Arjun Weds Deepti – Part 2

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Hi friends we Arjun and Deepti are back with second experience. First I will thank all the friends who complement through mail.

Tis part is about our engagement night. Since engagement was held in my hometown, Deepti’s family stayed with us, Even though we received lot of gifts, my mind sticked to the one my close friend Sanjay sent from US. Unfortunatly he could not come for our engagement but he said me to do a video call as soon as we reach home post engagement.

So I sat in front of my PC, made him a Skype call and face of my lazy friend flashed on Computer screen its 11:30AM there and still he was in his bed covered by bedspreads. We were chatting casually, when the bathroom door was opened and Deepti came out wearing a towel.

As her dresses were on PC table she came directly towards the PC, took her nighty and asked me were is her bra. I said I don’t know and she said I kept my blue colour bra in this chair only and I realized I was sitting on her bra. She pulled the bra beneath me giving my cock a shake and went to change.

Sanjay was laughing seeing this and asked me to put the his chat in loud speaker. When I did so he shouted ‘Deepti blue suits you’.

Deepti was shocked to here Sanjay voice and seeing him in PC screen she was blushing in shyness and He said us to open his gift immediately. It was a pair of dress for both of us and Sanjay said ‘i want to see you both in this dress so do change for me’ So we covered the PC screen with a towel and changed to the dress gifted by Sanjay.

I was dressed in a suit and tie while Deepti wore a tight black business suit with a skirt that was so short that it ended at her upper-thigh, revealing her legs in all their glory. She also wore a gold pendant that was gifted for her by Sanjay.

We both sat down opposite PC and were just talking. Deepti, in a celebratory mood had bought a bottle of wine, the stress of the day had led both of us to drink most of the bottle. I saw that Sanjay noted that Deepti seemed more ebullient than usual and was crossing and uncrossing her legs.

With her skirt that short, glimpses of her white panties flashed into view and Sanjay began to blush slightly at seeing his friend wife’s underwear and looked away.

Deepti asked Sanjay ‘you seem uncomfortable. Is something wrong ?’

Sanjay replied ‘Nn-No Deepti’ he stammered, ‘It’s just that the way you’re sitting, I am trying to avoid accidentally looking up your skirt and seeing your underwear’.

Deepti laughed ‘Awww ! How sweet, my little gentleman! But it’s ok, just be comfortable’.

Sanjay blushed a little more but settled down.

Deepti asked Sanjay ‘do you have a girlfriend ? What about your personal life ?’

‘I don’t have a girlfriend. I work too many hours’ Sanjay replied with a laugh.

“Let’s play a game”,

suggested Deepti, Truth or dare.

‘Truth’ said Sanjay

‘So have you ever kissed a girl ?’ asked Deepti.

‘No’ said Sanjay a bit bashfully, ‘Now you’

‘Truth’said Deepti

‘Have you ever kissed a man ?’ asked Sanjay

Deepti laughed and said ‘Obviously yes’.

‘Truth’ said Sanjay.

Deepti laughingly asked

‘how many pieces of clothes your wearing inside bedspreads ?’.

‘None’ blushingly said Sanjay

Deepti selected Dare

‘Kiss Arjun on the lips!’ said Sanjay with a wide grin.

‘What ?’ asked Deepti. ‘You heard me. Kiss Arjun full on the lips !’said Sanjay laughing

Somewhat sheepishly Deepti rose and approached me and gave a gentle surface kiss as i was very eager. However, as our lips met, Deepti pulled me to her and kissed me deeply, her tongue finding mine.

Pulling back, i gasped and Deepti laughed.

Suddenly there was a power cut in our home and the call was disconnected. We were disappointed but I said to Deepti, ‘I dare you to kiss me again’.

Deepti did not hesitate, she rose and came to me grabbed me by the tie and pulled me to her in a passionate kiss, her arms around my neck and her kiss was deep and lovely.

And now we decided to continue the game with two of us. Now young man what about you asked Deepti. I said ‘Dare’.

‘OK, strip to your underwear’, said Deepti with a mischievous smile. Hands shaking slightly, i took off my suit and stood in the shirt, tie, socks and shoes. ‘Oh you can leave the tie, socks and shoes on’ encouraged Deepti.

Soon i stood, feeling ridiculous wearing nothing but white briefs, a tie and a black socks and shoes.

Deepti laughed and said ‘You look so cute nearly naked ! Wow, those are tight briefs! Nice butt, honey!’

I blushed bright red and covered my crotch with my hands as i stood half-naked in front of my fiancee.

‘Your turn Deepti’ i said, voice quavering slightly.

‘Dare’ said Deepti.

I said ‘I want you to strip naked’.

‘Naked ? As in starkers ? Completely nude ?’. asked Deepti.

‘Yes completely naked. It’s your turn now’ i replied.

Deepti stood, came to me and caressed my buttocks through briefs, her touch sending shivers through me. She then kissed me and, with a naughty smile, turned her back to me.

Her skirt was the first to go revealing a short white blouse under her jacket and white thong panties that left her butt-cheeks bare. As she bent over to remove her skirt, her naked ass cheeks were exposed, mooning me and bare except for the thin piece of fabric running through her butt crack. She gasped as I looked at her nearly nude ass.

Straightening up Deepti got rid of her jacket and blouse quickly and then removed her bra. Standing there clad only in a thong and the pendant, she turned her head to me and asked with a smile, ‘Are you ready for the finale ?’. I could only nod dumbly.

Teasing me, Deepti lowered her panties below her buttocks and just as suddenly yanked them up. Twice she repeated this move, each time turning her head and winking at me and then yanked them off, flinging them over her shoulder. She placed her hands on her hips and turned her head and asked ‘Well what do you think ?’.

Deepti stood there nude. Her naked bottom on display to me wearing her high heeled shoes with the pendant visible around her neck.

I said ‘You’re gorgeous!’

‘Thank you sweetie’ replied Deepti turning around with her hands covering her breasts and crotch, ‘Now ready for the rest ?

I could only nod dumbly as she removed her hands and stood there naked and in full view.

Placing her hands on her hips, breasts jutting out provocatively, Deepti asked saucily ‘Well, what do you think ? How do I compare to your dream girls ?’

‘Y-you’re my dream girl’ i blurted out and then stopped, blushing furiously.

Deepti stared at me and then walked towards him. Coming close, she stood in front of me, stark naked and looked deep into my eyes. Suddenly she pulled me close into a tight hug and then kissed him gently and deeply.

‘Thank you !’ she said and brushed away a tear, ‘That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me. I hugged her back and then asked, ‘Now what ?’

‘Now my honey, we do something crazy’, laughed Deepti, ‘Let’s go streaking !’

‘Streaking ?’ asked Sanjay

‘Yes running naked all over the home’ replied Deepti, ‘Come on strip off those briefs!’

‘That’s a little bit too daring for me’ said me and then gasped as Deepti’s hands snaked towards the waistband of my briefs and yanked them down slightly. I yanked them back up quickly. ‘Awww. Spoilsport! Still, I’m going and you’re coming with me!’ said Deepti as she grabbed me by the hand and took me out of the room since it was mid-Night all were sleeping and it was full dark as there was no power.

Naked, Deepti ran through the hall of the home dragging me still wearing my briefs behind her. Laughing she ran into the model of the home and stopping to catch her breath turned to me and said, ‘Watch your wife in action now, sweetie !’

Letting go of my hand, she ran around the home stark naked.

High heels clicking away as she ran, Deepti laughed while her naked buttocks jiggled and her breasts bounced slightly. Staring in astonishment, i could only look on my wife cavorted naked in my home. Seeing me staring, Deepti ran up to me and grabbed my arm and said, ‘Come on, let’s do this together!’

Hand in hand, Deepti and me ran all through my home, me being dragged along and unable to keep my eyes away from Deepti’s nude buttocks as they surged while she ran.After doing a complete lap of the home, we approached my room once again and Deepti, exhilarated and out of breath embraced me, her naked breasts pressing into my chest, and kissed me.

I said ‘You were great Deepti’. ‘Oh just finally decided to have some real fun. I never had a partner in mischief like you !’ replied Deepti.

‘Come on let’s finish tonight properly !’ she said, taking my hand.

Deepti grabbed me, pushed me to the bed. She climbed on top of him and straddled my chest, her naked pubes pressing into is stomach and her bare legs touching his sides. ‘Don’t worry about a thing, Arjun. I want this’ said Deepti and with that she bent forward and kissed me her breasts brushing against my chest as she guided my hands to cup her butts. She ran her fingers along my chest and then eased back along my torso so that she now straddled my groin.

My erection was visible through my briefs and Deepti smiled as she looked down at me, ‘I think you should set your friend free !’. I pushed off the floor and got to my feet, Deepti sitting back on the bed propped on her arms, her naked body on full view, her high heels and pendant serving to enhance her nudity.

I looked at her and then stuck she thumbs into my briefs and yanked them down. Naked except for my tie, socks and shoes, my cock stood erect and slightly embarrassed, i covered it with my hands. Deepti, seeing this, laughed and got to her feet and came up to me. Very gently she took my hands and pulled them away bringing my penis into her view.

‘Don’t be shy! Let me see !’ said Deepti, patting me on my cheek, she said ‘You have nothing to be ashamed of, honey’. With that she got down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth, pleasuring me while she blew and sucked on it. I had never experienced anything like this in my life and i moaned in ecstasy.

As i was on the verge of cum she withdraw her mouth and said ‘Now it’s time for something I always wanted to try ! A 69!’ and with that she lowered herself, her naked ass and pussy facing my face and her mouth and hands reaching for his cock.

As she began to pleasure me, my tongue worked magic on her, my hands groping and spanking her buttocks as i did so, highly aroused as we were, mutual climax came quickly. Deepti licked greedily at my cum as it spurted out while i enjoyed the taste of Deepti’s pussy juices.

Then in extreme tiredness we slept off

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