With My Hot Sister – Part 6

Continuation of my story With my hot sister Part – 6. Finally she came out wearing the black transparent saree which I have presented to her. Madan exclaimed loudly “what a gorgeous babe”. Bindu become angered and started scolding madan for commenting her in such a way. (She was happy inside for his comment but she pretended to show anger as i may take her wrong if she showed positive reply).

I was taken aback as my plan may fail because of her resistance. I called Bindu inside the room and asked Madan to wait outside. Soon she entered the room with me and started shouting that how could he comment me like this. You have introduced me as your girlfriend yet how could he behave like this. And blab bla bla. I tried to console her, she was not getting consoled. Finally I decided to tell all the things planed.

I told her that Madan caught me red-handed while I was video chatting with her and masturbating. And also told him that we were doing some role play as brothers and sisters so that he may not know that we were siblings. And also told her that I have showed him our chats every time we finish chatting. She was in great anger and slapped me and started abusing badly.

Bindu: unaku vekama ilaya da un thangachiya inoruthanuku kooti kudakka paakuriya.

Me: ila Bindu avan namma chat pannum bodhu paathutan. Athan

Bindu: Oru thada paathan ok. Athukunu ne thinamum un thangachiya padam pidichu kaatuviya.

Me: Ila bindu avan romba nalla payyan. He will not be a threat that’s why I showed him all.

Bindu: Ena than da plan panirukinga rendu perum sernthu.

Me: Bindu naan unaku surprise tharanumnu ninachen da.

Bindu: Ena inoruthanuku kooti kudukaradu surprise ah da.

Me: Bindu naan unakku sorkkatha kaatanumnu ninachen. As you know that my desire is have two cocks in you, I have selected madan has he is not a threat.

Bindu stood still for some time.

I asked her to remember her fucking session of banana and cock at same time and her sexual enjoyment during act.

Slowly Bindu came to senses and turned back to me. Her expression showed that she was convinced. I asked her not to restrict anything and just enjoy whatever happens today. She smiled.

I asked her now that can madan join with us. She smiled again and said that she was happy to get a comment like that from a stranger, But as I may take her wrong she acted like that. I was happy by now as desire is going to be filled today.

We both opened the door after half an hour of discussions. Bindu came out with a smiling face. Madan was in the sofa watching some videos. We both went close to him and saw that he was watching Bindu’s chat videos and pressing over his pants.

Bindu left out a loud laughter. Madan face has turned red after seeing her. She slowly went near him and asked sorry for abusing him and looking into his eyes. The lust overtook him and stood still, as he don’t know how to start.

I want to initiate something as they both don’t know what to do. I took a piece of cake and given to madan and asked him to feed her. He took the cake to her mouth with his hand. I stopped madan and asked him to feed her over mouth. He was looking her without knowing what to do. Bindu signalled Madan with her expression. Madan got confidence and taken his mouth near her mouth and he fed her. She was eating the cake. Still their mouth is in contact with each other. Slowly they both started French kissing. Madan’s hand has moved to her ass holding her strong. After 2 minutes they broke their kiss.

Bindu turned around as she was shy. Even madan saw me shy as he has kissed his friend’s girl before him.

I have asked both of them to sit down. We sat in sofa with myself in left and madan in her right.

I took her left boob over her blouse in my hand and start caressing her. Madan took her right boob. She was moaning like hell as there were two hands playing with her.

Suddenly an idea struck in my mind. I asked Bindu to do lap dance. She was not ready but madan asked her again. She convinced and stood up. I played an item song (Asaiya Kaathula thoodu vittu) she started giving lap dance. Her ass was very tight and beautiful in that black saree. Madan could not control so he unzipped and left his cock out. Even I removed my sorts.

Bindu saw both the cocks and she was rubbing both cocks of us in turn. Ours was rock hard. I asked her to do strip dance. Soon she removed her saree. Her Mangoes were bouncing, We could not tolerate and we both started stroking our cock. She removed her skirt. To my surprise she doesnot wear pants.We both could clearly see her pussy mound. Bindu separated her thighs while dancing o that we could have a clear view of her pussy.

She came near madan and rubbed her pussy on his lips. He could not stop so grabbed her ass and started licking her pussy like a bee sucking honey from the nectar. I stopped the song and stood behind her and held her mangoes and started pressing her badly. She was moaning due to her pussy licking and boobs massage. I blew air behind her ears. Which made her aroused more. She started to move her body more and moan loud as she was enjoying our acts. This made madan more aroused a he increases the pace of sucking and bindu held madan’s head more tightly.

After 5 minutes of intense sucking she splashed her cum over his mouth. He released her for breathing. Madan want to fuck her and we both took her to bed We made her lie in bed. At the end of bed madan opened her thighs, and wear a condom and started pushing his cock inside her pussy. Even I was aroused so I took my cock to her mouth and made her suck my cock. She was sucking my cock as she was eating ice cream. Madan Increased his pace and after 5 minutes of fucking he cum.

I soon took the position to her pussy and inserted my cock. Madan was enjoying her boobs. My cock slide easily as there was a good lubrication because of madan’s fucking. I was fucking her as there was no tomorrow. And finally me and bindu came after 10 minutes of intense fucking.

We three took rest for 30 minutes. We were sitting nude and chatting. Suddenly Bindu asked madan that did he like her. Madan replied her that she was the mostly beautiful sexiest girl.

I want to taste bindu’s pussy as madan has already done. I want to do something different. I took the cream from the cake and spread over her pussy. I lied down and asked her to sit on my mouth. She was in her knees and showed her pussy in my mouth. I was licking the cream and soon started sucking her very intensely she was moaning heavily.

Madan was horny and he stood over bed made bindu to suck his cock.

After 15 minutes she came in my mouth and I ate every drop of it. Madan has released his cum over her breast. Bindu wiped her breasts and pussy. My cock was hard and required bind’s attention. I asked bindu to suck me as its my turn to be pleasured. She was sucking my cock so well and cummed into her mouth she drunk every drop of it.We three had Cool drinks and lied in the bed.

Even after good fucking session we were not in a mood to leave Bindu. I asked Bindu to get ready for threesome action. I asked madan to take her pussy and I will fuck her ass. So he lied and bindu showed her pussy to madan cock. I applied butter in my cock and her ass opening and slowly started to insert. She was screaming as her ass was fucked long time ago. Soon she started to adapt and madan and myself started hitting her in and out slowly. She was yelling like fuck me, faster, faster…..

We both increased the pace and bind was screaming. She had multiple orgasms. After 20 minutes of fucking madan came then after 30 minutes we both cummed. To be continued.

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