A Lovely Sister Relationship Changed Into Incest – Part 2

Hi incest Lovers, This is David again, I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. This is continuation of my previous story “A Lovely Sister Relationship Changed into Incest.” I got a good response from the readers of my previous story. Thanks a lot and am grateful for having your valuable feedback. Please note that my mail id was wrongly spelt in previous story. Even though I got response from people who has seen my profile. My mail id was [email protected]

Coming to the story, My Mom and Younger sister went out for shopping. And my Dad to his bank. Now Myself and my Lovely elder sister was remained in home. As I said to to you, She called me into her bedroom as she was only in her bra and panty which was bought newly. As we both were talking hot facing each other, She took my right hand and placed it on her left boob. OMG, This was my first time to touch a girls boobs when am in conscious. And that too it was my lovely slutty sister.

As soon as she kept my hand on her boob. I started to squeeze in a normal way. She just closed her eyes and responding to my presses. I started to press even harder and by now here moans were increased and even her breathing too. Am getting mad by seeing her facial expressions. I just planted a Kiss on her lips. Wowww, Her lips were very smooth. She stated to respond for my kiss. And am slowly going closer to her. Now totally she was in my hugs and in my control too.

My hands were pressing her Ass hard. In mean while our tongues were fighting, playing and doing Romance. My monster was in its full length. Taking a place over her Pussy. Slowly my hands came up and removed her Bra. My mind was really excited to see those beautiful melons as it was my first time. Damn, She had perfect 32 sized Boobs. Neither big not small. That any man can stand like statute by just starting those lovely melons. And am the luckiest one to have such a beautiful view.

I went closer to her and placed my lips on her right Boob. I just started to suck. I was crazy to take whole Boob into my mouth. Am sucking that Boob like I was mad about it. She started to moan and her nipple got erected. I can feel that erected nipple in my mouth even though am busy in sucking that lovely melon. And I have seen the erected nipple with very closer. I kept my tongue on her nipple and started to round her nipple by licking it. And then I took her nipple into my teeth and I started to pull her nipple by catching with my teeth. She was moaning heavy and catching my hair hard and pushing my face towards her Boobs. And now I took her left Boob and did the same as I did to the right Boob.

I slowly took her on to the bed. Am totally on her. I can feel her breath. She started to sweat. That smell was making me mad. Hey hands were little bit away from her body. I can see some hair near her armpit. I smelled it. It was really making me crazy. I just wanted to taste it. I kept my tongue there and started to lick. As my sister was some shy person. She was giggling by doing such thing and feeling shy. In my mind “Damn Bitch, there is nothing to shy. As now onwards you are going to be my slut forever”. I did it for 5 minutes. And I slowly went near her waist. I took her waist into my hand.

God, she had very smooth skin. And I can feel it. It was good. My tongue started to play with her navel hole. And again she started giggling. Note she is pulling my head inside her nusualby catching my hair. She had good Boobs and Waist. I need to see her love hole to rate it. Note the real game started. I went down till her pussy and my head need to intersect the pussy.

As usual, My noise took first step and had a deep breath near her panty. Which was already wet with her juices. And now, Am no where to stop this game. I removed her Panty within fractions, which was already wet. God, Her pussy was too good. I think she had shaved recently around week or 10 days before. She had very less hairEven though I had a great view of it. Watching live was much different when compared with reading Sex stories or watching Porn. Now, It’s time to taste my sister’s Pussy. I kept my fingers on her pussy. And opened her upper lips. She had a pink one. Again I opened her inner lips, I can see her love hole. In which my monster will ride like mad. Am checking her pussy as a doctor. As I am very first time to see a girls naked pussy live and that too my lovely sister ones.

After that, I kept my tongue on her love hole and started to lick her juices which were released during our foreplay. I cleaned all her juices over her pussy and now I started to enter my tongue into her love hole. But her outer lips were not cooperating with me. I took my fingers help and I sucked her love hole deep. She kept her hands on my head and pushing deep into her pussy. Am sucking it deep like an mad about it. She is pushing me inside her pussy with utmost force. Am breathing very hardly. Even though am not leaving pussy. I sucked it for almost 20 minutes. In-between she released her juices two times. I totally swallowed into my mouth.

My monster was waiting to go inside her love hole. I kissed my lovely sister on her beautiful lips and we exchanged saliva. So that she can taste her own cum. And now I was licwaterher lower lips and then upper lips and also she did the same. Am sure about one thing, my sister had a good kissing technique.

My monster already trying to go inside her love hole. My bitch also came to know, that my monster is trying to go inside her. As I wantedly teasing her to take first move by her. She holded my Dick. Wowwww, Her smooth fingers rolled around my Dick. That feels too good. My monster is at its best and became more lengthy as well as fat too. She showed the way to my monster into her pussy. Just now she broke her kiss to say me “Stop playing with me, Now U need to ride my hole with your Dick and please be gentle as your Dick was fatter I may get pain”. I said okay with my eyes and again started to KISS her back.

Both of us it was first time to have sex. As she said, I did sex in a gentle way in initial stage. She was responding to my gentle strokes. She thought I would be gentle. My Fucking brain says me to fuck her hard. After 5 minutes, I suddenly gave a deep stroke that my entire monster went inside. OMG, I didn’t even expect, she screamed like anything. I just got fear and within fractions I kissed her forcefully to stop her screams. Her eyes turned into water. I got pity. She scolded me ” lanjakodaka, Nannu Champuthava enti ni gadidha Modda tho” (You Mother Fucker, will U kill me with your Monster Cock). I never expected that my shy sister also speaks like this. To that I said in her ears, slowly with a husky voice “I Love You, This is just our beginning. If I was gentle in fuck. You’ll leave my Dick one day and You will search for a new one. I don’t want U to leave my Dick. That’s the reason I need to bang you to the core.

During our discussion, I can feel my dick. Blood is coming out. I took a cloth and cleaned it. And now I again started to bang. This time she became normal. I initially started to bang in a Gentle way. Later I increased my pace she was enjoying. And now I again got mad and I widened her legs. Her legs surrounded my waist. So that my Dick can go more deeper. This time I started to bang very hard. Due to my bang, The sounds ” Thap, Thap, Thap ” echoing in the room as well as her louder moans too. I Fucked her hard around 20 minutes and I said am going to cum. She said, You don’t waste your cum in my Pussy. If you do so, I may get pregnant. You better to cum in my mouth, so that I can taste your cum as well as your Dick too.

I removed my dick and kept near her face. She kept her hands on my Dick. Due to her touch I got a electric circuit in my body. She started to give handjob keeping her mouth wide open in front of my Dick. With a great force my cum loaded into her mouth. She drank whole cum. And later she gave me a blowjob. As I said to you, she is good at kissing. And even she is good at blowjob too. She sucked my whole 6″ Dick and cleaned it without any cum on it. My Dick slowly came into its back state.

I took her hair into my hands and started to bang in her mouth. I banged her mouth around 10mins. Really banging in mouth was awesome feeling than fucking in love hole. Guys never miss that chance. She cleaned my Dick with her tongue. And I came down and asked her, “Can I have anal with U?” She said “No, with a hesitation” and again I asked in a pleasing manner. This time she said “I will die if your fat dick goes into my anal”. But I know, One day I will bang her anal too.

And again I kept my Dick into her love hole and banged her more wild this time. To be frank am in anger that my pity sis doesn’t know. She didn’t allowed me anal. And I showed my anger in fucking her wild. Thank god. Due to my first ejaculation. This time it was taking more time for my second ejaculation. I think I banged her hard around 25 to 30mins. And she screamed like anything due to my monsters ride in her pussy.

This time I didn’t asked anything. I just removed my monster and kept in front of her mouth. She smiled and opened her mouth. She is sucking it like a lollipop. After her sucking I started to bang in her mouth. Within 5 mins I cummed again in her mouth. She drank whole cum and cleaned my Dick by licking it. I removed my Dick and gave a liplock.

We started kissing. I can feel the odour of my cum from her mouth. It was really good. I slept beside her by hugging and kissing her.

Suddenly she woke up and said me to get up. She took that bed sheet and kept in washing machine. And kept a new bed sheet on it.

After that we both went into bathroom and we had lots of fun such as, I played with her Boobs, sucked them, licked nipples, licked armpits and sucked her Pussy. And she gave me a beautiful blowjob until I cummed into her mouth. We did bath and we came out and we wear cloths and we sat in hall watching a movie.

After 30 to 40 mins My mom and my another bitch ( younger sister Pavani) came to home. Around one week I was in my home only. But I didn’t got any chance to Fuck my elder sister. But we enjoyed a lot with our romance in the nights. On my request, before am leaving to college. The before day night she gave a beautiful blowjob around 30mins and had my cum.

Hope U people enjoyed our sex session. And please give me your valuable feedback at my mail id I.e., [email protected]. Any unsatisfied married women (preferable) or any girl who want real life sex in Hyderabad with utmost secrecy can ping me to my mail. Yours Incest Lover DAVID.

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