Village Gays – Part 1

Myself Mani I am from pollachi a beautiful village in Tamil Nadu this is my real experience this happened when i was waiting for my plus 2 results. I am very slim, fair, 5.5 height, never looked like some one going to join college, looks like school student 50 kg is my weight, my tool is 7 inches. I am little under weight some time when i stand nude in front of the mirror i use to thing major part of the food i intake goes directly my dick for my body looks like monster.

Coming to the story I had friend called Murgan, we where childhood friends, he stays five street away from my house.

We were so close friends use to bath together in the river, sometimes sleeps,eats,stay for 2 days continuously in my house. No one from his house would come in search of him, even if i go do the same at his house it is the same. Because both our families are also so close like us, his father and my father farmers.

My friend Murgan he is very dark,slim like me, but tall he is (5.8 height). he use call me valla ( white) i use to call him karpaa ( black) just for fun sake we call each other like that only. Murgan uncle was a mechanic and had bike one day he told us to go to the Coimbatore to give some part of tractor or earth mover to get it repaired gave us money also. So we went in bike i was not that good in riding bike, so he was driving it.

After giving the part it was 12 noon we both was hungry it very hot day, Murgan took me to road side fast food (dhabaa) we had lunch had some money extra he asked me we will have beer, i was exited it was after very long time maybe 6 months or maybe even a year he went got it from the shop in a black cover on the way back we stopped the bike in place where no one is seen for long distance. we had it and started the journey back to village it was around 4.30 the sky got dark suddenly it was about to rain, Murgan was very driving slow 30 to 40 Km because of the beer even i was little dizzy.

There come the rain we got wet, both of us wore a t-shit and boxer shorts, and pair of rubber slippers. The wind was becoming cold for us, Murgan wasn’t talking i thought he was concentration more on driving us carefully, he made wrong turn from the highway which leads to some where else even i did not notice, after few km.. i told this is a wrong road to Murgan he couldn’t hear me, when he turned his head a little to hear what i was saying while driving. There was small water canal going across the road so there was very small bridge to cross the canal, there was a lorry from the opposite side the lorry was coming towards us it passing threw the bridge towards us the was no gap for us to pass threw. Murgan tried to brake but he could control the bike he drove to off the road into the trees we landed into the water canal with the bike. The lorry didn’t know or bother to stop for us there no one around i was one side he was other side.

After 5 Min a man from road side with his goat on his farm saw us lifted the bike took us to his farm house near by,came helped us we both had minor scratches on skin only because Murgan was driving slow. Murgan’s t shirt was torn one side, both of us fully wet and cold, it was huge place with so many mango trees and coconut trees from the road it was at least 2 km fully trees from the road still the house very small house. We cant see the road from his house his name is Maarie ( tamil name) he was in his cotton red towel usually all village people tie people around with no underwear inside with no shirt nothing only this tiny towel around his hip, he was very dark, only his teeth was very white everything else was so dark. Body slim and muscular age could be be 40 + i think so, he was alone there he asked where we from all details took us inside, helped us remove wet cloths we both wear in our jatti ( underwear) in front of him.

He removed is towel from his hip he was completely nude in front of us squeezed the towel being dry my hair, it was no so big deal in village men getting nude in front other men, but i and Murgan was shocked to see his 9 inch tool ( black cobra) it was so thick and long it was dancing here there in front me since he wiping my head i was facing the ground.

Then he wiped so fast my body without my permission he removed my underwear, he was wiped my tool also and leg. Me being nude Murgan started giggle but i was a little afraid since he was new to us, the same happened to Murgan we both were nude now.

He wore his towel back again took our clothes went put it for drying , i called him anna ( brother) he told wait i will be back in loud voice he came pulled us towards the light and was seeing us from top to bottom told turn around nothing u both not hurt badly boys. He said ok stay tonight here and go in the morning we had no choice because the bike was getting started and it was still raining out.

Then he went inside bought us lungi and cut inner banyans of his for us to wear, we wore it had dinner in his house and was watching tv for some time. It was around 9’o clock in night there was power failure which is very commonly happens during rain. He got lamp we were talking about us he to told very little about him, he was taking care of this farm that much we understood it wasn’t his own land.

Me and murgan was tired want to sleep he got us some mat and pillow, we slept in the hall itself, he went inside i asked u are not sleeping small work will come back kanne (Kid). He came with a bottle with white drinks in it ( Kallee) local made alcohol we use get in village he offered us we also had it with him, he was happy that we accompany him.

Everything started go around us was dizzy Murgan was enjoying the alcohol spin in the head and he slept i was not getting proper sleep. It was cold outside he came near me slept Maarie anna was only in lungi when lied down i could see the bulge in lungi , when his normal itself it was making big immersion.

I and Murgan was covered our self with lungi since it was our blanket for the night he also did the same thing he was also awake he took bedi ( cigar) and started smoking lying in the mat, he turn towards came close to me thinking i was sleep he couldn’t see my face i was covered my head also, he put his hand inside my lungi which i was using as blanket took my dick in his hand which was semi erected because it was cold and the room a little warm, and pulled my fore skin very slowly down and touched the head of it , which made me very hard he was playing with it there was creamy layer forms on the cock for those who have fore skin. he was pulling down my fore skin very slowly and bring it up again and smelling his own fingers to know how my dick smells, he was inhaling it as if he was inhaling vicks vapor.

I could feel a his hot rod on my hip, he was in full temper but i did not react on his actions. He then kissed me on my cheeks and he was kissing a girl and then my neck and removed the part of lungi completely after my hips now i was only covered from head to hip.

I will continue in next part ….. Part2

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