The Three Shocks Of My Life – Part 2

Hi, I am Rahul.This is a real incident in my life.I live in a village with my mother Bindu my father is working in middleeast.My mother Bindhu:a typical conservative lady.she has got a fair skin and round was so beautifully rounded that it is an awesome view through saree.she is a decent lady i thought so.the truth was something different My best friend jisha.our houses are adjacent.jisha is my best friend in my eyes she was a good girl.i was in the beleif that jisha has no secrets with me but i knew she herself was big secret to me.she has a cupshaped breast with awesome back.she is honey coloured with thick lips.

Her mom preethi my mom intimate friend later i found how intimate they was.Her husband working in middle east.jisha has a younger brother his name is vijay. preethi aunty was a dark lady with medium height.she has got beautifull pointed breasts any man dream was to crush her pointed breast with his bare chest.she was little flirty with me.she used to give me view of cleavage.i thought it was for fun.later i knew about the whole truth.

The door opened and entered someone.I was so shocked by watching all the incidents happened in front of me.I was so shaken that at first i cant recognise the face of the person who entered the room.Then i saw slowly it was jisha my dear friend.I was expecting a earthquake like behaviour from Jisha by seeing her mother like this.Having an illicit relation with some stranger.Jisha face was full of rage.

Jisha :Mom what is this? why are you two making this much noise.why cant you two enjoy silently like them. I was like what the fuck what is she saying.she is alloying them to do it.And i wondered who are them ? The other two who is enjoying?

Jisha then done something that took me to the verge of loosing conscious.She sat in the bed and took the cock of the man in her hand and said.

Jisha:i think i dont have the oppurtunity to enjoy you today…she then kissed the cock and smiled.

Preethi:Sorry darling i have tamed the snake for today..she showed her pussy and said look all the venom he had spilled on today

The semen was oozing out of preethi pussy that time.Jisha with a sad face took the semen in her finger from her mothers pussy and drinked it.

Jisha:i want more but you two enjoyed forgetting me.

Man :sorry darling next time he is all yours pointing to his cock.

Suddenly i had an idea and called jisha. she said to keep mum and attended the call

Jisha: hai da where are you

Me:in college ground what are you doing in relative home.

Jisha:nothing just boring

Me:where is preethi aunty

Jisha:she is here.she is eating a saying this she put his cock into preethi mouth.I was in heaven high and saying bye disconnected the phone .

Jisha:it was Rahul mom

Preethi:its a pity he didnot want to join us

Jisha:I dont know how is he going to react if he came to know all about this.

Preethi:i have sent him signals but he is not responding

During this chat preethi was massaging the cock and the man put his hand on jisha breast and started to press. she didnt react. suddenly jisha went to the mirror and said mom i am going to take a bath.she started to undress in front of mirror.preethi started to suck his cock.

Jisha removed his top and lower it was a sight to see.she with her honey coloured skin.with that awesome boobs in a light yellow coloured bra.her panties backside inside the buttock cleavage.she untied her hair.She then walked to other side of room to take her towel.i will never forget that walk.the man was looking her with hunger filled eyes.she gave him a naughty smile and shaked her boobs for him.The man’s cock came to life.preethi smiled and said.i think your snake havent tamed fully.jisha by seeing his erect cock became happy and jumped to him.Preethi said i think we can enjoy by taking a bath.Preethi went to bathroom.The man and jisha followed.

The man on the way hugged jisha from back and inserted his hand inside her breast removing her bra.her cupshaped breast was perfectly placed between palm.he then took his cock and removed her panties below her ass and put his cock into her ass cleavage.she arched with pleasure and said you greedy monster i will quench your thirst.

Then they entered the bathroom and closed the door.i began to start stroking suddenly jisha came running out naked.Her boobs shaking with water oozing.The man following her.He said there is no escape from me.jisha naughtily who is escaping all want to make it hard for you.i am yours.suddenly preethi naked walked silently behind jisha and caught her.Preethi said teach her a lesson jisha said mom its cheating.Preethi pushed Jisha into the bed.She locked her hands.It was a sight to seen two women going for a playing fight nakedely.both ass and boobs shaking.Jisha suddenly bite the breasts of Preethi.Preethi with anger asked the man you idiot you idiot are you going to watch from there or teach her a lesson.He suddenly parted jisha legs and i saw the jisha flower which is thriving to bloom.He put his mouth to her pussy and opened her flower with his tongue .

Jisha: aaaah aaaah

Preethi this time exchanged her saliva to her mouth.

Jisha was so aroused that she put his face to her pussy more harder. Preethi this time hugged the man from back. Jisha lied in the bed showing her ass. Preethi caught the man COCK

Preethi: so is my cobra ready to spit venom once more.

The man climbed on to jisha back and inserted his cock into her pussy.she screamed with pleasure.jisa arched and the man took her from bed.The man inserting his cock from her back and she was hanging on to his waist with his cock inside her and exposing her boobs.Preethi now on Jisha front started to massage her breast.he wrapped from her behind and took her to bathroom All was silent for a minute but i heard some screams and moans i thought it was from bathroom.but it was not.The orgin of the sound was my third shock of my life.

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