This Time With Suhasini’s Friend And How We Had Good Fun

Hi all, thank you for feedback and support and thanks ISS readers. Coming to my new experience I was having with suhasini that night after drinks and dinner we had good fun and in moring her friend came and all three of us had good fun.

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Coming back to my experience that night me and suhasini had good fun after drinking and had naked dinner and after that had good fun and that night we had fun for 4 times and slept naked in morning when I woke up I felt something moving on my body and my dick was hard so I opened my eyes to my surprise I was hasini friend on bed and she was holding my dick in her hand.

She is wearing saree and holding my dick in her hand and giving me blowjob she has seen me opening eyes and wish me good morning and smiled at me I reply her back then she came up on me and locked her lips with mine and given me long kiss by the time hasini came into bedroom with coffee and she was still naked and seeing us smiling after having coffee I went into bathroom to get freshed and clean my body.

And having cleaning and came out bathroom and washed body with towel by the time I came back both were kissing and she was sucking hasini boobs.

Then I went on and lied on bed naked again her friend came on top off me and kissing me and running her hands over mine body and I have taken deep hug and kiss her. I said to remove her saree then she stood up and remove her saree and everything on her body and came near us she was full naked her age was 34 and having two kids she is little fat but had big boobs which I like more and small ass.

All three were naked on bed then hasini went and sat on chair and seeing us me and her friend was on bed and kissing each other and with one hand I was pressing her boobs they are big so I was enjoying them then slowly with mouth came down to neck and slowly to her boobs with tounge I was making circles around her nipples she has pink nipples and started biting her nippls and making them hard and hard and biting them and with other hand pressing her boobs.

She was top of me and giving her boobs in my mouth both of us enjoying and hasini was siting on chair and finiger her pussy seeing us. I was sucking her nipples one after another and having fun then slowly came to belly and circles around her belly then she came beside me and I came top of her then with my fingers I was rubbing her pussy lips and with mouth sucking her boobs .

Came down and with tounge I was licking her pussy and she was moaning then she hold my hair with her hands and pressing more into her pussy and saying suck me and shouting louding and pressing more harder inside her I was sucking her pussy and inserted my tounge inside her pussy and mouth fucking her she was moaning and I was pressing her boobs with my hand more harder and harder she was holding my hair and in few mins she cummed in my mouth still I was sucking her pussy she moaning and shouting loudly the room was filled with her sounds after she cummed also I sucked her pussy for few more mins and eaten her pussy then clean her pussy.

After ten mins she took my dick and started sucking my dick and making hard. In few mins mine was hard her pussy was so wet so after my dick was harder I inserted my dick but I rubbed my dick on her pussy and then inserted into her pussy and slowly making in and out from her pussy and enjoying she said to fuck fast and fast and harder and harder so I increased my seeped my tool went completely inside her and was fucking her harder and harder I was riding her like horse she was moaning and moaning loudly.

Then changed the position into doggy which is my best position and she liked it I inserted from back and started fucking her after few she again cummed and I took my dick from her pussy she said me to inserted in her asshole so I tired but it was too tighty till now she got fucked in her ass only two times I was not able to put my mine dick in her ass then hasini stood from chair and went outside and brought something and applied it on her friend ass and sucked her ass and my dick then she guide my dick into her ass then slowly it went inside but only half of my dick went inside her ass I was slowly fucking her ass.

She was shouting due to pain and happiness. After long fucking slowly I with one big push it went little more inside her ass finaly after long fucking my dick totally went into her ass I was fucking her and she shouting due to pain.

After few mins even I was feeling to cummed in her ass and fucking her due to my cummed my dick was moving freely in ass. We had good fun and got tied due to fucking session so we fall on bed then hasini came to us given kiss to both of us. Again few hours later we again fucked but in different style. I will submit that experiences in next post. Even I had given both of them body message with oil and cream I will till it in next post.

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