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Hey guys this is vat from banglore , this is my first story in indian sex stories , anyone from banglore can contact me through my mail I’d …[email protected] comments are most welcome……Let’s come to the story it’s a bit long but real story and I didn’t mentioned her name as. I respect and some cinfidenciality has to maintain ..


It was happened when I was in 22 … It was late night weather was bit cold I was waiting for a bus a beautiful girl may be in her mid 20 came and stood beside me she was such a hotness, like hotness ki devta , that every one could fell for her at first sight ..As it was a remote area probably no one was their in the bus stop, as she arrives a warmness overwilling the cold came , she was in a blue saree showing her waist line by seeing her gorgeous 34 28 and 36 figure I lost my sense …I just smiled her and asked about her destination and luckily we are on the same boat….


Suddenly as lightning with thunder came she came close to me and don’t know what happened to me I hold her hand tightly and hugged her tight she was in fear so she didn’t resist and within seconds we drinched in rain and we got all wet …Wow what a feeling that her saree tugged to her body by reveling her cleavage ..It was a jaw dropped experience she just smiled ,and as bus came we get into that and settled I unable to control myself so I slowly touched her waist and pinched her she just told deep breath and hold my hands and kept near her ties it was a complete signal so I slowly massaged her ties she left a deep moan ahhhh and I slowly moved my right hand towards her left boobs and pressed her boobs I make shure that no one is noticing us and as it was late night some 3,4 passenger were their ..


And I started massaging her boobs and my left hand touches her vagena above saree she was already wet as I touched her love hole she moned outch ohhhaaa and giggled then whispers in my ears please do fast na….By this I triggered and started to press her boobs with fullphase and keep on rubbing her vagina she touched my dick above jeans a current flows through.My body by that touch we didn’t realized when our destination reached and we came out of the bus and started to walk together holding her waist a small rainy droplets made us more romantic by now she jut signaled me and I followed her blindfolded, we reached her place it was a single bhk flat in which she lives alone she opened door we entered the house as I saw her ass I am unable to control I just hold her waist and hugged her and we lip locked for more then 15 min her rosy lips with a sweet red lipstick taste wow it was soo good I just oped her pallu and started to kiss her cleavage by pressing those yummy melons which were I am gonna taste


I literally tored her blouse and that those ripned mellons were covered with black padded bra I oped the hook of that bra and started to suck those pink nipples one by one by pressing right boobs and sucking left boobs nipple she keep on mooning ahhhhhohhhhh suck baby suck my boobs ….Wow what a boobs that was so fresh so fleshy she opened my shirt and pant I pulled her pettycoat string we both became nude in just few seconds I lifted her in my arms and she guided to her bedroom I throw her on cot and I literally upon her like hungry wolf .Started to kissing her ties and then her navel wow that small round navel hole it’s so cute I started to suck her navel hole she keep saying oh oh ah ya ya hmmmm and then I came towards my love hole a pink vagina which was cleanly shaven I just started to suck vagina by inserting my middle finger in that her vagina is as hot as valcano it was filled by precum I tasted that wow yummi and her vaginal aroma made me keep on sucking her vagina as I touched her g spot she wriglled hard ohhhhhhhhh nooooo yyaaaa baaaabyyy keep doing you are the best wow her body tightened and she came in like a whore …


After that she came top of me and took my 6 inch tool in her mouth and started to suck wow yar she is pro in sucking now its my turn to moan ohhhhhhhhh ya ra suck suck my dick ……She is sucking so harder that I opt to cum but I don’t want to cum so early so I hold her hair and pulled her above and started to kiss her deeply and she wishepr in ma ear fuck me baby I can’t wait anymore please don’t tease me fuck me !!!!!!!!…And I positioned myself to ram yummi hot valcano within 2 to 3 strokes I enters her completely…..A loud voice ahhhhhohhhhh yaaaaaaa came from her and I started to bang her slowly and increased my speed she screems ohhhohh fuck fuck me make ma ss yours I luv you baby you are mine fuck me fuck me yar…Oh love you baby ….Keep moving fast fast ah ah ah ah now we move to doggy style I inserted her from behind and started to fuck her I held her hairs with one hand and banging her it’s look like riding hot horse …..Oh ya I am fucking most hottest girl ever I saw then she what’s to ride me she came above and started to move up and down in a swing wow her beautiful boobs I keep on pressing those moving lemons within some time we came …..Ohhh yaaaaaaa ayr wow she fell above me we were drinched by sweat and we lip locked and we slept nude till morning…..


It’s a real story with full of romance …It’s my first story comments are most welcomed @ [email protected]. And by response I will narrates my other hot sessions with her in my next stories…Thank you

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