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Hello everyone!! This is yet another experience for those boys and girls who have motivated me to share more of my erotic experiences here with you.. If you wish to get in touch for some romance and some sensuous talks then kindly get in touch with me on [email protected]

Unlike the other writers I shall try to revert in an hour or two or may be max a day, that is if in case I ‘m with my client.. I get lucky at times as I don’t charge anything for those horny pussies.. All my services are free of cost for them..

Here we go. I’m a professional masseur for 6 years now.. And have massaged many clients till now.. I had 1 client who was regular, and I had massaged her more than 6 to 7 times by now.. I kept it very professional and never wish to mess up.. And she asked me don’t u provide any home service??

I replied mam I do provide home service and she had a smile on her face and asked me for my number.. She saved my number and messaged me instantly on my whatsapp.. As she was a regular client I wasn’t much excited as it would always be just a massage.. She is a very hot and chubby woman.. She must be around 35 and her stats would be around 36 34 38.

After 2 days I again received her message and she asked me the charges etc (free for clients from iss) about the home service. And she said she needs another massage. I said ok, and she asked me whether it would be possible for tomorrow. I replied her positively and she shared her address and asked me to come by 2 pm.

I reached her place by 2pm and she welcomed me in. She had a well furnished house and even belonged to a very good family. We had a small talk and then I asked her if we can go ahead with the massage.. She said sure and asked me whether I got those disposable undies which I had forgot.

She was ok with it and asked me to arrange the bed with hotels etc and she would change into something comfortable and I shall wait till then.. She came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and I asked her to lie down on her tummy.. I said I ‘m sorry for not bringing those disposable undies. She said it’s ok.

And then we started with the massage. And I asked her to take off her bathrobe and I could see her heavy boobs in a sexy bra for.. Her bra unlike the previous time was more revealing and almost all of her boobs were seen apart from the nipples..

I first to started to give her a dry massage starting from her feet till her upper back. While doing so I had to get on the bed and spread her to get in between her sexy legs.. I then started to massage her ass with my hands and started brushing my hands over her juicy pussey lips. She dint react and I understood why she wanted a home service.

I then back to her feet, took some oil and started massaging her feet.. And after massaging her feet I slowly moved up to her calf muscles and then I started to massage her thighs.. While doing so I made sure that I insert my finger tips in her panty. I slowly pushed her panty more towards the crack and then started massaging her freely.. She said that she felt great and this is the first time I ‘m doing this.. As I had never massaged her ass earlier.. And then I told her, that she was too hot and I dint wish to lose my control. So never massaged ya ass.. And laughed.. Even she burst into a laughter and said that u trying to hit on me..

I told her that she is really very hot and what I said was true.. She just gave me a smile and replied with a thanks.. Then I moved to her left leg and repeated the same. This time when I pushed her panty in I can see her beautiful ass.. And complimented her for the same.. She blushed and closed her eyes..

I understood where this was heading and I inserted my hand from the sides of her panty line and started to massage her ass and acted as if her panty is a hindrance and would even be spoiled with oil. She was hesitant for a while and then she asked what do u suggest? Without speaking anything I just started to pull down her panties and she raised her ass for easy access..

I placed a small round pillow below her navel and started massaging her ass and I had put a lot of oil on her ass. I slowly stared massaging her upper thighs and started moving up towards her love hole.. I wanted to do it real slow. So I stared teasing her, making her wait.. Make her hornier.. I brushed my fingers on her pussy and moved my hands on her ass. Then I started the other way. I started massaging from the opposite direction and then placed both my fingers right next to her pussy lips.. I started massaging her pussy lips without putting my finger in.

I was teasing her like for almost 6 to 7 minutes and then I slowly moved up towards her back and started massaging her lower back and heading towards the upper back.. But her bra was again a hindrance. This time without asking for her permission I unhooked her bra and removed her straps. And I again started with my massage and this time I reached the sides of her tummy and started moving up towards her big boobs.. I finally touched the sides of her boobs and spent a lot of time there..

I started massaging her shoulder and took her left hand placed it on her back folding it and started to massage her shoulder and started to feel to feel her boobs with my finger tips. I slowly raised her a little from the left side and I then started massaging her upper boob in circular motion as if it’s quite professional. Her breast were so soft and I felt as I should suck on them right away.. I repeated the same for her right shoulder and I asked her to turn over..

First time she was all nude in front of me and it was a treat to my eyes when I saw her big breast. I was staring at her breast and then she asked me what are you looking at.. I got back to my senses and said that she has an amazing pair of….. She asked me again.. Amazing pair of what? I replied her hubby is really lucky to have you. Wish I was him.. She asked me what would I have done if I was her hubby? I asked her whether can I do it rather saying it? She just smiled and closed her eyes…

I understood her answer and started pour oil on her breast and started to massage her left breast with my blog hands without touching her hard nipple. She started to moan.. And this aroused me and I then I started massaging both her breast with my hands.. She started moving her legs.. She was pressing them against each other..

Now I wanted to do what I love the most. I got a hot towel and wiped her pussy and I started licking it while pressing on her breast.. She started to moan. Aww aww aww.. Lick it there.. I love it honey.. I then slowly inserted my tongue and started fucking her with my tongue. I started exploring her inner walls and with my tongue and she had her first orgasm.. She drank all of her love juices and then she got up from the bed and said it’s her turn. She undid my pants and undies and started to blow me. I felt her tongue licking all over my thing.. She was an expert and she stared took my whole thing in her mouth and started sucking it real hard.. And after almost 1o to 12 mins of sucking I finally lost control and I cummed in her mouth..

Then she again started to blow me trying to make hard like hungry tigress wishing me to drill her real deep. Within 2 mins I was hard again.. She started smooching me and I pushed her on the bed. And raised her legs in the air with support of my hands and inserted my penis in her.. She was very wet and I started to stroke her with small moments.. I could see her breast moving up and down with her breath and I started squeezing them, pinching those nipples..

After some slow strokes for about 8 to 9 minutes I started teasing her. By making my penis come in and out of her pussy. She loved it when I was about to enter and I brush those pussy walls. She got very horny and kept her legs around my ass and started saying stop teasing me now please. Fuck me now.. Fuck me hard.. Come on baby, I can’t take it anymore.. Please fuck me..

I increased my pace and I started fucking her real hard. As hard as I could. And she suddenly started pressing my ass a lot harder than before and said I’m gonna cum honey.. Listening to all this I got aroused and raised my knees from the bed and started fucking her fast as if  I’m doing pushups.. With this my penis went in deep and I started to fuck her deep. And we reached our climax together and I fell on her hugging and kissing on her neck.. We had sex 4 more times that day and she is my regular client and has been a wonderful part of my sex journey..

Hope you guys like this experience. I would love to hear from you guys soon!!! Please reach me on [email protected] or you can directly ping me on hangouts.

I would love to get in touch with you guys. I shall try my best to get back to as soon as I can…

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