Unleashed The Hungry Tigress Priya

Hi everyone, im back to present you a new saaga, for those people who don’t know me, I am Praveen 27 years from Bangalore.

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So before we start I want to thank all my fellow readers for their valuable comments, especially, Tarun, Ramya, Sitaram, ISSSATISFIED, Priya, Ishika Sudha, Ofcourse some of them are using fake names, but never mind.

So let’s get started. This is a very recent incident which took place just a day ago on 16th of june. After my incident “Sex fun roughrider with my morning friend shruthi” got published on first week of june, my Email inbox was flooded with comments suggestions and some people asking about shruthi these kind a mails. And some pinged me over hangouts, out of which I had an email from priya.

Let me tell me about priya my imaginations before me met. As she described she is a divorce woman of 3years. Aged 31. Working and staying in some part of Bangalore. I never asked her about status or figure or anything.

She emailed me casually for this story. She said that she was writing with me writing skills and that’s where the casual chats started. Initially we used to chat normally no such naughty stuffs nor no any pic exchanges done. Blindly chatting over emails. And then moved to hangouts were the frequency of chats became more. And got involved in our self. Days were going smoothly with causal things. One weekend we decided to meet for a dinner. It was a Saturday we meet at MG Road 13th floor. I was little early to the place and had been waiting for her at the coffee day below at barton center.

As she said she arrived, as it was a thrilling moment both never seen each other’s just a dress code to catch up. I put on a jacket as it was little drizzling which covered me up. As I could see her walking wearing a yellow saree, typical indian women. Looks like in mid-twenties, a fit body. She wondered here and there and moved to 13th floor and gave me a call. I said im already here. I moved to table were we booked. It was like a shock for her. She got little angry but making some weird faces.

But things got settled smoothly their and then. We were enjoying the dinner and the cool breeze, that was the first time I could see. She was little tempting. Like a hungry tigress that’s what I always call her in chats. She was making some leg moments as I was literally looking at her face as if im gonna rip apart her clothes there itself and make love over there their and then.

We were little shy at the initial, but later mixed up good. We had a nice cocktail. And it was influencing on us. It was a wonderful moment being with a matured woman as they know how to handle things at any situation. Later we moved out as it was a time to bid bye. In the lift we hugged each other and gave small kiss over her forehead. It was the most amazing romantic moment of us. As I could see our bodies are literally glued together and hands moving all over backs, and we parted away to our respective places.After this incident we became too close such that we wanted to spend time together all time.

We spoke on calls day and night. We both wished to get naughty but we looking for a right time. We shared each other’s desires and finally we made a decision to meet up once again. This time we hit a nice pub near Indira nagar, a quiet scheduled place for couples. We both were fully exicted to meet each other, we use to sit and talk for hours together with just a picture and few delights.we decided we would meetup at my place for night adventure.

As is still remember the day. As it was boring for me to spend the time at office. We were waiting for the sun to set and to get each other together. I left office around 5 and picked her up and moved to my place. As it was her first time being at my place she was little shy.

As i am a animal lover I had hamsters at my place. She was happily playing with them, I moved out to get some drinks for both of us. As I moved in to house I would see she was playing with my pets as hamsters and even these small creatures loved being with her. As I kept my all bottles in kitchen and we shoved the pets back in cage and sat together on balcony sipping our drinks. I was feeling like as im sitting in front of a hungry tigress which hasn’t tasted any meat from many years. As her eyes were showing me this sign. We had completed little of drinks but yet more to go. Alcohol influenced us and their we began open speaking to each other. Conversation as follows.

Priya: atharaa nange nodbedaa nange ontharaa aguthe.

Praveen: sumne nodthidini aste. Yak nodbardaa.

Priya: hagalla but nin kannu yallo ide nin tuti bereno bayustide.

Praveen: en madodu shruthi hodangindaa enu illa bare banjar bhumi.

Priya: adke en ivathu nanna rape madtiya antha kansuthe.

Praveen: rape madongiddre, avathe 13th floor alle madi mugustidde.

Priya: awwhheethh

Praveen: saaku saaku

Priya: nin bariyo kathegaligu ninu irodukku ondukku ondu samdanda irolla. Alli irode bere ille ninna nodidre hange ansollappa/

Praveen: howda swalpa time hogli avaga artha aguthe.

Priya: eno bhari plans madiro hangide.

Praveen: baa olgade hogana.

Priya: hmm

Praveen: can u do a strip tease nange adu tumba dina inda aase.

Priya: sari adre ninu nanna muthbardu avagaa. Sumne kuthu nodbeku.

Praveen: nodana, first idu mobile ella switchoff madi bisokana. Illa sumne yella tele tintaare.

She started slowly dancing for some song playing on tv. She was literally shaking her ass to the beats. I could see the sexiness in her eyes. Which I couldn’t control it all. I was silently sitting on the coach where I could see deeply in her eyes. I got up from the coach moved to her started dancing with her.

I was moving my hands all over her body, I could make out the inners in her dress.

As she was a tshirt and skirt. We both hugged each other fully. I could feel her nipples poking to my chest as I guessed she wasn’t wearing any bra inside. And softly gave a kiss on her forehead she melted in my arms. i was kissing over her I thought of teasing her and go slowly. I moved my hand inside her tshirt and cupped her breasts. It was a soft spong. I could feel the nipples were already erect.

Slowly I removed her tshirt and kissed on her cleavage. She was hiding her boobs in shy. I could see her beauty. Slowly I moved my hands over her back over her spine and kissed her neckline and then to her navel moved down and kissed her navel I was fresh I could smell her pussy from navel itself as the tigress is already in heat fully and ready to feast its meat if left unattended.

I took her inside my bedroom removed her skirt and I could see a g-string panty. In which her milky things were shinning and her blue panty was shining over her skin. I started kissing her from toes slightly moved up and upper knees thighs. She moved her hands over my head was directing me to her panty clad pussy but I didn’t neglect it moved to her navel. As she was in her panty but I was still wearing my shorts and tee.

I moved little upper and started sucking her juicy breasts. I gave small soft bite on her nipples I could hear moans all over the room. I got from her she opened her eyes was surprised for what im up to now.i gave her a small kiss and tied her hands and legs to the four corners of coat and blindfolded her. I could see the tigress building its rhythm to eat whatever it gets.

Slowly I took out one hamster out of the cage a kept that over her navel and one over her pussy. She could feel something fishy. She moved her hips abit out of fear hamster gave her pussy a small bit she settled down. I poured some grains over her navel and I could see that she is struggling a lot to get freed. I moved those pets to the cage. I moved myself between her legs. Softly kissed her inner thighs beside her pussy. Where I could see she was pulsating and her panty was already wet. I started kissing her inner thighs hardly I could see her shouting please move up to take it. I even neglected it. Still moved further and kissed her navel and took one of her breasts in one mouth and other in my hand and feasting on them like anything. I could see the marks all over boobs. She was crying in love pain.

I moved little down and took a scissor and cut open her panty. Showing I blew over her pussy, I could see it was already hot and it was leaking fully. As the tigress in heated up full I knew if I set it free then it would eat up for entire night. So I took some time to tease it up more and later give it a nice shot. I spread her pussy lips and moved my mouth towards it to suck out the entire juices. As I began sucking I could see her as she was moving her hips upper and upper to take my tongue further more inside. I couldn’t stop such fun. I sucked her pussy till it got completely dry and started fingering her like that for some time till she Cum . as I tasted I could feel her entire body is shinning. Believe me boys. While your having sex with your partners just look at them once. Girls will be glowing as never before.

I moved my fingers all over her body and made her to taste her own cum. I took out one dildo from her bag which she had and forced her harshly inside her pussy and started fucking her with it so that this tigeress should be completely tamed in night that was my wish. It was more then an two hours I had tied her up as I could see marks over her legs and hands. I thought to set it free. I moved over her and free her up completely. As she became free she removed the dildo from her pussy and threw it away. And hugged me for a moment. I thought she Is completely tired and need a rest. Out of shock.

She tore my shirt and shorts even my undy also.she came over me biting me like I said tigress. She was very harsh as I got to know I have unleashed the beast now. I moved my hands all over her. She further moved down. She caught hold of dick and started sucking it abit greared it up for further action and came over me fully and pushed my dick inside her like a women on top pose. I felt fear looking at her eyes as she was angry and on top of that she was giving me a long strokes I moved my hands over her boobs to get them she layed over me and I was moving my hands over her ass. Atlast I couldn’t control it. I came inside her she hugged me deeply and we slept in the same position for next entire day. And next day she moved to her house in morning

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I’ll be back.

Thank u readers.

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