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Hi everyone, especially to the ladies who are 35 and above love you all, this is my first story ISS so if you find any grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes please forgive me, my name is gladwin I ‘m 23 years old from Bangalore height 6.1 inch’s with a fit physic which I maintain by playing sports because I am sport lover and regular exercise

This is a true incident happened in my life and the this is a lengthy story so be patience and read it I ‘m sure you will enjoy it

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Without boring you all coming to the story my name is gladwin from bangalore this happened when I was 21.I have friend named christopher he is one of my close friend he was really a good guy but after his father died when we were in second year of engineering after he totally changed like taking drugs and hanging out with girls even I fucked one his girl friend after he introduced her to me, his mother is working in a mnc company her name is sherlin 39 she is a friendly and a bit modern kind of lady she is fair and have extra flesh on the required spots to make a women sexy her measurements are 34:32:36 which I came to knowlater

I had no any bad intension on her it all happened when when christo messed up with a girl he used to hangout, he had took some money from her and told that he will return it back as soon as possible but I couldn’t one day that girl asked for the money with him but christo said he can’t return it now they started arguing

Finally it ended in a big fight between them so that bitch called christo’s and said everything about him which we both came to know later, that same day evening I got a call from sherlin aunty and she asked to drop by her house as wanted to talk something wit me so I went to their by next day by 11am she started talking and asked how is christo doing and asked that girl I said I don’t know anything about it so she told that a girl called her said everything abt christo that’s when I came to that bitch had called and said everything and she asked so you and christo take drugs and fuck girls rite.

I was scared and said aunty I only had a relationship with one of christo’s friend but I don’t take drugs as soon as I finished saying this she slapped and started scolding and asked me to leave the house so I walked out but three days later again I had a call from sherlin aunty and she said that she talked about this wit christo and both had a big vocal fight so from that stopped talking to her and started taking drugs at home itself and not listening to her so she asked me to do something

So I talked with christo and asked him at least stop taking drugs at home and say sorry wit aunty dude he was silent and left the place , two days later evening I got a call from aunty and she asked come home so I went christo was in his room and aunty said that he stopped taking drugs at home and said sorry with her

But he is worried that he didn’t stopped anything completely so she asked me to spend some time with him daily in home so that he may change but he will be anyways talking in with those girls so I started talking with aunty and me and aunty became a close friends one day she asked about the girl I fucked and how it was nu I said I scared and it was good and she asked how many girl till now I said I was my first and it’s my last because I ‘m scared.

He laughed and topic went like that and from that day her behavior towards me changed and dressing style to she started exposing her assets when I ‘m with her even I started observing and started masturbating by thinking of her about it continued for some days.

One fine gave his laptop to me asked me jeep it in his home because he going somewhere with friends and he will be returning late so when I reached home in the evening sherlin aunty opened the door I said why I came, she asked me to watch tv for a while because she have some work after finishing I will be back but I said that I will watch movie in laptop

So I went to christo’s room and started watching pron and I was masturbating and saying sherlin aunt’s name and ejaculated and finished and went sat in the tv hall later she came and we both started talking as usual suddenly she what I was watching in laptop no words are coming out my mouth and she said what I watching and what I was doing nu she saw everything I bent my head down and she asked my penis size I was silent but insisted me so I said I don’t know exactly because I have not measured it yet she laughed and said that y don’t you measured it now and took a measurement scale and gave it me

So I walked to bed and measured it it’s was 8.5 inches in fully erect condition I said aunty the exact measurement she don’t lie so I said if you dont you only measure it she thought for a while and she took the scale and asked me to drop my pants down I did ass she told she measured it to my shock mow it’s 8.7 inch’s while measuring her touched my penis a current flowed through my body and sound ahhh came out of my mouth si she asked me what happened I said I felt so good when hand touched my penis

Aunty:oh really you felt soo good ah

Me:s aunty I felt like heaven

Aunty: then how do you feel now

By saying this she grabbed my penis man it was a awesome feeling which can’t be expressed by words

Me: aunty it feels like something in my body I feel like cumming her I cum

And I came all over hands and on her saree and I grabbed her face and started kissing her on her our tongues each other and we started sucking each other and we both kissing passionately while kissing her I was press her boobs she moving her body like a snake after 15 minutes if kissing and started undressing her now she is nude in front of me and I undressed me now we both were nude

I started licking her neck and kissing her ears and sucking she is moaning like anything and moved to her boobs and started taking it my mouth and you was licking it sucking it like a baby I was biting it and pressing the other now I shifted to other boobs and she moaning like anything.

Now I moved to her navel and licking and sucking it suddenly her body became stiff she was pressing my head and locked my back by her legs

Me:what happened aunty are you alright

Aunty: I ‘m doing great I ‘m enjoying it gladi I had orgasm, I can’t take it anymore start fucking me

Me: as you command my lovely aunty

I placed my penis near her pussy and pushed in and my penis started disappearing so she asked me do it slowly because it has been almost 2 years you

I haven’t had any sex

Aunty:your penis is too big for this is the first time I ‘m taking such a big penis in

So I pushed slowly and gently and 70% of my cock got disappeared and finally I pushed wit force and my cock is completely I her pussy and she was shouting in pain

Me: aunty di di hurt you

Aunty: no gladi it felt so awesome your cock it feels great start fucking me

I started fucking her slowly after 5minutes she asked me to fuck me faster as I could and I fucked her like there is tomorrow she was not moaning she was shouting after 15minutes of fast fucking

Me: aunty about to cum

Aunty: cum in my pussy gladi no worries I am operated

Me: aunty I ‘m cumming I ‘m I cum in her pussy

I was laying a on her we both were taking a deep breath and aunty from

Aunty: it was the best sex I ever had it in my promise me it will be between us

Me: so we will repeat it again right


Me: aunty I have some sex fetish will you fill it for me

Aunty; ya sure anything for you now I am all your and I ‘m a slave to your cock

From then we fucking and lots of things happened like she helped to fuck other milfs to which I will share with you all in my upcoming stories

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