Wife Fucked By A Friend

hi my name is tej and wife name is mona she is a working women and as well as me my wife and love to have hot sex on bed and v watch blue movies together and do the same as they do it is great fun.she has nice pair of boobs and i love them them as they jump.i and friend usaly sit for drinks in wek and talk about sex and r cock lengths . one day i invited him home for some drinks as parents and maid was at home v decided to go for ride and drink in the night .my friend was good fucker as i knew he had fucked many ladies i also know his sstamina was great on bed he used to make married ladies cum 4 -5 times and then fucks them i knew very well about him never thought of such to happen with me.while v had drink toghter i was driving he was next to me and my wife on the back seat.i was concentrating on driven and he was smoking and talking to me i did not notice his other hand which he was putting on my wife thighs there was a stop on red light he got straight .and v went home my wife told me he was a gentle boy i said i knew him very well he he is fucking machines for married ladies he had fucked many married womens i told her everything about him and his cock size almost 11 inch. days went past we made program for vications with my wife and friend as his wife was not in town .

It was june month v went for nanital in our own car i was driving the car half way and other he drove v reached nanital by 6 in the evening was very pleasent v booked two rooms wall to wall in 4 star with balcony seing ,we all went in our rooms for getting fresh and it was now eight in the evening v brought some whisky and started drinking almost it was 10 .30 v where all set but he still wanted some more th eshop was 40 minutes away from our hotel he asked me to bring as he was done good drink .i couldnt find my cell phone just rang from his phone to find it i forgot to disconnect it and left the hotel i got some of my friends from delhi on the way and startes chating with them ,it was late i took my phone out to call and found it was on heard him talking to my wife about his cock and her brest i could hear voice of smocthing lips and my wife saying he will come leave me ,he was drunk he was not listing to her he said ok u come in night when he sleeps in my room ,i will show u what is fucking ,she did not reply ,i just reached hotel they both where standing on terrace his hands where on her hips ,i said where ru they got alerted and friend said yaar bhabhi badi mast hai as he always jokes she went inside the room and v started drinks again he was all set just talking with him friend (viru)said yaar kisi ko chodne ka dil kar raha hai

i replied u find anyone here today he replied dhund toh longah aur bhot chodoga v had our dinner and went for sleep as well him my wife was also sleeping with me .i knew what he said but my would do it it was surprise for me .she woke and went to washroom she was also confused to go or not she took time but slowly moved out of the room i saw her going but kept my eyes close.as the terrace was combine there where windows with clear glasses ..her heard she knocked his door viru opened the door in semmi concious condition was wearing shorts and nothing above. he asked bhabhi ander aa jao koi bat nahin she was nervous but went in and sat on the bed .she was wearing black nighty no bra inside as she does not wear in night .friend made a drink at 12 in night and just drunk .as iwas now on the terrace window from where i could view very clearly both of them sitting together.viru asked about me iam sleeping she replied yes tej is sleeping once sleep he wakes up in the morning 6 only not in between.viru replied good aaj sari raat chudegi he thought in mind .viru started kisiing my wife on lips and cheeks she got little temptations and asked have fucked any married women before he replied yes i did and who ever i fuck comes back for dick again and again i still fuck 5 ladies from last 7 years and make them come 5-6 time as she heard about she was exited frrom inside.now he was playing with her big boobs and getting in mood slowly both huged each other touched there private parts viru was whispring bhahi aaj toh bhot choduga aaj ki chuday kei baad app viru say chudna pasand nahi karo gi garunte hai like other ladies he took out his cock my wife was surprised with size he had she said so big and thick u will kill me viru nahi bahabi sirf 5-6 bari aaj chodunga she started sucking cock it got bigger and bigger she could take any more in mouth the size was too big now the rod was ready to show the game .he pushed her on the bed and started licking her boobs and body slowly he came to the cunt and started suking,licking it and then slowly putting his finger inside her cunt she was now hot and was moving her body with pleasure it was amasing to see her just strugling on bed never before he then put two fingers togther and licking all in same go she was made now and just wanted get fucked but he was wife fucker’ he was playing playing she was moaning and moaning bus.bus ..bus .bus aur matt karu murjaonge he started it hard she was rolling on bed here and there ,viru got mad seeing her body moving and see her moaning he sucked her cunt too much she she started cuming and viru ho gaya bus karo na abh please but viru whispired abhi toh 4 bari or karun ga she said no tej will come to know about as already u have opened my cunt soo much still bhabhi it has to opened more ,for mean while he started fucking her mouth with his cock it was hard for mona to handle he fucked it harder and harder as she was saying no morebhabhi ajj itnah chodunga ki apki chut puri khul jaye jo tej nahin kiya then he took some snaps with cam phone which did not notice

he got of me i got some relief he went in bathroom and i was lying on the bed nude .tej i could see her cunt all red her legs were open and she was tired now ,then i saw viru coming again from back and tied up her hands to bed and legs too she asked what r u doing he replied bhabhi 2 cum will come harder from firstone she was nervous now and asked him to leave now viru started taking photos of my wife cunt boobs and putting his cock in the mouth she said stop y r u doing this he replied this why all ladied have to come to me for fucking when ever i need them to fuck and my businees friend want some womens to fuck to place me orders here then come bhab his like u whom i use to grow my work she started crying i culd see her it was 1.30 morning first cum took half and hour fuck now it would take long time i thought as he was doing .he again started sucking my wife cunt now this time he was making a movie of it she was tied up could’nt get and stop she was helpless.she was had cum twice in 2 hours time viru was getting charged now after seeing her almost given up he was enjoying with her he stood his penis was now 11 inch hard like pole his cock tip was very thick he went near the table strocking his cock and had one more drink now he slapped my wife like she was closing her eyes and show her his massive cock she was afraid of this big cock went near her and said now get for some anal fucking he slowly put his cock inside her cunt she moaned loudly as it was bigger then mine his pushed in one strock the whole 11 inch she was dry she started crying in pain he fucked her for hour i could hear her scream she pleaded to stop but he was fucking and fucking bhabhi tery chut fad dunh ga aaj now he un tied her up and made her doggy style fucking he fucked her twice till 4 in the morning she could not stand up properly her cunt was swallen now he kissed her and said will fuck u tommorow now or will show this movie to me she scared now she came back to room and quietly slept,i was back on bed she was in pain i could hear her sound ..i woke up in the morning she was still sleeping i asked her r u tired of journey she said yes let me sleep for some time i was also erosed with night seing and wanted to fuck her she got up at 8 in morning i saw she was not walking properly i jugdged how much he fucked her i asked her why is she not properly she replied she had a cramp i ignored it and try to kiss her to make her hot and pulled my dick out she sais not now but i wanted it she sucked it and i started fucking her her cunt was swalloen i could see it but she could not feel my cock inside as vriu had opened it a lot i finished fucking her v got ready for for some marketing as well viru came to go she saw him with angry eyes he smiled and said kya hua bhabhi all ok as if does not know what he has done . joking with her viru said bhabhi tej fucked u lot i think she did not reply and v went for lunch and came back to our room i went to washroom and left them alone i could hear viru saying to come to his room tonight she refused he showed some clips of fucking her and said shall i show to tej she was nervous and didnot reply they fi for tonight again.we again had drinks together and viru drank almost a half bottle he told me that he had fucked some women thus hard sometime before i knew he was talking about mona but i kept on listning to him now he told me that he wanted some women tonight for ass fucking i got his idea what he was talking about i never fucked mona from ass she was virgin from there.

it was 12 in night i was acting of sleeping and he was waiting for her she moved quietly to his room as he drinking still .viru said aao randi bhabhi abh toh chut dihk ho gaye hogi,,mona pleaded and said please dont do it today as she was still pain i was again on terrace window and watching them ,viru made mona nude by now and he was also he made her suck cock for 20 minutes he was hard by now ,he asked mona he will not fuck her cunt today but will play with her only. she said ok viru slaped her ass and told her to get doggy he licked her cunt hard for 30 minutes and she was cummed now he eat her cum and told see i have eaten it now its ur turn to do he licked her ass this time she had no idea what he was doing .he slowly tlaking t o her put his cock tip on her ass he lubricated it with her cum in his mouth.and suddenly put his cock in her ass ahh..ahhh..ahhhh..margaye margye she was in dam pain put he fucked her ass for 1 hour she was in so much pain her ass started bleeding a bit his cock was so big her ass got opened like anything she was almost fainted type but viru cock was not cumming ,viru replied bhen ki lodhi abh toh randi ban gaye hai bhabhi he kept slaping her ass and fucked her till he cumed ,she woke up and came to the room half fainted it was nightmare for …..again in morning she went to washroom and was moaning will shitting as it was hurting her… it was all over we drove back to delhi……

a week past viru was busy with buisness and i also .one day called me up that he is throwing a party at a hotel with some 4 associates he wouls like join him with bhabhi mona ,but mona refused to go he called her up and she has to come or the video he will show to tej.she went with half hearted .party started we all were enjoying drinks as well mona had two drinks he had booked two rooms one for if some had hangover can rest it was now 3 in morning we all got tierd and decided to stay there mona and me went to other room viru and nigro friends were other room but they had some plan viru promised them for some women for night .as mona was told to come in room after i sleep she went there all of them were drinking viru grab me and said let the party begin i was piping frm key hole viru undressed her in front of friend and made her suck his cock like a pros he said yeh randi aaj subse chudwai gi…his friend took out there poles as they were nigros they also had bigger cock then viru mona was crying again but they all started make her suck there cock one by one now was fucking time viru first stsrted fucking her hard and let her suck others they all took turn turn by turn and fucked her like randi she was totaly lost with so many dicks this never ended viru made her rakhel and still fucks her when ever he wanted mona never complained to me and got cocks every time in pary…..she was not any more wife but prostitute now …..

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