The Best Train Journey Ever

“How did this beautiful girl end up beside me?” was the question that always lingered in my mind. It’s not that I looked bad. I’m 27 years old and 6’1″ tall with decent built. The girl beside me was my girl friend, Shravani. She was a 29 year old from Chandigarh.

When I looked at her body while she was asleep I couldn’t believe my eyes that a girl like her was sleeping with me. She was just like a dream girl for any guy. Her boobs were massive and her butt was even more bigger. She looked just like a perfect Indian fantasy. Her bra size was 36D and her vital stats were 36-26-37. She was broad and had a great tummy which was smooth and had just the right amount of fat. She was fair in complexion and 5’5″ tall. A look at those curves and no one could take of their eyes. They were so damn perfect that any guy would kill to just feel them. It was just a month since I met her but we grew extremely close. Actually it all began during a train journey.

I had to go to Bangalore from Hyderabad. As it was a last minute plan my 2nd class AC ticket wasn’t confirmed. Fortunately as the chart was prepared I got RAC. I reached the railway station and got onto my train and made myself comfortable. The other person in my berth didn’t arrive yet.

I started reading a book and after a couple of minutes I heard someone say “excuse me”. I raised my head to look at the face but it stopped near the tummy region. It was girl wearing a white Kurti and tight blue jeans. The slit for her Kurti began above her waist which made her love handles ooze out of the Kurti. The skin looked extremely smooth and fair. I couldn’t remove my eyes from her hips. I heard the sound “excuse me” once again.

I lifted my head to look at the face. It was a beautiful face looking at me angrily. She understood that I was checking out her hips. She pointed at the berth and said it belonged to her also. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t say a word. I just moved and gave her half of the berth to sit. She sat on the berth and covered her hips with a bag. She gave me a look from which I understood that she was disgusted with me. I didn’t dare to look at her face again.

After an hour or so the train had an unscheduled halt at a remote station. I got down for some fresh air. I bought a bottle of water from the only store in the station. The girl at my seat saw me with the bottle of water and wanted to ask me something. I understood that she was hesitant. She looked around everyone was old or busy. With no other option she asked me if I could get a bottle of water for her. I just smiled and said yes. I dint take money from her but bought the bottle immediately. She thanked me and drank a couple of sips from the bottle.

After she was done she bent to pull her bag out from under the seat and put the bottle in it. When she bent her Kurti created a huge cleavage of her massive boobs. They looked like ripe mangoes. I couldn’t even see a part of her bra. I wished I could hold them and suck. While she tried open the zip of her bag the boobs swayed from left to right and I just loved the heaviness they had when they moved. I understood when she would look up and I immediately turned away. She looked at me and I was staring out of the window.

She put the bottle in her bag and thanked me once again. I thought that was the best opportunity and apologised to her. I said I was thinking about something else and she completely misunderstood me. She looked like she was convinced with my apology and introduced herself as Shravani. After our introductions she continued watching a movie in he tablet and I continued reading my book. Whenever I got the chance I would ogle at her body. I loved staring at her boobs through her Kurti. They created a lovely shape in her dress and rested well. Since the slit of her dress was so high she couldn’t hide her hips for much longer. Her pant was tight and due to the pressure some fat oozed out. If given a chance I would squeezed it tight and bite it.

After we were done with our dinner most of them were asleep in my coupe. Shravani said she had terrible headache and would love to sleep for a couple of hours. I seriously didn’t mind being awake for few hours and asked her to sleep. I sat at a corner of the berth and she slept with her legs towards me. She closed the curtain which the berth had and I continued reading the book by switching in the reading light which the berth had.

It’s been 20 minutes and Shravani was moving a lot in her sleep. Due to the movement her Kurti moved up and revealed her naked tummy. I had an instant reception just looking at it. It looked so soft and spongy like a waterbed. She was quite restless in her sleep. Due to her movements her body looked extremely sexy in few angles. My erection was quite big and had to masturbate immediately.

I slowly put my hand into my shorts and Shravani slept with her back facing the window. I removed my hand as soon as I saw her move. She still moved in her sleep. This time she put her legs in my lap. Before I could react she rubbed my dick with her feet. I looked at her but she was till asleep or at least that’s what it’s looked like. My shirts were wet with pre cum and Shravani didn’t stop rubbing over my penis. I seriously had no idea on how to react. Cautiously I laid my left hand on her right thigh. She didn’t move a bit. Slowly I moved it up my hand onto her butt. There was still no movement from her. When I applied pressure slightly she got up, turned around and slept with her head on my lap.

She slept on her back and the back of her head rested beside my erected dick. The top button of her Kurti was open revealing her cleavage. Her heavy breathing made her boobs up and down.

While her chest was filled with air it looked like her Kurti would explode due to the pressure. I simply ogled at her massive boobs as they ,over up and down. All the while her eyes were still closed. Once again slowly I raised my hand to touch her boobs but she turned to her left at the same time. Her face now ended in front of her erect penis. She pulled her Kurti slightly up and revealed her right hip completely.

Her lips were almost touching my dick from over my shorts. I could take it anymore and place my hand on her exposed hip. That was the best hip I ever touched. It was soft and felt like it would turn red with just little pressure. I rubbed my hand over it and squeezed it. Shravani left out a small moan. Then she kisse my dick. A small tinge of ticklish feeling passed through it. With her right hand she unbuttoned my shorts and put her hand into it. Immediately I held the curtain and made sure that no one could peep inside.

My dick was thankful to the soft hands that touched it. She moved her hands for a couple minutes before pulling it completely out. It was raining havelis outside and the AC compartment was quiet cold. I loved the warmth of her hand. My left hand moved from her hip into her tummy and grabbed it. I felt a tongue lick the bottom of my dick. My body was at the peeks of excitement and waiting for action.

I squeezed her tummy real hard and she shouted in pain. Worried that anyone would have noticed us I peeped out of the curtain. Fortunately everyone was in deep sleep. Meanwhile Shravani licked my dick completely and just when I was about to cum I pushed her back. She turned the other way round and moved forward leaving some place behind her. She then unbuttoned her tight jeans and pulled it down, along with her panty, till her butt was completely revealed. Until then I didn’t notice her huge butt which just damn perfect. I couldn’t control ,used and just spanked it making a huge noise. I lost control of myself and put my legs up and slept beside her.

My huge erect dick touched her massive butt. I kissed on her neck and slid my right hand below her and grabbed her right boob. I slid my left hand under her Kurti and grabbed her left boob over her bra. While rubbing my dick to her butt and squeezing her boobs I kissed her neck. I removed my left hand and placed it on her pussy which was hairy. By the looks of her I didn’t expect it to be hairy. I slid my right hand under her Kurti and her bra and grabbed her naked right boob. Her erect nipple crushed against my palm. With no control on myself I squeezed the boob real hard and once again Shravani cried in pain. This time Shravani lifted the curtain to check outside and everyone was still asleep. I was busy squeezing her boobs and rubbing her wet pussy. She held my dick with her left hand and rubbed it. She looked at me and pointed my dick at her butt hole. I looked confused and asked her if she was sure. She just nodded yes and said without condom there was no other option. I also smiled and nodded.

Very gently I pushed my dick into her butthole. I could see the pain in her face but she masked her mouth with her right hand and tried to control it.

Without trying to hard I slowly moved back and forth. It was quiet tight but Shravani was able to take it all. My left hand was still rubbing her pussy and right hand was playing with her boobs. Slowly I increased my pace. The berth was not sufficient for us but we were careful that no one else was watching us. Masking her mouth Shravani was leaving out few moans. I grabbed both her boobs with both my hands and pressed them hard. I held her tight with my arms and lifted her and made her bend in her knees.

I continued fucking her in doggy style. Since there was a berth above us I had to bend rest my body on her back. My hands were squeezing her boobs nonstop. For few minutes I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t think about her much and fucked with great pace and came inside her butt hole. I removed my dick from her butt hole and put back it in my shorts and buttoned it. She handed over a napkin and asked to clean her butt hole.

After I did as she told to I flipped her the other way and pushed her back until her back was against the coupe wall. I pulled her pant and removed it completely.

I slept on my stomach and spread her legs. My face ended near her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and inserted my tongue deep inside it. Juices were flowing from it. Her whole body shook when I put my tongue in her pussy. She held my hair with her right hand and with she put her left hand Palm against the top berth. She lost control while I licked her pussy. She made sure that she didn’t leave out any moans but her body was not still and moved a lot. Her right leg slipped out of the curtain and she put it down in the floor. Anyone outside can see her naked right leg.

As I increased the pace she enjoyed a lot. A couple of times when she reached orgasm her butt was in the air. But I didn’t stop eating her pussy. A grabbed her boobs under her Kurti and played with them. She had multiple orgasms and pushed me aside when she couldn’t take it anymore. I checked outside and still no sign of anyone watching us.

Shravani wore her panty and pants. She pulled her bra down onto her boobs and adjusted her Kurti. I held her hand and asked for one last blowjob. She said no but I removed my dick out and made her to hold it. She didn’t have a any other option but to give me a blowjob.

Slowly she rubbed it up and down before putting it in her mouth. Our role just reversed. I was in her position with my legs spread and she slept on her tummy and had my dick in her mouth. She was pretty handy and I loved the way she gave me a blowjob. Her mouth was of the perfect size and she knew when to suck my balls and when to lick my dick. Her pacing was also damn perfect. Within few minutes I removed my dick from her mouth before I came all over the bedsheet.

Without any hesitation she removed the bed sheet and put it under the berth while I put back my dick into my shorts. After we cleaned ourselves I sat leaning onto the wall of the coupe and Shravani sat leaning onto my chest. We chatted for few hours and even while chatting my hands were on her boobs or tummy.

We exchanged numbers before getting off and she kissed me a goodbye at the end. I called her the same day itself and we ended up dating each other since then.

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