Brother Allowed His Bully Friend To Enjoy His Own Sister – Part 1

Note: This story is about incident happened with my friend. I am writing this story as told by him)

This incident happened last year in summer break when I was in 12th class. Just before summer break i had made 2 friends Sarthak and naman. Sarthak is a bully and he is just crazy about sex (especially about boobs) . Naman is a normal guy, he act as Sarthak wants. I had made them friends to show off , I had never think it will counteract.

My sister aditi batra is 1 year younger to me. Her skin colour is fair. Her stats are 40 26 39. Just a glimpse of her big boobs is enough to give you hard on and getting an opportunity to touch her soft skin is like “sone pe suhaga ”

Sarthak had planned a tour to Chandigarh. They arrived at my home at 9 pm ( 2 hrs earlier than our departure time). As our parents were out on a business trip so only me and aditi were at home. I had asked her to bring water and snacks for them ( my bad decision).

As weather was very hot so she was wearing black yoga shorts and white tank top. Within few seconds I saw her coming downstairs with a tray in her hand( as kitchen was on 1st floor) . With her each movement her boobs were bouncing up and down, her thighs were milky white and her legs were in great shape and in her wet loose hair she was looking damn hot. I saw Sarthak eyes were first scanning her body from bottom to top and then focused on her boobs without blinking. Sarthak said slowly :

kitne Moote boobs ha yaar , bas ek baar mil jaye.

Although I was shocked to hear this but I ignored him.

She kept the tray on table. Although she was willing to sit with us but I asked her to go because of Sarthak ‘s bad intentions about her.she was not looking happy with this but she started walking upstairs .Now sarthak eyes were focused on her round tight ass. He again commented.

Sarthak:- itni mooti gaand ha yaar, pta nhi kitne ladko ne gaand maari hogi iski.

Me: How can you talk like this , she is my sister , Sarthak?

Sarthak:- isme galat kya keh diya mene , gaand mooti nhi ha kya? Aur iske husband ko toh isko chodne ka mauka milega hi.

Me : but you can’t say like this.

Sarthak: OK ok

As we started moving outwards she came to say bye to us.

To my bad luck she said ” hope , I could also have come with you” .

Sarthak reacted as if he had win world cup and said “yes, sure sure you can come with us”

Looking smile at her face , I can’ t say anything more.

Our journey started, I was sitting on left side , aditi in between and Sarthak in right and naman on front seat. As I was feeling sleepy my eyes got closed. When I wake up in morning, I saw that both were talking very friendly and laughing. His one hand was on her lap enjoying her soft skin and other hand on her waist. Even she was allowing him. We reached the hotel.

He had booked 2 rooms one for me and aditi and another for naman and him.

After some time he informed me to get ready as we are leaving for mall. Both came to our room. Aditi was wearing jeans and top.

Sarthak ( looking at her) : why you are not ready?

Aditi: I am ready

Sarthak: in these clothes, wear something gorgeous

Aditi: this is best I have brought.

Sarthak: at night we will be going to disco there you have to look sexy. So I will purchase you some sexy clothes.

He took us to a girls shop and selected a very tight (figure hugging) short black dress. To my surprise she was looking happy to wear this and went to try room. After few minutes she called us to help in try room.( As dress was short and tight it was difficult for her to adjust). Before I could go Sarthak went inside. She asked him to adjust the dress. He was helping her adjusting her boobs in dress.Although I was not able to look properly but one thing was sure that dress was showing a lot of her beautiful skin. They were laughing and talking.

Sarthak: kaash meri ek wish Puri ho jaye.

Aditi : kya?

Sarthak: Teri dress hata ke tujhe nanga( nude) dekhne ki

Aditi ( laughing) : some wishes are not fulfilled easily.

Now he was helping her wearing 6 inch high heels ( which was not used to) . Earlier She was not agreed to wear such high heels but in the end she agreed. She was sitting on chair. He was like massaging her lower leg.

Sarthak: hai maaza aa gaya ,skin kitni soft ha Teri, man karta ha Sara din touch karte raho.

Aditi just smiled.

She came out. She was looking sex bomb in that dress. Her dress and high heels were making her round tight ass more bigger. Her boobs shape were perfectly visible in this dress.

My eyes were just focused on her ass. Sarthak came and said.

Itni mooti gaand dekhi ha kabhi.

I was indulged in her ass so desperately that I said “no”

Sarthak: abhi chodne ka man kar raha ha.

Me : yes

Then I realized what I was saying so I replied him don’t talk like this.

Sarthak: dekh Bhai, ab toh Teri Behan ki seal Tod ke rahunga aaj ma.

There were tears in my eyes. He was so strong that I can’t even slap him(let alone beating him).

Aditi again went inside try room and said my lipstick is not good according to dress .

Sarthak: I can help you

Aditi: how?

Sarthak:(smiling naughty) I can eat your lipstick

Aditi(smiling naughty): that’s not a bad idea, let’s do it

Sarthak pulled her towards him and hold her from back and made his lips touch her lips.

He was kissing her like crazy.his tongue was tasting her lipstick.

I was feeling very very bad. As I heard someone cumming , I asked them to discontinue .

To be continued

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