and brought food to my room.And we started a little chatting it reached a point where

A-chinu,do you have a gf??

Me- look at me.Do I look the one who can have a gf??

R-why so hard on yourself?? you are cute.

Me- ahh.I see.Do you have bf??

Aunty- shut up

Me- why so hard on yourself.

And we both laughed.Then

Me- no aunty seriously.You must be hit on regularly.

Aunty– why so??

Me- you have everything a man would need??

A- like??After a long time someone complimenting me.Go on.He he

Me- I don’t know where to start.You are young.You have a beautiful face.And I love your round eyes.

Having said this I saw her blushing.She said thanks and we have already eaten.

It was getting little awkward and romantic. I gathered some courage and asked aunty why don’t you stay here for a little more time so that we can discuss some science??She said ok and went to her room with dishes when she came she was wearing a pink nighty.Perhaps no bra.Which I knew later that night.

So she came. And sat on my bed..And told

A– hey you said you don’t have a gf??No need to hide.

Me- no aunty why would I hide??By the way I am very shy to talk love.

A– ohh I see.You can try with me.

Me– but how??U have to teach me.

A– of course.I am a teacher.He he

Then she came very close to me.I can hear her breathing..She told me to look into her eyes and say I love you.

I looked into her eyes and told passionately I love you subhra aunty..She was speechless so was I ..I got courage and closed the distance between us.And kissed on her lips.She has a very thick lips.I kissed them she responded she took me into her lap and we kissed she was moaning.Then she requested to turn off the lights.I did so.She was lying on the bed.I came and hugged her.She opened my t shirt and opened two buttons of her nighty..Hmm for the first time I was touching a woman’s breast.I was in seventh heaven uh unaware of my existence.

Subhra aunty–chinu.Suck me my little baby.Suck your mama.

Me- yes mama it’s so tasty..Ahh your boobs are amazing. Dont you wear bra??

A– I have prepared for this three days ago.Now my mission is complete.Now take off my nighty.

I did so and she took my hand and put it on her pussy.It was wet.Hot and clean shaven. I was going to say something but she stopped me.And opened my pant.I have a hairy dick of 7 inches..She sat down took me to her lap and now I was sucking her nipple while she was gently stroking my dick.

The she bent down a bit and licked it with her tongue. As it was my first time I came in her mouth..R–ahhh aunty mmm sorry I came..She said shus.She drank all my cum and laid down .Opened her legs.I understood and went down and started eating her salty juices from her sweet pussy.

A– ahhhh .Raja hmm I like it baby. Ahhhh ahhh ahhhh umm insert your tongue .Press my boob you dirty little prick

When she would get more excited she would press my head with her two legs..And then she would cry moaning..My dick got hard in no time I sat on her boobs so that my lund was near her mouth she made it lubricated with her saliva..Then I went down again she held my dick and guided into her I was having this pain since it was my first time.Now you was pushing her and pressing her melons..She would moan ahhhh fuck me chod mujhe..I got faster ..Now the room was all over with thumping sounds.I fucked her around 10 minutes then I came inside her..

She hugged me and kissed me everywhere I was in heaven..Again my dick got erected aunty saw that and this time she would lie on her belly so fucked her from back ..And my belly was pressing against her ass whenever I go in.This time it took a little longer ..And I was real tired..So I just lied down..Aunty came kissed my nipples

Me- aunty I want to see you naked.

Ok beta call me mom from today.


I will tell. You why??In the next part and what I saw when I turned on the lights.Plz plz plz feedback me on [email protected]

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