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Hello Everyone, This is my first story so would appreciate your feedbacks. Any feedback or suggestion can be shared on [email protected]. This is a very simple story wherein I met a lady on a train, had a good time with her there and this lead us to a relationship we still share.

About me, at the time of the story, I was 23 and I am about 6 feet with broad shoulders and a decent physique. I also boast of a decent enough dick and tricks to satisfy anyone and unlike my esteemed writers here won’t go in the elaborate details of the size and length of my tool as it is not required here (will share the details in the further stories).

Now coming back to the story, this happened about 10 yrs back wherein I was returning from my hometown to Delhi.It was the end of Feb and there was a little chill in the air. I had booked a ticket in the chair car of a train. It was a morning 6 hr journey. Anyways I reached station about 30 mins before the train was supposed to leave and killed my time by having tea and reading the paper at the station. of course, I ogled at the ladies/girls traveling. I had decided to buy a novel thinking like always it’s going to get difficult to kill time on the train and the novel is going to be my only savior.I kept the novel in my bag and waited for my train.

I looked at the chart and found out that nest to my seat there were two other passengers a 40 yr old man and a 26 yr old lady. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited because a young lady was traveling with me and disappointed because she was with a 40 yr old man.

The train came on time and since it was only a 5 min stop I quickly found my coach and went and sat on my designated seat. I was surprised to find that a man was sitting on the aisle seat but there was no lady in the middle one. It came to my mind that maybe they are not traveling together. As I settled in my seat I heard a voice “aap mere seat pe bathe hai (you are sitting in my seat)”.I looked the source of the voice and saw a beautiful young lady wearing white salwar suit.She had a fair complexion and had a decent pair of tits with the right amount of flesh at the right places and more importantly, she had a disarming smile. I could have said no that’s my seat, please check your ticket but somehow I didn’t speak and mesmerized by her sight shifted to the middle seat.

While moving to her seat her thighs brushed my legs and her beautiful round curvy ass touched my hand. While she was busy settling into her seat I was relishing the ass touch. The touch gave me an instant hard-on and also ignited the thoughts of touching her. As the train moved so did my mind with the ideas and thought of touching her but I was also scared as it was a train journey and what would happen if she didn’t cooperate. I didn’t want to get a beat down.

As I was busy thinking what to do she went to the toilet. While leaving again her thighs bruised my legs and the person sitting next to me also didn’t get up and as her thighs touch her legs he tried to act smart and touch her ass. The moment this happened she lost it on him and scolded him in public. “Aap theek se nahin baith sakte hai, apni maa behen ke saath bhi aisa hi karte hai (why can’t you sit properly and do you behave like this with your mother and sister also).

I was relieved that this didn’t happen to me and also came to realize that no hanky panky will work with this lady and this journey will end like every other journey. When she came back both of us gets stood up and stepped aside to allow this lady to sit. I started reading the paper and she was looking out of the window but our thighs touched. My hand touching her ass came back to my head and when she didn’t take away her leg, my mind again started working overtime with the thought whether I can get lucky or not.

Eventually, the lust overpowered my mind and I decided to sit with folded hands and try and touch her. Due to the jerks of the train, my hand touched her many a times but it was just limited to the touch. So I decided to open my fingers a little and target the area just below her armpit. I thought that if I hit my mark and she doesn’t object I am in for a treat but if she does I can always say it’s because of the jerks and will sit normally. As I was trying this I felt my hand touching the area just below her armpit beneath her hand. I wasn’t sure so I kept on doing it. After a few more touches and a few minutes, I felt my hand touching something soft very soft.

I wasn’t sure whether I have touched her boobs and nailed the mark or not so I decided to let my hand remain there and make no movement. The moment I did that she held my hand and kept it on her lap stating” inko yahan rakho (keep it here)”.I was relieved and knew I’m in for a treat .

Then as I was touching her thighs she asked ‘tum yahi chahte the na(you wanted this only)’ to which I said ‘haan sab kuch (I want everything)’. She again asked ‘tumhe darr nahin laga (weren’t you scared)’ to which I said ‘haan laga toh but jub tumhari thighs touch hui toh main sab bhool gaya( Yes i was but when our thighs touched i forgot everything)’ to which she laughed. I decided to sit with folded hands and explore her boobs. As I touched her boob I felt something very hard. She told me its her purse. I asked her to take it out. She removed her purse and also decided to put on her shawl. I put my hands inside it over her boobs and started pressing those. My dick made a big tent in my jeans and I had to put a jacket over it.As I was pushing her boobs she closed her eyes and kept her head back on the headrest and enjoyed as if she was in seventh heaven.

After a minute or so she whispered in my ears ‘Andar se (put your hands inside)’ Following her command I decided to take my hand under her kurta and slowly slid the bra strap and freed her boobs. I put my hands on her naked boobs and started pressing them slowly taking them to her nipples. She was moaning and I had to ask her to control herself as someone might hear us. Her nipples were long and they were like a tent. I played with them, pinched them, pulled them, pressed them as both they and their owner were mine. As I was playing with them she was nearing her orgasm. She took the shawl and placed it between her lips to stifle her sound. I kept on playing with her nipples as she came and her body relaxed. Then I tried to insert my hand inside her pajama but she held my hand and said somebody might see us and it’s not safe. just play with my boobs as they are covered with the shawl and for the pussy, you can touch them over the clothes but don’t go inside. I agreed to it… it was my first time in a train also and I didn’t want to arouse anyone’s suspicion.

Then she put her hand over my tent and played with it a little while. She couldn’t take it out because of space crunch and also we were afraid that someone can catch us in it. She massaged my dick over my trousers and the excitement of her boobs and her hand on my dick made me come in my undies. It was a little uncomfortable to sit in the wet undies but who cares when the experience is so awesome.I did play with her boobs throughout the journey but didn’t go beyond it. She told me that she is married but was sex starved for last 3 months. She didn’t have a mobile (that time) so I gave her my number. She promised to call when the time is right. On reaching Delhi I asked her to accompany me to my place and assured her that I will drop her at her place later but she didn’t agree. Her departing words were ‘I will call you’.

She did call me a few days later and we had a lot more than just playing with the boobs and touching over the clothes.The detail of that encounter in the later stories.

Well friends please share your feedback on [email protected] whether you liked my story or not

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