Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend In The Monsoon Season

Hello ISS readers this is adirullz, I am a regular reader of ISS and submitting my first story. I am 21m 5.7 average built with cock size of 7 inch length and width 2 inch from Mumbai for any feedback kindly mail me at [email protected].

Lets get to the story its about pounding my gf outdoor in bushes,it was a saturday we made a plan to meet at some lonely place as we didn’t want anyone to disturb so I decided to take her near highway midc area where nobody would disturb.She came on time nearly at 4pm as it was monsoon time it was heavily raining we were on my bike and were enjoying the ride and while driving she would pull my face sidewards and give a smooch wildly and she did it 5-6 times on the way to that area,btw I forgot to describe her she is 5.3 in height with fair skin tone and more oval shaped face with big eyes and her name is trisha(name changed)with ample boob size of 34c flat belly of 28 and round ass of 36.

Finally we reached our destination it was a quiet place and a small muddy road with a dead end and is such lonely that nobody ever comes because of dead end, I parked my bike and that is was heavily raining so we very standing very close and then I suddenly grabbed her and started to kiss her softly but she was in a mood so she started to bite my lower lips and then the adrenaline released in my body and I started to kiss her more passionately and using tongue to try a french kiss and with doing this I directed my hand on her round ass and started to squeeze it

After 10 min of lip locking I removed her tee and bra was delighted to see such huge boobs with raindrops pouring from above I grabbed her both huge melons with my hands they we looking like a pond of raw fair flesh ready to play after that I was squeezing and tickling her nipples softly,her nipples became hard as I was creasing her on her neck and softly licking those boobs, the colour slighly turned red because I was going to rough on her,

I could feel her breathing heavily and she started to play with my tool with my pants on after sometime I shifted little downwards and navel and further more downwards she hesitated me from removing her jeans because she was afraid of anyone could come but I started to tease her from outside after a minute she agreed and unzipped my jeans and was awestruck to see the 7 inch big black monster and said today its bigger than the usual times then she started to move her hands and stroked it like there was no tomorrow for her after that she took it in her mouth at starting she kissed on the tip and slowly was moving her tongue tip round over the cock

Then she slowly slowly started to take deep in her mouth and I hold her face from the back so would chock my cock in her mouth,her faced was turned full red and I ejaculated in her mouth,then it was her turn to get pampered I removed her jeans and her deep red floral designed panty and started to lick her clean shaved pussy, I gently started in a circular motion taking her to sit sideward on the bike and opening her leg, I began slowly licking her clitoris and after a while put tongue deep into her vagina it was filled with liquids as she had her organisms earlier only but she was enjoying fully as she was forcing my head towards her vagina

After 5 mins he again released her liquids and giving her oral I got up and started to wear a condom by she denied and said to me that she wanted it rough as it was her outdoor fantasy, I took my cock and placed near her pussy and was rolling from outside only to tease her a little but she holded the cock and guided in her vagina I started by slowly and she had my cock earlier also she could get all in at the start only,it felt like my cock is entering some kind of volcanic hole as it was so hot inside there and outside raining and a bit of cold as we both we partially naked,then I started to pump my speed and rammed my cock in her vagina more roughly she was holding my butt and moaning like aahhh aahhhh yeess oh my god ahhh ahhh yesss,pounding her for 10-12mins ,

As I was near climax I removed the cock and ejaculated on her boobs she then cleaned and then said thanks as it was her fantasy of outdoor sex but I said wait I want 1 more session as nobody is there to disturb and this time I turned her around and placed her ass near the sideways of the seat of the so I could ram her ass hole,she thought I would fuck her pussy but when I entered my cock in her small ass hole she hesitated and to said that”No please its paining allot” but I slowly slowly put my cock inside out and used a little bit of her liquids from her vagina to lubricate but I swear she moaned like a real porn star at that time like”Ohhhh ahhhh ahhhaa mm mmm baby …..”,

I shifted my gear and started to ram her ass hole more heavily and holding her hair from back and kissing her at lips squeezing her boobs and after 10 min I told her to turn around and ejaculated in her mouth as she drank some of the liquids and spitted out some, then after we dressed and drove towards a restaurant for some snacks,thanks for reading and please give a feedback on [email protected] and anyone wants some fun specially aunties in mumbai,kalyan,ulhasnagar give a mail.

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