Unforgettable Fuckalicious Experience For Me

After a long time, I am having an opportunity to pen down one of my sex escapades. For all those beautiful and horny people who don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself as Jagrukh. I am 5 ft 6 inches tall, muscular (in my head and not in reality) and wheatish in complexion (which is true).

This experience dates back to 2013 when I was looking for a bride. I had met numerous girls, during this period; but unfortunately, I wasn’t attracted to any. I had registered myself in one of the matrimony portals and was, as usual, sending marriage requests. One night as I was checking my inbox, I received an acceptance request from one of the girls. Her name was Akansha and she was fair and of my height.

Fortunately for me, she was online and I pinged her. Much to my surprise she pinged me back. The interaction went on for a month and we finally decided to meet each other. She texted me the address of a nearby café coffee day and intimated that she can meet me there at 4:00 PM. I reached café coffee day on time and waited for her. I took a seat near the entrance so that I can have a glimpse of her; after about half an hour, I saw a girl in brown skirt and sleeveless t-shirt entering the café coffee day. At first I didn’t recognize her as I had only seen her pic; she came near me and asked, “are you jagrukh ?”, I nodded my ahead. She took a seat next to me and we started talking to each other for a long time. I took her hand in my hand and squeezed it. At first she hesitated but later gave in to my affable gesture.

When it was time to leave, I asked her if I can drop her to her house, she said she lives nearby and it is not necessary. I didn’t insist much and shook her hand and left. After about 15 mins, I got a call from her saying that she is stranded outside her guest house, as her friend has locked the house and has taken the key with her. She said,” I am all alone, can you give me company till she comes?” I thanked my stars and said I will be there in a jiffy and not to worry. I reached her place and saw that she was standing outside the gate and was looking desolate. I told her not to worry and invited her to my place if she doesn’t mind.

She agreed reluctantly as she was new to this place and on top of that the climate was not good. She sat on my bike and I rode towards my house. On our way, it started raining heavily and there was a huge streak of lightening accompanied by loud sound. She was scared and she hugged me tightly. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and I felt as though I was in heaven. With each speed breaker my heart skipped a beat as her breast kept on squeezing and brushing my back. I looked at her from the rear view mirror and I could see that naughty smile on her face after each collision.

We both were completely drenched in rain and I was finding it very difficult hide my erection. I guess she would have noticed it as well. I tried my best not to look at Akansha’s wet body when she was talking to me as we reached. I took her inside and gave her a towel and went to take a leak.

As I entered my bedroom, I saw Akansha had let her hair down and wiping her hair. Her back was towards me; for the first time, I got an opportunity to look at her completely from behind without stealing a glance. Her hour glass figure was quite visible from her drenched clothes. Her buttocks were well rounded and it was protruding towards me. I could see the contours of her panty and bra; I went upto her and hugged her from behind. I expected some resistance from her; instead, much to my surprise, she melted in my arms. I slowly cast aside her wet locks and planted a kiss on her neck. She let out a load moan as I did that. I slowly put my left hand on her right boob and started massaging it. She was pulling my hair and I can feel it that she was completely turned on.

I turned her towards me and I licked her lips and gave a deep smooch. She took my hands and placed it on her butt. I squeezed it tightly and spanked her. It was funny to see her raising her eyebrows as I was spanking her. I slowly lifted her sleeveless t shirt to find myself looking at her voluptuous boobs covered in a jet black bra . I unhooked her bra like a pro and squeezed her boobs and licked her pink nipples till it became red. She was crying loudly as I was doing it and was begging me to fuck her.

I made her kneel down and removed my pants alongwith my underwear, she grabbed at my dick and gave a big smile. I made her suck my dick for ten minutes and then lifted her in my arms and gently placed her like a baby in my bed. I lifted her skirt and placed my hand on her panty. As I placed my hand on it ,I could feel that her panty was completely wet. I removed it and smelled it; I must admit , it was the best aroma I have ever smelled in my life.

I licked her vagina and finger fucked her for some time. I could see that it ws driving her cray ; she begged me to enter her and I finally gave in to her request. With deep and long strokes, we climaxed together. We slept naked the entire night and continued the fucking till afternoon at all positions one can imagine. When she was getting ready to leave, she asked me how did I feel after having sex with her. I said you are “Fuckalicious”, she smiled and hugged me.

We did have a couple of sessions more until we decided to call it off. Till date she is the best shag I ever had. Hope you guys will have one too after reading this. Please do mail me at [email protected] and let me know whether this experience was worth a read.

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