Whole Day With 19 Year Old Cute Girl!!

Hello readers and horny girls and ladies out there, after a long break I’m back again with a real incident happened last week with a cute and chubby 19 yr old college girl. This is Rahul again, 28 yr old guy working in boring IT sector looking for some fun filled life.

Don’t forget to feed me back at [email protected] with your comments. Girls and ladies don’t hesitate to contact me to have a very good and fun time which we both will cherish very long. I’m so friendly and flexible and we can have a long term relation, be it secret or friendly so reach out to me at [email protected].


Coming to the story, a couple of weeks back when I’m getting ready to the office, I got a notification about my friend request accepted by this girl. Usually, I used to send messages and request to many girls and this time this girl accepted. I casually said ‘Hi’ and left for office. She continuously messaged me and I was a bit busy with work and used to reply occasionally. We spoke about everything the first day like where we are from what we do and likes and dislikes, hobbies blah blah blah. She got angry as I replied very late and occasionally. So the next day I worked from home just to spend more time in chatting. By the way, she was studying her Btech 2nd year in Civil Engineering and doesn’t have a boyfriend as she is a bit fat and chubby(found after the meeting).


Our chat started by me saying ‘GM’ and she responded and we continued without break till evening. We exchanged pics and all and had some masala chat(naughty) as well. Then I asked her if she has a boy friend and she said no. I doubted as hardly girls these days are single. But she didn’t have one as she got angry as I repeatedly asked about that. And she asked about mine. I told I used to have but broke up. Then she asked if I’m a Virgin. I laughed and said no and I asked the same. She said yes. I felt excited and she started asking questions about sex and all how I did it and what I like in women.


We continued horny chat for almost all the day. She intentionally used to tempt me saying she wanted to meet me for fucking and want my cum flowing in her pussy. I used to shag while chatting in my home. I asked when can we meet for that she said we will not meet but will chat like this only and share our feelings. I said ok just not to insist her and we continued like this for a week. Meanwhile, she got so close and attracted to me that she will cry if I reply a bit late. I kind of liked her cuteness everytime she cried, such a cute feeling. One day she asked my plans for the weekend and I said nothing special and I asked about her’s. She’s having sports day at her college on Saturday and she said if I’m free she will come to meet me. She told me that she will inform in her home that she is going to college and will come with me the whole day so that we can have some good time from 7:30 am – 6 Pm. I’m very much excited and said yes to meet. I asked her phone num and gave mine to call in the morning (Till now we haven’t exchanged ph numbers…lol).


Finally, Saturday came and she called me around 7 am that she started from her house and will wait at her regular bus stop. I immediately got ready and went there to pick her up by 7:20 am. Though I saw her in pics, she is a lot different directly, much fairer and much cute in real. I went and stood in front of her and introduced myself formally. She smiled and we started to walk as I parked my bike a bit far from bus stop. She felt nervous initially but got comfortable as I used to speak so closely and with some humor.

We started the bike and went to a hotel for having breakfast and by the time we finished, it was around 9:30 am. After that, we went to a nearby mall to get much closer to each other and spend time by playing ten pin bowling and she liked it.


Then we went to a movie in the multiplex there. As it is the morning show, the movie is not crowded and we moved to corner seats at the top. I put my hand on her and gently rubbed as the movie started and she remained silent. After some time, she locked my elbow with hers by taking her hand below my shoulder and rested her head on my shoulder. I continued rubbing her hand and massaging. I took my hand and placed it on her shoulder and started to caress her neck with light rubbing and pinching her earlobes and cheeks. Then squeezed her lips with my hand and she bites my fingers naughtily. I tried to kiss her by going close to her but she took back as she got afraid in public place. The movie got over by 1 Pm and we had lunch there in the food court and after that, she asked what next.


It’s 2:30 pm then and I told we still have some time(till 6 pm to drop her) so we can go relax and get freshen up in my home. She hesitated first but agreed and we came to my home by 3 pm. I put some light music as she gets to freshen up and after coming out of the washroom, I gave a towel to rub her face. As she closed her face with the towel I hugged her from the back slowly and kissed her neck. She shocked for a bit and laughed wildly at me. I got the confirmation and I hugged her from the front and started kissing her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, earlobes, chin and came to her shivering lips. She closed her lips but I’m sucking them like a cone ice cream and after a min, she started responding by opening her lips. we played with tongues and I bite her lower lip gently which she liked and bite mine very roughly and wildly such that a drop of blood came. She said sorry and bite my chin. I put my hand on her breasts and pressed slowly and she is moaning heavily now. I went to remove her top but not able to then she helped me remove her top and she was in pink padded bra and OMG what a tender pair of breasts she has.


Huge for her age but very tender and soft. I sucked on her nipples and she is in another world now. I undressed my self and I’m in my boxer and she is biting my nipples hard and we continued foreplay. I removed my boxers and she closed her eyes after seeing my 6.5-inch dick as it’s her first time. She got shy and I removed her hands closing her eyes and asked her to hold my dick. She holds it and she’s playing with it like a kid does. I got too excited and asked her to blow me but she doesn’t know that she didn’t like that too. I said ok and I’ll eat her and said just close your eyes and lay down. She lied down and I removed her panties and spread her legs.


Her pussy is smelling like heaven with a little hair and already wet. I put one finger and she jerked. I hold her thighs tightly and gave a kiss to her pussy lips. She shivered again and I asked how she felt. She said don’t know but it feels good. I started to open her pussy lips and it was pinkish red inside and I started to lick her pussy and bite her pussy lips in between. She was in heaven and moaning loudly but I put a towel on her mouth as neighbors will hear us. She is enjoying every moment of that and it feels total awesome for me as well to lick a virgin pussy. In a very short time, she squirted all over my face and after seeing that she laughed like hell. Like I looked like a buffalo who just ate his food covering all over my mouth.


Then I lied on top of her and tease her pussy with my hard dick a couple of times and pushed gently. I wasn’t able to push at least half as it is very tight and she is in total pain. I closed her mouth with my hands and slowly pushed my dick inside. It took almost 2-3 minutes to completely get inside of her. She is full pain and I started to move my dick slowly. I closed her mouth with mine kissing and was drilling her and increased my speed. After a couple more minutes, she also started enjoying and she is in sync with my movement. After 5 min, I reached climax and shot my cum on her naval as I don’t want to take any risk of releasing my cum inside her.


It was a huge pleasure for me as she is a virgin and her pussy is so tight that I came in just 5 min. She is exhausted and she fell on my chest and breathing heavily. I asked how was the first experience and she didn’t say anything but kissed my lips and sucked them. We laid there about 20 min cuddling and it was around 4:15 pm. I started to kiss her and fingering simultaneously and she opened her legs while I fingered her. My dick became rock solid again and she started to stroke my dick. Now she only took my dick and asked me to put inside. Now I made her bent on her knees and told I’m going to do doggy. She said ok and I entered from her back and started thumping slowly and increased my speed. I bend and pressed her boobs while fucking and we had this session about 20 min.


She started to shiver and released her cum on my dick and I started to feel like cumming and removed my dick and came on her back. My dick was filled with her fluids and I took it with my fingers and creamed her boobs. Again we both got exhausted and lied on the bed for another 20 mins. She saw the time and it’s 5 pm and said she has to be in a home by 6 pm. We got up and had a quick shower together cuddling and she got dressed up. I asked her how was today. She said it was a fantastic and new experience for her which she enjoyed thoroughly and hugged me tightly and kissing me passionately. We started from my home and had some fresh fruit juices to get some energy for her and I dropped her at the same bus stop by 5:45 pm.


She gave a flying kiss secretly and smiled cutely and started to walk to her home. I came back to my home and revised all the things happened that day and jerked off once again. She messaged me that she reached home and we spoke all night about what we did and enjoyed that day. She is so happy and we’re going to meet again in her summer tuition time after exams. Meanwhile only chatting…….


Will be back to post another story after the next meeting or any other incident meanwhile. Be horny and healthy!! Cheers!!


Hope you guys enjoyed the story and give me feedback. Any Ladies and women, interested in having a friendly and healthy relation, reach out to me at [email protected]. Waiting for your replies and comments.

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