Bhabhi – A True Mother And Lover (Betrayal)

It is the time of winter of December I live with my brother and her wife my brother is a good man and his wife treat me as her son or friend we usually talk about anything in the house but my brother is doing job in bhopal and he’s a engineer by profession when my brother was out on his work bhabhi came to me and ask me that I have some work for you I want to take off some stuff from the attack.

So I told her that

Me:- you can doo this by yourself by standing on the table .

B:- but I fear of falling from the table.

Me:-but bhabhi I am working right now I have to study as my exams are near.

B:- please come na the stuff is heavy and you dont do the stuff I will take it from there but you just stand there and catch me if I am gonna fall from there.

Me:- ok lets go.

When we gone for the attack there is so much dust up there I put the table near the attack then I told her to climb up the table then she climbed up the table after some time of searching bhabhi told me to hold her as if does not want to fall from there I hold her she is wearing a transparent type sari or yellow colour.

I didnt hear to her and not hold her after some time she called me again to hold her as she has to rise her toe to catch the stuff because her hands are not reaching then I hold her from rounding up my hands on her thighs but I respect her I .E. Why I do not want to do anything to think anything wrong about me but my face is directly on her vagina and this is the time of winter and I am keep repeating that the work is done or not as I have to go to study and bhabhi is keep telling that almost I reached there

But I was looking up and my nostrils are blowing air right on her vagina the warmth feeling of air on the vagina in the winter make her turned on then she was aroused by my breathing then she told me that I am unable to reach there can you please climb up the table to help me bringing that box down I climb up the table with bhabhi but bhabhi making me fool by telling that se can’t reach the box .

She help me by holding my hand to climb the table then I reached up the table but there us very less space on it and because of it my chest is rubbing against bhabhis boobs which are of 36c cup size(which I found out latter) I told bhabhi to get down of the table as it does not have enough space.

Bhabhi does not want to go down because she was turned on and was enjoying but get down as because if I will not get suspicious by her activities the she get down and stood there for some time and I give her the box which she wanted then taking her told me that keep it back as she has to take some items from it then she searched for some time and found thing and give box back to me.

And told me that to give another box of same size and which is near that box or I have to search another box and in the mean time I slightly got slipped and about to fall but I held the atteck (self) and remained on the table.

B:- careful shivam.

And held me like I held her on thighs but I was feeling uncomfortable and bhabhi’s hands are turning me on and warm breathes on my cock turn me on and growing big and making tent in my shorts then I realized and I was making hurry to find the box and in find I was so attached that I forget about what is going on around me.

Bhabhi was rubbing my cock above the shorts and she had also gone attached with my cock that she also forget about that cock is shivams not her husband’s cock and I after some time I realized it I found the box and give it to bhabhi and I saw what was happening to bhabhi and what she’s doing but I didnt tell anything to her and leave the place I come back to my room and thinking about that what has happened and in thinking I went to sleep

But after some time I woke up went to pee but I have to pass from the front of bhabhis room and I hear some crying sound form the room it was evening time around 4:40 and my brother comes at 6 pm by hearing the sound I got worried and look through the key hole inside the room and I saw my bhabhi holding my brithers shirt in her hand and crying in the corner of the room and after some time she stand and note the rope with fan and attempting suicide by watching that I got tensed and while watching through the hole I knocked the door.

Me:- knocking the door

B:- shivam are you awake.

Me:- ya, bhabhi I want to talk to you about afternoon.

Bhabhi got a charm on her face and probably she was thinking about what happened in the afternoon.

B:- what do you want to talk about.

Me:- I want to you but open the door first .

Bhabhi remembers what she was doing and started crying again and after some time she realizes this all is wrong and said

B:- ok I am coming outside wait. And removes the rope from the fan.

B:- while opening door in a sad voice what do you want to talk.

Me:-opened door nothing I heard you crying and I peeped through the key hole I saw you trying to do suicide.

All quite for 2 seconds I continued

Me:- what happened why are you trying to suicide is bhaiya (elder brother) did something wrong.

She said nothing and leaves the place.

What happened to her. Why she attempted to suicide what was the reason.

To be continued in the next part……

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