The Summer Haze – When Two Souls Gave In

Kolkata, the city that never changes… Not that it really should , but hey the placards of the red, or the greens telebhaja (Fries) shacks , the political humdrums , the abundance of rickshaws and autos , the mithai shops, the noise and not to forget ‘the nosy neighbors’ cliché, sum it up and this city freaking lives by it. Although the caste biased bongs ruled during the 80’s but the city has managed to loosen up its chains.

Sex is not a taboo anymore, society has curbed around the whole ‘bride-should-be-a-virgin’ thing and we unanimously feel sorry for the patriarchal morons that practice this till now. Forget sex, if we dig deep we would find same fetish groups, bdsm clubs, cougars and gigolos, male-female-transgender strippers, call girls, escorts, paid concubines, naked sushi tables and hell one could easily get away with incest thanks to the John Snow show.Drop your mails @ [[email protected]] [Sunny or I] I raided my pockets and found the last piece of cigarette inside a packet draped with a hideous warning ‘smoking causes cancer’, usually I wouldn’t waste my time lighting it up but instead I asked the tea vendor ‘dada ekta cha(one tea please)’… My hands went in my pocket again on a search for the lighter but I couldn’t find it on me and I was about to ask the guy for a matchbox suddenly a hand holding a lit flame came up to the end of my fag.

My mind took a second to process the smooth white hairless skin that glowed on the April Sun…the pink nailpaint determined the person was a SHE. By the time I took my puff and held my head up she had turned to the vendor. My eyes widened as I was checking her up from behind. She was 5.3ft, her skinny jeans were hugging her bottoms and I had never seen a bubble butt that beautiful before(porn doesn’t count), slowly as I gazed up I understood she was wearing a red tank top that hugged her fit toned body.

Her bare shoulders gleamed as the sunlight had its effect and the two small butterflies (tattoo) on the back of her shoulder got hidden by her curly coffee-brown hair. ‘5ta happydent deben’(give me 5 chewing gums)… I have heard plenty of sweet voices, but her voice was like melting mozzarella. Taking her gums she turned towards me and I was mesmerized, her eyes captivated me and the smile on her soft luscious lips instantly crafted her image in my mind.

When she passed me I savored her scent, enchanted by her beauty I could only come up with ‘Thanks for the flame’, she gave a nod of acknowledgement and walked right away. Her heels made her butt wiggle as she prowled her way to fade; and a distant voice got me back to the world “O dada cha ta nin thanda hoye gelo toh(Mister, take your tea it’s getting cold)”. I would jump off a cliff if… I pondered. Nah! , it’s too hard to be true. She is out of my league! I exclaimed inside my head and chugged the tea and went off.

[Suzi(Sanjukta)] : Sanjukta had moved to the southern part of the city with her father as her mother passed away. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer; there was little she could do. Her father sold out their old house and they rented an apartment in the South. She would often be left all by herself as her father was a wildlife photographer. She would retire to her room and lose herself in her own world. One fine morning she was fidgeting with her father’s camera, pointing it here and there from her window; snooping on people. She could hear the boom of sound from the apartment nearby, and pointed her camera at it and zoomed in.

A guy in his twenties was doing push-ups. She could see through her lenses the back muscles of the guy swell as he pushed himself up and then it relaxed and curved opposite as he pushed down. The guy was fair enough had broad shoulders but not too buffy. As the guy started doing some yoga, Suzi noticed her eye candy looked pretty good when he arched forth and his back muscles flexed. He was tall enough as she assumed he would be about 5.11ft. She was fantasizing him sweat, how his musk would smell like and etc. when her maid knocked on the door. That night Suzi dreamt of the guy and her snooping increased on the following days. She loved the way he played with the little kids in his house, how he played with the dogs, and how he grooved to the music alone in his room like no one was watching. No one was supposed to but someone was!

[Sunny] After a long tiring day I was spent, I had to get some poison into my system. So I headed to the Liquor shop, a Friday night with booze and chill is what I had on my mind. I could see the long queue increasing as the clock passed 9P.M., I didn’t hesitate and took my spot and at the drop of a hat there were 10 guys behind me. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned. She was standing right there and as our eye’s met we were both surprised.

Me-“hey, you are the girl with the flame” I mumbled.

She- “Yes, would you mind getting me some beers, the queue is huge and people are judgey so…”

Me-“Sure, what would you take?”

She-“3 cans of beers would be all, here take the cash and I will wait at the curve.”

As I got back from the shop and headed towards curve of the road, I saw her standing. Her waving curly hair made her impossible to miss even when the street was gloomy. As I gave her back the change I gathered up the courage and enquired, “so, where are you headed to”?

As she mentioned my area my heart jumped and it took a lot of effort to show how jovial I was upon hearing she lived nearby. I controlled my emotions and told her that I was heading there too and we started walking. I have had my share of relationships and shenanigans tied upto it but around her I was nervous and inside I was melting with joy. I loved and cherished the way she smelled, the way she talked, the way her eyebrows would go up, I was bewitched. As we strolled towards our house I lit a cigarette.

Me-“Do you smoke?”

She- in a sarcastic tone “No, I carry a lighter to light candles in the broad daylight.”

As I was getting another cigarette out for her, she asked me not to and she took mine from my mouth and told me that we could share. As she had her puffs and returned the stick back to me I was engrossed with the fact that I got to taste her lips indirectly. By then my heart was almost pounding.

I broke the ice and asked what her name was and vice versa.

Me-“So Suzi is what you like to be called? Sanjukta is a pretty name though I flirted.”

Suzi-“You can call me anything as long as you save me from the queue.” She joked.

We both laughed and as we headed down to an alley I got a beer out and cracked it open. I passed the can to her. We were chugging the beers and talking when two cops on a bike came towards us and asked us why we were drinking outside. I smelled trouble, and took her hands and exclaimed RUN!

We lost the cops in the maze like alley, and around a nook I dragged her by her hands towards me and she collided on me with her breasts. I put a finger on her mouth and asked her to hush and the cops passed by us without noticing. We stopped and we were panting. She was a bit bent with her hands on her thighs one could see the cleavage easily as she breathed heavy. I couldn’t stop myself from ogling at her, and as she stood up her eye’s met with mine and she blushed. She broke the awkward silence saying this was fun and exciting. As we were close to our places I gave her my number and asked her to whatsapp if she wanted to hangout. We chatted a bit more, and finished off the beers and We called it a night and dismissed ourselves.

[SUZI]: Suzi locked her door from the inside. She was overjoyed, her eyecandy gave her his number, now that she is certain that the guy is quite nice, she would make her move. She was turned on by the excitement, she remembered the moment her boobs touched his firm chest. She wanted him to touch her, hold her, kiss her. Little does he know how he was craved by her. She had to change her clothes, her panties were soaking wet. Never had anyone worked their charms on her like this. She had to get him. It was 1A.M. on the clock, she took her phone and sent a text finally.

[Sunny]: I was ecstatic when I got her number, but I knew she was too hard to be true. I reminded myself that hot girls like her would only get me friendzoned. Yet a part of me was always refuting, a part of me wanted her, wanted to make her mine. Around 1A.M. she texted me and I almost jumped out of the bed.

SUZI: Sleeping?

Me: Nope, tired. How about you?

SUZI: was thinking about you.

Me: thinking about me ?

SUZI: What were you looking at back then?

Me: When? what are you talking about?

SUZI: Don’t act coy, I saw you ogling at me.

Me: Am sorry, It won’t happen again, it’s just that you are so hot and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I know you are out of my league but I… I .. I am sorry!

SUZI: Oh stop bullshitting and go to sleep. Goodnight xOxO

Me: Goodnight.

SUZI: No good-night kiss for me, huh?

Me: I would if it was in real….

SUZI: Scheming Moron you are.

Around 10A.M. following day

SUZI: Good Morning , am alone at my place wanna see something?

Me: Good Morning, and Yes sure what is it ?

SUZI: Suzi dropped the bomb. She sent a pic of her in her undies, her face was not in It, the photo was taken from her point of view through her cleavage, she was in a bra and panty only, her bare long legs resting on the wall. Captioned (Come to my place, Now!)

Me: I almost yelped. My heart skipped several beats as I replied with “Yes, Mistress”

(SUZI knew it was now inevitable, and wanted her to look best for him. She was never a makeup girl, she had the raw beauty like her mother. She chose her best cotton black string panties and matched it with a sports bra. She was the proud owner of two 32Ds. She draped herself with a silk dressing robe but kept it unlatched. She wore her feminine perfume and her hair was done to its perfection.)

(That day I had taken my bath already, the hot humid weather was perfect for a sweat pant and I wore a Purple t-shirt with it. I usually wore cologne for parties and intricate meetings, but that day I couldn’t resist myself from wearing fathers new Calvin Klein. I would’ve indulged in some reading, but the half naked picture of my crush next door beat that idea out of me. I jolted down the stairways, flew past the gate while my subconscious kept telling me that this was too hard to be true and I would probably make an ass out of myself. The notion doubled as I was reminded this was April, I kept my fingers crossed and rang the doorbell.)

When SUZI answered the door, I was awestruck. The silky mauve dressing robe made her skin glow even more, and the way it covered her mounds was celestial. The string panty could never be worn better, sexy enough to reveal the whole legs yet subtle enough to cover the nethers. Her perfectly flat belly was to be lusted after.

As my eye’s met with her, I lost my self control. I let myself in without breaking our eye contact and shut the door with my foot. I drew myself closer to her, her back was against the wall. I couldn’t resist and pulled her closer to me by the belly as I started kissing her. Her lips tasted like strawberry and cherries yet no traces of lipstick were to be found.

I pressed myself onto her; the erection in my pants was touching her tummy, while we were making out vigorously. I was engrossed enough to lift her up by her thighs and started kissing her. She reciprocated and the exchange of our saliva increased the sexual tension between us. I was kissing her cheeks, her neck while she was holding me closer against her body by my shoulders. Our pelvis was pressed on to each-other and the warmth of our genitals doubled our craving for more. I was kissing her neck, her throat and trying to go downwards and she broke us off while gesturing me to follow her into her room.

She was standing in the middle of the room; she dropped down her robe revealing her back. I could see her face; she was teasing me, enjoying every bit of the moment. I went behind her; the smell of her hair was a major turn on.

As I moved them with my fingers and planted a kiss on her shoulder I felt her right hand in my hair.. I pressed her onto me, as my left hand followed between her thighs and as I started kissing her shoulders my other hand kept playing with her boobs. I was rubbing her over the panties; I could feel the dripping wet cotton as my fingers rubbed her slit. I could hear her breath get heavy as my fingers took the pace. I removed the straps of her bra from her shoulders and kissed the mark it left. The perfectly shaped boobs were inviting me to play with as I pulled her closer. My bulge was pressing over her ass crack and as I started twitching her nipples she was letting on soft moans. I knew she was getting hot and she turned to me as she took of my t-shirt. She took a whiff on my chest as threw herself in my arms again making me lift her up.

As I lifted her, she started kissing me madly as if we were long lost lovers. Her legs encircled me from my waist and her hands enveloped my neck. Her chest was in alignment with my mouth. I started kissing her nipples as I walked to her bed. I let her down on the bed, and I was on top of her. Both of us didn’t have any clothes on top and as our bodies touched we plunged into mad makeout. I slowly went down on her boobs kissing her cleavage, and as I twirled her nips with my tongue she let out a ‘shhh’. I could feel her hands pressing my head; I took her boobs in my mouth, and inside I kept twirling my tongue on her nipples.

As I repeated this feat on both of her assets she lost control, I slowly started going down her. Kiss by kiss I kept going down. I crossed her navel and she arched her back up as I kissed on her vaginal mound over her panties. I held my head out for a moment and as I glared at her and pulled her panties off. Her pussy was clean shaved, I have never witnessed a camel toe, the lips were pinkish and her wetness increased its beauty tenfold.

I started teasing her as I kept kissing her thighs and work my way up to her cunt slowly. I let down a hard lick from the bottom her crack to her clit, savoring her juices. She was supporting herself with her hands as her eyecandy performed oral sex on her, but when my tongue touched her clit she knocked herself down on the bed with a moan. I increased my pace as my tongue rattled over her clit, and she kept inviting me by pushing my head from the back. I knew she was out of her control and I put two of my fingers into her cunt.

As I kept rubbing her G-spot and licking her clit she was arching her back upwards and downwards, trying to get away from my mouth. Soon she came and my mouth deluged with her juices and I didn’t let one drop to waste. As I noticed her skin was covered with Goosebumps and she was shivering from a hard orgasm I got up. It took her a minute to recuperate; she was ready to return the favor as she started untying the knot of my pants. She didn’t beat around the bush, she pulled both of my pants and my underwear in one go, unsheathing my member. She gasped seeing the throbbing hardon. The pubic hair was nicely trimmed and the rock hard cock was swelling with her touch. She couldn’t cover the whole thing in her palm, she used both of her hands and there was still left.

She shagged a bit and let the tip out of the skin. The tip of my penis turned purple with all the attention given to it. She licked the tip of my penis as I let an Ahh out. I was in cloud 9 as I saw her tasting my precum. My erection had taken it’s maximum size, as she put the tip in her mouth another ahhh of mine followed. She was a natural, she serviced my shlong willingly, as she tried to deep throat as much as she can. She was on her knees when she was doing so and most of the time she was staring at me which enhanced the pleasure. My hips automatically started moving as my cock started to fuck her mouth.

She let down her hands submitting her face to be used by me. My hands went to the back of her neck and as I kept shoving my member in her throat, gaging her. I could feel the saliva covering my cock inside her mouth while her eyes widened as my cock touched the back of her throat. I had to stop, otherwise I would’ve ejaculated.

As I got my cock out and started kissing her I noticed the bed sheet between her legs, wet from the dripping of her pussy. She was wet enough; she was ready to take me in. I didn’t hesitate as I laid her down and got on top of her. I planted the tip of my cock on her pussy as I rubbed it against her clit making her twitch. She whispered onto my ears to put it in as she couldn’t wait any longer. I smirked and shoved my cock inside her tight wet pussy. She gasped and let out a moan as my member invaded her privates. Her nails scratched my back as I was balls deep inside her, waiting for her pussy to adjust around my cock. In a jiffy I started ploughing her with slow but firm strokes, increasing my pace slowly. The air of the room filled with the smell of our juices, the constant thumps could be heard from any part of her flat.

As I started ramming her with pace we started kissing. I was now delivering full strokes as she started to bite my lips, she bit hard enough to make them bleed but I didn’t care. I kept on ramming like a starved bull. In a while she started moving her back matching the rhythm. Soon she had her second orgasm and I slowed down to deep slow strokes. We were covered in sweat and our pheromones clicked in making us hornier. She asked me to lay down as she came on top of me. Her bubble butt made it perfect as she sat on my dick.

She started riding me slowly as we both intended to enjoy the fullest. She was rimming me and sometimes I helped her rim faster moving her butt on me with my hands. Sometimes I even spanked her butt. She was about to climax again, and as her moans increased I knew she came. I was merciless I didn’t give her time to revive as I stood up with my cock inside her, lifting her up on my arms and pinned her back to the wall holding her buttcheeks apart.

As we hit the wall her hairclip broke and her eyes widened as she understood what was about to happen. She held on to me tight and scissored me with her legs. I kept pounding her as she was pinned to the wall. With each hard strokes the room filled up with thumbs and taps like a cheap porn movie, but we didn’t care. I was slamming her on my cock holding her butt. She couldn’t last many strokes and came hard while she kissed me hard on my neck leaving a hickey. I put her down on the bed again and fell on top of her. She was panting, each of her breath made her boobs rise which was a delight for me. I have to admit, I enjoy pleasuring the opposite more than to quenching my own thirst.

As I started kissing her neck again she hissed on to my ears lustily “I want you put it in my ass”. The words invaded my ear as I stared at her with disbelief. The grin on her face assured me that she was not kidding.

I rolled from top of her to the bed and asked to get on her fours. She obeyed like a docile slave as she got on her fours. She teased me even then with wiggling her butt. I didn’t waste any time, and took my face to her crack. The smell of our love juices made me want her more, and I gave a long lick from her pussy to her asshole. I could feel her asshole muscles retract as my tongue invaded her butthole. I circled her sphincter with my tongue. I could see her hands clinching the bedsheets while I played with her. I pushed her butt cheeks apart making her anus gape. I spit inside the gap and put my fingers inside her. She moaned as I twirled my fingers inside her, making her shitchute lubricated enough to take my cock. I made it slippery enough with spit and play and got behind her.

I put the tip of my cock and slowly shoved it inside. She cried out with ahhh and I told her wait it’s gonna hurt but the pain will go away. Yet with the sharp pain she asked me to put it in as she can bear it. I didn’t beat around the bush and put pressure on my hips and half of my cock went inside her a’sehole. She cried out load, her moan reverberated in the empty apartment.

I waited and slowly started to move back and forth. I knew I can’t put my whole cock inside her but the portion that was inside her was clamped by her muscles and her own assjuices kicked in. I knew she was in pain but when I saw her rubbing her clit with her hand she I was in seventh heaven. I increased my speed and her moans increased, she was moaning and sometimes ramming herself against me. I could feel the orgasm building in my balls as my cock profusely banged against her.

I told her I was about to cum, but she asked me to hold on as she was near. With a few strokes more she came and I couldn’t hold more. She slipped herself and got her mouth right to my cock and started sucking it. I couldn’t hold more and I came in loads emptying my nutsack in her mouth. My cum overflowed her mouth yet she drank the whole jizz. She was like a naughty vixen and kissed me on my lips as we collapsed in her bed cuddling.

Our Summer sexcapade continued as we had a threesome but that’s for the next time.

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