Virgin Mumbai Girl Nikita’s First Sex At School

Hi, my dear girls and boys, myself Nikita from Mumbai, 26 years of age, unmarried. My family consists of dad, mom, me and my younger brother Nikhil, who is two years younger than me.

I have been a fan of this blog for quite some time and it’s been really great. So I thought to finally pen down my experiences as well. I hope you guys will be with me throughout.

So, why not begin with the time I lost my virginity. This might be a little long for some people but if you guys are the “full details” person then you might love this. Forgive me for any mistakes

This happened a bit after I turned 19. Our 12th standard final exams were approaching and everyone was busy with extra classes and all that.

My boyfriend then was a muslim guy called Adnan. He was really fair, muscular and had a cute smile. Many girls had a crush on him. I, on the other hand, was not that good looking. God knows how he fell in love with me.

Well, maybe it was because of my boobs, because puberty hit me a little hard and I was quite chubby at that time and surprisingly my boobs had outgrown all my other body parts.

I used to see guys ogling at my boobs all the time but I never had the intentions to expose back then (underline ‘back then’ lol).

We were on the last day of class and after that, we would directly appear for exams which were 2 weeks later. Adnan looked really sad that day.

When enquired he told me it was because his parents wanted him to join a college in Kolkata after this and he was sad that he wouldn’t see me after today. Even I felt sad and gave him a reassuring kiss on his forehead and went back to class.

We were sitting on the last bench of our class and there were almost 10 students sitting here and there. The teacher came in and started writing some questions on the board.

As soon as she turned towards the board, my boyfriend Adnan placed his left hand on my thigh. He was looking straight at the board and writing down with his right hand and acting as if nothing had happened. Even I thought that’s all and didn’t bother it much.

Slowly, he began moving his hand to the other thigh. Simultaneously, he was also moving upwards. My skirt which was up to my knees had gone up and almost reached my main part. I was getting afraid and whispered to him to stop. But he was in no mood and kept on massaging my thighs.

He moved my skirt a bit more further up and pinched my pussy over my panties. An electric shock passed through my body and I suddenly caught his hand. I was scared of getting caught by someone.

My breathing had become fast and I was sweating. I pleaded him to stop. My boyfriend looked at me smiling said, “You liked it, didn’t you?”. I said, scared, “You are gonna get us caught!!”. And he replied, “So, you liked it..”

I literally blushed cause it was true. And because of my upbringing, all this was new to me because till then, I hadn’t watched porn nor didn’t I know much about all this. He was still smiling.

The bell rang for lunch break and he held my hand and took me near the men’s washroom which was on the second floor. That floor was empty because only class 10 was on that floor and their study holidays were already on.

I was huffing already because he was almost running. He hugged me tightly and kept saying, “I love you so much, Niks (he calls me ‘Niks’). I just love you. I just wish I could be with you” and all that.

I was damn scared of being caught but I couldn’t say no to my boyfriend either. He broke the hug and looked at me straight in the eye and went on. “What about you, Niks?”

“Of course, me too. I love you too Adn..” He didn’t let me finish my sentence. He planted a kiss on my lips.

It wasn’t a proper lip lock. He was just giving little pecks on the lip. He then took his left hand and placed them on my left boob and started pressing them. I closed my eyes slowly and the pressings were sending sensations all over my body.

My lips which were closed till now slowly began to give away and now I was kissing him back too. He began pressing both my boobs with both his hands and our kisses were getting deeper at the same time.

We were licking each other’s tongue and savoring each other’s saliva. His pressings were being more aggressive and I was enjoying it completely. I was shit scared about getting caught by someone but I couldn’t just take my mind off this.

Suddenly, the bell rang and we both separated from the kissing gasping for air and looking into each other’s eyes. It was pretty sure that both of us didn’t want it to end.

“What a kisser you are, Niks! And those boobs..How big and soft they are!”, my boyfriend said. I couldn’t say anything. I just blushed. We both were thinking about what to do. He said he had an idea and told me to wait there. He went and took both our bags and returned.

He said, “I have an idea. Most of our classmates apart from a few have gone home telling ma’am that they will study from home. I too told the same thing and jumped out from there”.

I asked, “But where will we go?”. What both of us wanted was pretty clear to both of us. He said, “Don’t worry. There is a staircase near the locker room on the other side of the building which will take us to the terrace. Let’s go there”. Saying this, my boyfriend held my hand and started walking.

There were a few cleaners near the locker room, but luckily, we made it without getting spotted. We went up the stairs and luckily, the door had just a bolt and we went on and locked out from inside.

We both lied down or else we would be seen from the other buildings’ windows. He literally lied on top of me and started smooching me. My fear of being caught was not a big problem at that time and I was in full mood, turned on. We were kissing each other deeply and he occasionally spat into my mouth asking me to swallow it.

He then opened the buttons of my shirt and started kissing my boobs over my bra. He was running his lips all over my boobs and neck and I was shaking all over. He ran his lips over my boobs and moved to my navel and kept licking my navel hole. That was already too much for me and I had already started leaking down there.

My bf moved his lips further down and removed my skirt. I was now only in my black bra and panties, blushing and turned on to the core.

Adnan placed his palm on my pussy over my panties and started feeling the wetness. I was getting erotic sensations all over my body due to his touches. He then kissed it. It was too much for me to handle that I sat up upright.

He lip-locked me and made me lie down again asking me not to be scared and that I would enjoy every moment that was coming.

My boyfriend kissed on my pussy a few more times and slowly removed my panties. He was surprised to see my pussy fully hairy. He said, “You didn’t look like you would treasure a jungle in here..” I was damn shy and couldn’t face him.

He gave it a few more gentle kisses and started licking the top part. Adnan then started inserting his tongue into my pussy and was sucking them out. I began leaking my juices and he was enjoying all of that in his mouth.

Then my lover stood up and asked me to open his pants. I obeyed it like a good girl and found that he was naked underneath because he doesn’t wear underwears.

As soon his pants fell to the ground, his 5″ circumcised cock was in full display. He lied down quickly and asked me to suck it.

I was holding it in my hand not sure what to do. He asked me to kiss it and then suck on it as if it was a lollipop. I placed a kiss on my boyfriend’s dick and he jerked. I started sucking the top part and he started moaning and asked me to shag his dick to and fro.

I began to get the flow of things and Adnan was thoroughly impressed with my quick learning. He also started pushing his dick further into my mouth.

Now I had almost 3/4th of his cock in my mouth and was sucking hard on it. Ten minutes later, Adnan started closing his eyes, increasing the speed of thrusting into my mouth and started moaning out louder. He then let out a louder moan and I felt a hot liquid filling in my mouth.

I couldn’t hold the whole thing in my mouth, some of it fell down and some on his legs. He asked me to swallow it. I swallowed it fully. He then asked me to clean his dick. I licked his entire dick. There was some cum left on it and I licked it clean too. He also made me lick the cum off his thighs. I obeyed it all like a good girlfriend.

Adnan then made me lie down and came over me and started kissing me and pressing my boobs. I was kissing him back deeply. He then took out my left boob from my bra and started sucking on it. He was giving circular motions with tongue over the areola and then sucking my nipples.

He then took out my right boob out and did the same with it. He shifted the sucking from one nipple to the other and hold both my boobs and was juggling them.

“How big and soft they are.. Any guy would die for this.. My hands can’t even fit them. My hands feel too small for your boobs. I love you, Niks..” He kept murmuring all this while sucking my tits. I was just enjoying all the goosebumps sensations over my body while all this was going on.

My young bf then took his dick and placed it on my pussy. He spat there a few times and made sure it was lubricated enough. He tried pushing it a few times and I was just trying to figure out what was coming. It was paining for me but wasn’t sure what was happening.

Adnan gave it a strong thrust and I literally screamed. He had to kiss me deeply to reduce the noise as I was literally in tears due to the pain and cursing myself for what I was doing.

He began increasing the speed of fucking and my pain was turning into pleasure, slowly. He was constantly biting on my boobs and leaving marks. I was wiggling and shivering with all the sensations and was enjoying with my eyes closed. I leaked my juices in between and he was still humping me.

Adnan kept on kissing my lips and sucking my tits leaving his saliva all over my body.

Suddenly, my boyfriend started humping with full force and was moaning very loudly. He then quickly took out his dick from my pussy and splashed a load of cum on my navel and face. I took his dick and licked it clean until the last drop of cum. He then lied down beside me.

We both were exhausted and breathing heavily. He looked me in the eye and we kissed passionately licking each other’s tongue as if thanking each other for this.

“I love you, Niks” was all he kept saying.

After some time, I cleaned the cum with my skirt and wore my clothesback. He begged me to give him my bra and panties as he wanted to keep them. I obliged and wore my dress without inners. My nipples were poking through my shirt but I adjusted it with my bag.

Suddenly, the bell rang and the cleaners came knocking on the door as they found it locked from inside.

We both got caught and was handed over to the principal and our parents were called over and all that happened. But we managed by saying we were just kissing and all. Yet I was grounded for quite a while. But after that, I haven’t seen Adnan.

Thanks to all for your love and hope to see you soon. All you guys can send me their fantasies, opinions and try their luck with me at [email protected]

Peace out.

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