Warm Welcome – The Resort

Opening –

Devi came to me one day with a ad she saw on internet. It was about a holiday package in a hill station in Kerala – Karnataka border named “Warm Welcome”. So what’s special about a holiday package I wondered. It’s only for girls. Wow, the very thought of going on a ladies only trip excited me. I checked with Dilip if he is willing to let me go. He asked when is it planned. I kind of know that he is supposed to go on a business trip. Personally, I didn’t want him to accompany for a change. So I told

I will check that and let him know. I met Devi the next day. I asked her if Prashant is willing to let her go. She told it was Prashant who told about it. He is going out for his friend’s marriage around the same time Dilip is going. So I told Devi, let’s plan during that time.

So Devi made the call to the resort – “Warm Welcome”. She checked the package. It had few strange terms and conditions that kind of excited us. The package is only on the weekend. The ladies need to arrive on Saturday morning and can leave late on Sunday. The activities will be a surprise and no one should make a fuss about it. People should have the sense to appreciate maturity in the events. Devi winked at me. I was totally game for it. I asked her if Prashant is fine with it. Devi told, he doesn’t know the details. All he knows is that it is a girl’s fun night. We decided on the date. I then told Dilip about it. He, unaware of the details said yes. ‘Yes’ is all I cared.


Prashant left for his friend’s wedding on Friday morning. Devi came to my home in the morning itself. I helped Dilip pack his bags. I told him to save his energy for few days & come back with all guns blazing for a steamy sex. Me and Devi then started off to drop Dilip at the airport and go to Wayand. We decided to drive the car ourselves rather than take a bus. Arrival Saturday morning with a bit of difficulty, we found the spot. It was neat, serene and scenic. The resort is owned by three couples. Rajiv, Rohini, Rozario, Reema, Sen and Seema. The ladies were at the reception.

They were wearing very attractive attire. It was a spaghetti exposing a good part of their cleavage and you can hardly call it a mini skirt. Their thighs were neat and spotless. It sent a wave in our belly. The resort had 10 rooms and 2 guests per room. We were interested if any other members have booked. To our surprise, we saw a full occupancy on the chart. We asked Rohini, what’s the specialty of the resort and what are the activities. They asked us to hold on to our excitement. We felt a bit nervous. We were shown our room. The balcony opened up to the high range. I could see at least 10 hair-pin bends of the highway. It was one of the best view I have seen.

Devi told she is going to refresh herself. I sat down to switch on the tv. No regular channels were available. The tv only had few channels showing steamy videos. I squeeked in surprise. Devi came running from the bathroom to check what happened.

Devi asked will they get into trouble if they stay. I told, anyway, we have come this long, let’s stay tonight and see how it goes. I asked her why she came running in her inner wear. I have to admit, she has been maintaining her body well. Thecleavage was nicely protruding and her panty didn’t have any hair bump. I asked her to go back & put some clothes on. Devi giggled and told that she got scared when she heard me scream. Devi asked if I got something to remove the hair in the legs.

I then picked up a razor and asked if I should help. Devi told if I dont mind. So, I asked her to get inside the room. I then went inside. Devi asked me to drop the clothes off and come. I told I’m feeling a bit shy. Devi told, oh come on, grow up. So I decided to remove my top. Devi was smiling and looking at my boobs. I then lowered my jean. Devi saw my thong and asked if she is feeling comfortable with it. I told why not. It helps if Dilip wants a quickie. All I have to do is just up my skirt.

He can put his inside by just moving the thong a bit instead of lowering it. Devi told, nice idea. She said she will also prefer to buy a few. Devi then removed her bra. I was a bit stunned, but didn’t show any expression. Devi noticed my reaction and then continued to remove her panty. It was exciting me too much. I gave her the razor.

She told me to help her. So I got into the bath tub. She already had bubbles on it. I was in a dilemma whether to get inside with my undies. I then gathered strength and removed my bra. Devi told, wow.. she said till now she was feeling very embarrassed to stand in front of me naked. Now let’s party. We both laughed and hugged. I then quickly removed my panty. We both got into the bath tub and I helped her clean her thighs. She then reverted the help. We took a bath combined. Though it was very tempting to feel her boobs, I thought I will save it up for later time if at all something wild happens that night.

The Shop

We put on new T shirt and jean and got out of the room. We realised that all the ladies were wearing sexy single piece dress. Some of them were just wearing a bra and a short. We went to the reception and asked if there is any place to shop any party wear. They showed us to their own shop. Now we got the secret. All the ladies who came there were inspired by the hosts. The showroom had a good collection. We then picked a few and looked for the trial room. The sales girl in there told us there are no trial rooms and they are free to try it out in the open if they wish. It was new. We then looked around and noticed already few people are in their inner wear. We realised – wow, what a place we have come. We then picked a few for ourselves.

We still couldn’t figure out what kind of party it is going to be in the evening if the guests have so much of freedom around.

Soon came an announcement. The lunch would be served between 1:00 and 2:00 and all guests are requested to gather in the restaurant. The plan for the evening would be detailed then. Devi and me roamed around the shopping area. We saw a nice swimming pool and a high class gym. We went back to our room. Around noon we went down to the restaurant area. We saw really gorgeous ladies and few very elderly people also. They looked like in their late 30s or early 40s. They seemed a bit desperate showing lot of interest and enthusiasm. However, I must admit that they have been maintaining themselves very well.

The seating arrangement was predetermined. Devi & I had to sit on different tables. Each table had 4 guests. I broke the ice and asked each one of them where they are from. To my surprise couple of them were actually from Bangalore. They were average looking but have been maintaining a tight figure. This is the first time all of them have come here and they were equally excited as well. I checked out what Devi is upto. She said a hi. She was seen mingling with the ladies in her table. I thought to myself – that’s too many boobs and pussy for the night.


The hosts turned up. They advised the guests to start helping themselves with food. It was an excellent combination of local food + high spirit cocktails. We started feeling the kick with the heavy meal. Rajiv and Rohini took to the dias. He explained how the events are planned. Before anything starts, he told there will be nudity and / or sex. So everyone can think about it after lunch. Towards 4 pm, those who are not interested can leave.. Others can come to the gym. After 1 hour in the gym, everyone need to go for a bath and then to the swimming pool (optional). Around 7 pm, dinner would be served along with a live band. Around 9 pm, it will be rain dance. The dress code to come to the gym is in a bikini. After swimming everyone can go back to the room and come in a party wear for dinner.

Devi & me reached the room. We looked at each other because the words nudity and sex kinda offended us. We were like 50-50. Devi told finally that she is staying back. After a while I thought, let’s try it out. We tried several bikinies for the gym.

Nothing was satisfactory. Hence, we decided to go back to the shop. To our surprise, everyone were there. We understood that all are going to stay back. So it’s time for a wild girl’s night.


Devi chose a erotic red and I chose an yellow bikini. Around 4 pm, we went to the gym. Almost everybody were there. All the 6 hosts were in the front. The guys were well built and athletic. It was an erotic scene to see them in their boxers. The ladies were in their lingerie. I was feeling a bit horny myself as I couldn’t believe I’m witnessing something very steamy.Sen told us the rules. It is upto us to pick a personal instructor or we can form pairs with the ladies. They asked all those who wished to pick a personal trainer to come on the right. Everyone looked amused. The elders moved to the right first. Itwas Devi who went next. I stayed back and few more joined them.

So finally, 8 of them preferred partners while others stayed back. Sen asked the instructors to come in. My god, they looked so gigantic. They were wearing tight boxers. One could see their manliness from outside. I felt like grabbing one of them and suck it. So the training session started.

Sen played a video and everyone had to follow it. There was a buzz in the noly girls area while the pairs seemed happy with their instructor partners. The moves in the video were so arousing. For each step, it required the partner to help the other. I looked at Devi to see what she is upto. She and her partner seemed to have jelled together well. She was doing workout for the shoulders. Her partner stood in the back and helped her lift the weight. Their bodies were so close that I could see

Devi’s butt rubbing his cock each time she lifts the weight. My partner lady’s name is Nishi. Nishi was taller than me. She helped me lift the weight. I could feel the heat from her body. I leaned a bit back intentionally to feel her boobs. She responded well by pressing it against my back. I felt good. I could feel the sweat in her boobs on my back. Everyone seemed to have their share of fun. I then helped Nishi to lift the weight. She asked me if I liked her body. I told yes, very much.

She told me to feel the boobs if I wanted. I was shocked and looked around. I noticed that already few of them have gone beyond work out and started rubbing their body. The guests were found busy with their partners. I then thought it is time for her to speed things up. I asked Nishi to turn the other side and hugged her from behind. We stayed like that and rubbed our body for few minutes. I told her to watch what Devi is doing.

Devi and her partner seemed more interested. His cock has erected too much and it was pressing against Devi’s ass. Devi had her eyes closed as she was enjoying the moment. We saw him moving his hands from the sides to the arm pits and down again. Devi’s legs were trembling. We could understand what she is going through. Each time he rubs his hands, he tires to move her panty a bit down and while going up, he would move his fingers on top of her bra. She couldn’t control her excitement and she leaned completely on him.

But he kept on doing the same. By then, I started feeling wet already. I had my head on Nishi’s shoulder and she had her hands on my hair. I thought of doing what is being done to Devi. I slowly moved my hands towards her panty and then back over her boobs. She started moaning a bit. She pushed me back and we hit the wall.

She pressed her entire body against me and I was against the wall. It felt nice with my boobs pressing her back. The bodies started warming up. Almost everyone there seemed to be enjoying. The movements and rubbing the body were arousing everyone. Nishi took my hands that was on her boobs and started moving them closer to her belly. She took it further down over her panty. I felt very horny and there was too much of blood rushing inside my body. I could feel the split in he cunt. It was hot as a cake. I kept moving down and I felt the liquid is already out. She was smiling at me. She quickly changed positions and I was in the front.

I realised that now everyone could see me as well. My body started trembling. Nishi hugged me tight from the back. Her hands started moving slowly towards my panty and I felt a big rush of orgasm inside. Nishi asked if I cummed. I smiled. While we were getting along well, we noticed Devi was hugging the instructor. He was seen squeezing he butt and sniffing her neck. Devi’s eyes were closed and her face was upwards. We could feel how she must be feeling now especially a tight cock right in front of her belly. She was seen pressing the cock harder with her belly. We realised that she might be feeling apprehensive to touch it. Sen requested all of us to freshen up and go to the pool. Ah, I badly needed that. The instructors went out and we reached our rooms.

Devi lowered her panty and saw the fluid oozing out. Devi giggled. She told me that it has been months since she felt so good. She jumped into the bathtub. She told me that she saw me too having fun with Nishi. I told yaa, it was awesome as I never felt another lady before. I too joined her in the tub. The shower was on. She was lying in the tub while I was standing under the shower. I could feel her thighs. But I preferred not to take notice of it. Soon, I felt her thighs moving up and down against my toes. I understood that she has still not got completely out of the movements in the gym. I moved a bit towards the centre of the tub.

She moved further in and now I could feel her cunt on my legs. I was feeling so horny that I started biting my lips. I saw her looking at me. We both were naked in front of each other doing very naughty things. She told me that I look very seductive and sexy from that angle. She got up from the tub. The shower was fully on and we both were getting drenched. Devi hugged me tight. I felt her boobs on mine. It was a glorious moment for both of us. She looked at my eyes. I closed me eyes and she kissed me on the eyes. I kissed her cheeks and she kissed me chin. We both gathered strength and kissed the lips.

Devi’s hands trembled and hugged my back. I opened my lips a bit and suddenly Devi started kissing with all her strength. She literally started eating my lips. I reciprocated. We both were kissing and biting our lips for a good 5 mins. I started feeling exhausted by letting out too much of feelings that time. I sat down for a moment. Devi didn’t speak a word. She moved out of the tub, dried up her body and went out. I then looked below and saw that I have cummed again. God, cum without sex – twice. Awesome, what place is this…


I looked out through the balcony and saw many of them in the swimming pool. There was romantic music going on. The gym instructors were in the pool. Few of the ladies had turned up and they were having some handball game or something of that sort going on. The ladies were found to be enjoying that moment. Devi called me to the bed. I went on to put my casual wear. She called me and told not to wear anything. I lifted the sheet and saw her naked. I went inside. She hugged me. Her cold body was shivering. I hugged her tight. Our legs criss crossed. I took her face on my chest. I pat her back for few mins and she slept like a baby. I put an alarm to hit after 30 mins and dozzed off. Well, the real party is in the night.

Getting ready for the bang

We woke up, the mind was a lot relaxed now. I woke Devi up. She opened her eyes. She realised what was going around. She smiled at me and winked. I told her that she is a good kisser. She giggled and said, so do I. There was no one in the pool. But we could see something going around in the restaurant area. It was close to 7 pm. So we both got dressed up. Devi looked stunning in a blue choli and I preferred a spaghetti. We wore the lingerie that we bought in the morning. Because if there is a need to again undress, we didn’t want to look bad. Devi looked at my thighs and said that she feels like eating the flesh. We both got out and went down.

It was getting ready for the dinner. Rozario was looking after the arrangement in the restaurant. He was wearing just a tight shorts. It is totally non party like but more of beach like. There came her wife Reema. Completely flattering in a bikini with an see through over coat. We were wondering what’s this all about. The remaining hosts came. They also had more or less the same dress code. We could see 3 gorgeous couples in their swim dress rather than a party dress. We felt we were a bit over dressed for the occasion.

Other guests who turned up were like us – no knowing what’s going on. Nishi and her friend came over to us. Devi told the experience she had with the instructor. We all were excited and told, if such offer is there for the rest of the evening, they are going to pick one. Nishi told almost everyone in there are in that mind set. The dinner was served. Soothing music was playing in the background.

The hosts performed some light music and dance to light things up. The instructors were playin the instruments this time. The dinner was served with alcohol. So everyone were in a very good mood by the time party floor opened. The speciality about this party floor is, it is under a big low intensity shower. So those who are dancing will get the drizzle effect. We felt, that’s the best part. Sex in rain – awesome. Almost all of us paired up with one guy whom the hosts offered. The dance floor was lit up.

We all went into it. The moves were showed by the hosts who were on an elevated floor. Reema and Rozario were in the middle. Roz stood behind Reema. The rain started pouring. It was very warm on all of us. My man’s name was Phil. He was short and well built. He hugged me from the back and we both looked at what the hosts are doing. The rain drenched them and we could clearly see Reema’s tits. It was coffee brown and she left shade of pubic hair.

The white panty didn’t hide it. It was awesome to see a live show. Roz came to the side and we could see his semi erected cock. I was feeling very erotic that moment that my hand involuntarily went to Phil’s bottom. As he was wearing only a tight short, I got a feel of what is inside pretty well. The anaconda started waking up. Phil put his hands on my shoulder and we both stood side by side but me a bit in the front. Reema put her hand on Roz’s cock and started rubbing while slowly dancing. So, the party started. We all then followed the movement.

Rain became lighter to create more visibility. Reema turned back to face Roz. Wow, it was stunning to see her round butt. We could see the crack. Her wheatish skin was complementing the while bikini. All the guests turned 90 degrees so that both of us could see the stage. Devi and her partner Dan were standing next to us while Nishi and Zak were on our front. Devi was completely drenched and I was feeling too horny on the very thought of Dan undressing her. Nishi was wearing a see through saree.

While we all started rubbing, the men started feeling the heat. I could feel Phil’s cock will explode at any point of time. Roz removed Reema’s see through gown that signalled that all men need to remove their respective partner’s external wear. Reema was standing in just a bra and a panty.

I started shivering. Devi was smiling and Nishi winked at me. She blew a kiss to both of us. Phil hugged me and kissed my neck. I was getting immersed. I felt his hands rubbing my back. Soon, I started feeling that things are becoming lighter. He has started unzipping my dress. I hugged him tight. My cunt was pressing his cock. I felt his manliness becoming strong every second. In a minute, my back was completely opened up. He put his hand on my bra, didnt unhook it. He moved it slowly towards my butt and gave it a gentle squeeze.

He moved his hands to the top and slid over my shoulders. My dress fell on the floor. I stood in front of him in undies. Meanwhile, at Devi’s things were getting too steamy. She couldn’t take her hands off his cock. He took her hands and put it on his shoulders. He started unhooking her top. The horny boobs just popped up and the tight fit blue bra complemented it. She had a nice tan and hence, it was awesome to see things shaping up. She lowered her hand and let her top slip down. Dan hugged her. He took his hands down and slowly pulled her skirt down. Devi’s belly was literally vibrating. He put his hands on her butt, gave a squeeze and pulled the skirt down completely. Devi was in her undies. All the men were busy undressing their partners.

We noticed that till this time Nishi was looking at us. Now, her partner started removing her saree. Soon, she was in a stunning red panty and bra. Roz started kissing Reema on the neck and then the lips. The guests followed the same. Devi was feeling so horny and she started putting her hands inside Dan’s shorts. Dan resisted her to hold on to it for some time. Roz unhooked Reema’s bra and cupped her boobs. He then blew a kiss and knelt down. Now the moment came for the ladies down. Nishi was oozing with feeling when Zak removed her bra. We saw that it was nice and rose in colour.

It was not sagging at all even after 10 years of marriage. Phil’s hands were on my boobs and he kneeled down. Roz slid his hands over Reema’s side and put his finger on her panty. He started pulling it down while Reema looked up. He then touched Reema’s clit. Her face changed completely. Sen & Seema and Rajiv & Rohini came closer to them. The ladies stood with their shoulders touching each other – sort of triangle when looked from the top. The men got underneath them and started sucking their clit. Devi and Nishi joined us.

We three stood like the way the hosts did and our men went under us kneeled down. The moment their tounge touched our clit, I felt a shock going on me. I took Devi’s hands on left and Nishi’s hands on right. We then started rubbing our cunt on their faces gently. Their nose were trying to get inside which was heavenly. Nishi took my hands and put on her cunt. I then let that idea slip to Devi and my other hand went into her cunt. Now my hands are being licked by Dan and Zak while my cunt was getting licked by Phil. It was sensational. I felt a rush of blood in my body and cummed on Phil. He smiled and started licking it wild. He cleaned my pussy literally. The other ladies somehow controlled it.

We looked at what’s going on in the stage. The men stood up. The ladies were kissing their dicks with the shorts on. So this was making the bulge go bigger. Reema pulled out Roz’s shorts first and there was a huge wow from the guests. It was almost 7 inches long and we have not seen such bigger cocks anytime. The other two guys had 6 or less than 6 inch cocks. Reema took it in her mouth completely and gave a neat blow job. Our partners told us to do it only if they want to. I and Nishi didn’t want to give blow job while Devi had already started doing it. She took it deep throat, spit on it and then again took deep throat. Dan was feeling soo excited. While I took Phil’s out and Nishi took Zak’s. I decided to give him a boob job. Nishi started stroking him with hands.

The men were feeling extastic. Few minutes past, the rain started increasing a bit. Roz then stood up. He lifted Reema’s legs in one hand. She was now standing on one leg. Her vagina was open. He put her legs around him and rubber his finger around her clit. He put his cock inside her and started moving. We were surprised because we have never done sex in standing. Our men helped us with the balance. It was a piece of cake as they made it so easy. The cock was hot and wet. It went inside like a knife on butter.

The men started stroking. We responded. Devi hugged Dan tightly. I could see her ass moving back and forth. While moving closer I could see her bending her hip upwards. So I also tried bending my hip. Oh holy sweet.. the cock touched my G spot and that is what Devi was trying. I felt so horny and asked Nishi to try bending. With each stroke, I felt like cumming and I controlled it.

Reema and Roz slowed down a bit. We were like – oh No.. dont want to stop it. Reema turned with her back facing Roz. She spread her legs and leaned forward. Roz then started doing doggy standing. Me, Devi and Nishi joined hands. We formed a pillar by standing on the corner of triangle. We put our shoulders on each other for balance. Our men then put their cock again. Our faces were so close to each other. I kissed Devi,

Devi kissed Nishi and Nishi kissed me. Now we started kissing each others lips pretty vigorously. The movements became faster. Suddenly the men slanted on our back and held our boobs. Not respective partner’s boobs. Dan was holding mine and Nishi and Phil was holding Devi’s and Nishi’s while Zan was holding Devi’s and mine. It was an awesome moment. We never knew group sex could be so much fun together. We kept on kissing. The movements became very fast. We started moaning. Hearing us moaning, other started moaning.

Reema and Roz told the audience to cum whoever is feeling like cumming. The movements became much faster. The rain became slower so that we could feel what we are doing. The movement became a bit slow but they started hitting hard. The G spot was getting the hit each time pretty intensely. I told others that we need to cum all at the same time. Nishi told she already had 2 orgasms and Devi told she had one. But they were all gettin ready for a third one. We asked the men if they are getting ready. They said yes. The movements got faster.

Others in the audience started falling on top of each other as they concluded. We went strong. Even the members on the stage – the hosts completed. But we kept going strong. Others all looked at us in awe. Everybody in there were naked. Nishi started couting from 10.. the crowd started … 9….. 8….. 7…..6…..5…..4…..3….2…..1…………… Nishi bites Devi’s tounge.

Devi, in pain left and I started sharing the kiss wiht Nishi. Our men fell on us. Devi and Dan fell on the ground. Nishi and I kept on kissing while Phil and Zak sat down. The crowd giggled and hurrayed for the hosts for arranging such an awesome party. The housekeeping came and delivered towels to dry ourselves. The hosts invited all of us to the bar. We took few rounds of cocktail. Feeling a lot tired, we bid good bye to the men. We took Nishi along with us to our room. We slept there all naked.


In the morning we woke up. We went to the reception to check out. We signed the feedback form & thanked the hosts, other guests, the partner men and the bartenders. Me and Devi smiled at each other. We bid bye to Nishi. We got in the car and started driving down the high range. I got an sms from Dilip. For a moment, I thought who the hell is Dilip. I opened the sms and realised – oh Dilip – my hubby. The sms said, I miss you, I’m having my gun blazing and waiting for you. I told Devi…

What blazing gun??? I was attacked by a machine gun and he is talking about his revolver..!!!!

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