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Hi guys, I’m back, in Dhruv with a new one

Yeah the story now,

I have the bad luck of knowing neighbors who have hot daughters. Sneha is the typical ‘girl next door’ fantasy. She is 21, athletic, about 5’3″, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, nice pair…. She’s living at home, working and going to the local college before she transfers to an out of Bangalore. I’m 23, athletic build, 5’10”,and athletic.

I had rushed home for my brother’s bus to bring him home from preschool since my mom had a doctor’s appointment. Sneha’s car was at her house but I didn’t think much of since her classes are usually in the morning and she works the evenings. I had just stepped into the house and was taking off my uniform jacket when I heard a knock at the door. I turned around to see Sneha in a tight college t-shirt and sweat pants standing outside the storm door. I motioned her in with a quick ‘Hello’.

Sneha quickly stepped inside and closed the door behind her. “I only have about 10 minutes but I really needed to give you something before I leave for work,” she said. Not knowing what that might be I was completely surprised when she pushed against me, kissing me hard as she backed me against the wall. Still in shock from the deep kiss, I could only gasp as Sneha dropped to her knees and began to undo my pants. “Uh..what’s…??” was all I could get out before she had my cock in her hands, stroking it and cupping my balls. “Don’t say anything, just enjoy” she said before taking my head into her mouth.

Moaning as I felt Sneha’s hot wet mouth on my cock, I felt her tongue playing with me as she cupped my balls with her left hand. Slowly she swallowed my whole cock until I felt it touch the back of her throat. Looking down I looked into her eyes as she began to bob on my cock…sucking on my crown as she would withdraw my cock before swallowing me deeply. “Oh, god that feels so good” was all I could mumble as she gave me head. I could feel her hands cupping, caressing my balls as her hot mouth sucked on my cock.

Using one hand I moved her hair to the side so I could watch my cock spread her mouth. My cock was rock hard and slick with her spit. Her tongue was heaven against my cock. She started moving faster, taking me deeper, and her hands pulling on my balls. After a few moments, she took both my hands placing them on either side of her head. Giving me a quick look she placed both of her hands on the wall behind me. Taking the hint I held onto her head and began to move her against me…slowly fucking her mouth.

I was in heaven; having a hot 21-year-old’s mouth on my cock. Her mouth my personal fuck toy. Sneha moaned as I began to fuck her mouth faster and harder. Her spit running down her chin as I used her mouth.

After only a few hard and fast strokes I moaned “I’m cumming” before thrusting my full length into her hot wet mouth. I came hard, shooting my cum deep into her throat as I held her head against my groin. I could feel her swallowing my hot cum as I flooded her mouth.

Her tongue against my cock as she sucked every last drop from me. Dazed from my orgasm, I let my hands fall from her head. Sneha pulled off me, kissed my softening cock and balls, before standing up. “Thanks, I needed that and it sure felt like you enjoyed it” she said before kissing me quickly and darting out of the door. I barely had time to pull my pants up before my brother’s bus arrived.

Later that night, around 10 o’clock, my phone buzzed from receiving a text message. Glancing down I noticed that it was a local number but not one I knew. Opening the text, I read “Thanks for the help this afternoon. I really appreciated your hands on approach to the subject. I may have some more problems that I will need your help with another time. I’ll let you know. Sneha”. My mom asked me who it was and I said Sneha. “Oh, right she had asked me earlier if you might be able to give her some help about the physical conditioning in the hostel ” my mom responded. All I could think of as we fell asleep was “oh, boy, what have I gotten myself into???”

Thank you, people, for my last story, I got much positive feedback, ill try to get some more stories, I’ll add one of best happenings in my life which help you people fell happier and enjoyment ‘i hope you guys had a nice one

Any young or mature ladies who wants to have some fun, talk, interact with each other for any reason, fell free to do so

Dhruv we’ll be always there for anyone who’s alone

(PRO TIP – Guys, women love it when they are picked up and kissed,touched,and groped against a wall before moving the party to the bed or floor.)

( PRO TIP – Women like surprises, so keep her wanting for surprises that she cannot think or expect. By doing this you can make her more horny and satisfied 😉 and can talk to me on yahoo messenager, after sometime we can exchange our number 😉

Hope you guys loved my story and now it’s time for you to get laid and realize what pleasure is all about.. Let me make love to you.. Let me please you.. Lemme drill you!!

I’m waiting for ya mails..If you guys want any help then please let me know.. I’m a sex advisor, a professional masseur too..This is dhruv singing off!!!

Any suggestions / ladies in and around Bangalore they can mail me at [email protected]

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