Caught My Mom Having A Boyfriend

This is a sex story of my mom. Let me first describe you about her. She is a gorgeous lady in our colony. She was having whitish skin color, good shape tits, and beautiful round ass. My friends came my home to capture a view of my mom tits. They always try to find an opportunity to touch my mom. Butts and boobs. They always compliment my mom. I know since the long time she has the lust of my friend karan he uses to masturbate to imagine my mom. One day he stole her bra from the bathroom. I also heard from somebody else that he also use to comment about her ass.

My dad is a businessman. He is a busy person in his business and not giving much time to us. Mom always complains to dad for being always busy. Dad always ignores mom complaints and needs. He doesn’t care about my mom feelings.

This is an incident of that day when my dad was aboard for a business trip for 7days. I left earlier for school. Now only my mom was at home. But my two friends Raman and Karan are absent from school. That’s why I left my school at the lunch, and get back to home.

When I return home, the door was locked from outside. I was shocked because mom did not inform me about this. And I do not have any idea for what to do, now. I asked my neighbor Laxmi aunty. She replied that she do not know about this. But this happens every day. I was too shocked to hear this and I was thinking about my mom. Why should mom not inform me, before she goes? Where does she can go every day?

Finally after tired to think, I go to park for sit. Park is at front of my house. I waited too long time. Then I saw a black color car stopped near my house. I stood from there and see, mom was inside that car with a well-built man. Omg, I was shocked because mom kissed him and then she left the car. I hide behind the tree. I was stunned to see my mom kissing anonym man.Now she has been opened the door, and turn back and wave his hand for him to goodbye him.

This was really shocking for me, I was now too much curious about her relation with that man. I return home after an hour. It was the everyday time for me to return home. I yell after enter home. I am back. She was watching tv like every day. I can’t ask her about that man. I asked her for lunch, she prepared for me. I do have the only choice to catch her red handed. I planned to catch her, I was not thinking that I catch them alone. I needed the help of somebody. That’s why I asked Karan for helping me. Karan agreed to help me but he said he will not do it freely for me. He needs something to return. I asked him what he wants, he replied he will tell me later.

I said to him that I will pay you whatever you want. I had to consider the plan with him. We planned to just follow the car. Next, I left the house. Karan and raman were waiting for me in the karan car. I got there. We move the form distance from my house. After 30 minutes, the black car arrived and parked in front of my house. In few minutes mom came out in a yellow t-shirt which was showing that her breast is too bulky and black jean. She locked the door and move the car. She sits inside the car, and the car moves forward, we followed the car. In 30 minutes, we reached to a form house. They entered the house, there was a security guard on the door, he salutes them. That man paid some money to guard and guard move from there.

We thank god and because now we can bring our car to near the house. We entered inside because the door was opened, we parked the car and get in the house. That was a too large house. We moved forward, then we saw mom was lying on the sofa with a man. They both now stand and move inside a room without closing the door. They sat on the bed. They started kissing each other. Raman started recording by his phone. I asked him to stop this. Karan reply, listen we need some proof that’s why he is recording. Within few minutes man started undressing my mom. He undresses her t-shirt and throws away, after that he unzipped her jean and undressed. Now she was in just black color bra and panty. He then also removed that undergarment and make her completely nude.

I never saw mom naked like this before. She was looking too gorgeous. I was stunned to see her nude. She having beautiful milky melons and fantastic butts. He spanked on my mom’s white ass rapidly. Which make his whitish ass to red. I was about to go to stopped them but Karan and Raman grabbed me and asked me what are you going to do?

Me- I going to stop them.Raman- you are such a damn idiot. Now I understood why your mom is a slut like this because you are an idiot. You stay here.Karan- do you know, what would happen if you interrupt at now?Your mom will do it again at next day, how many of times you will stop her. Let her do it this time, then teach her a lesson after recorded the video.

I understood their plan. I calmed myself. And have been curious to know what would happen next?

Now that guy started sucking my mom boobs. And inserted his index finger in his pussy. He started stroking his finger inside my mom pussy. Her pussy became wet, and some cum started dripping from my birth place. Then he undressed his pant and take his dick out mom grab his dick and started caressing. Then she takes his dick in his mouth and started to give him a blowjob. After sucking his dick size was increased approximate 8 inches.

Now, mom sat on his dick and inserted in his pussy. And started moving his ass up and down on his dick.Now, mom start moaning aaah aaah ah aaah… And they started fucking till a long time. After few minutes they changed their position and my mom was bent to forward him. And he was fucking my mom from mom behind. I can see how her boobs are waving up and down. He increases his speed to fucking my mom. Now she was hardly moaning aah..Aah..Fuck me harder fuck me…. After fuck, he came to his sperm on my mom’s face. Mom swallows the sperm.

And we moved from there, but mom still would not return. She returned at her same time of yesterday. At evening, I asked rRamanto share the video with me, he asked me about what I will do to this video. I replied that I will blackmail her to stop this otherwise I will show this video to dad. Karan interrupted in the middle.

Karan- do you remember I have a deal to help you?Me- yes, what you want?Karan- I want to fuck your beautiful mom.Me- no, I will not allow you to fuck her.Karan- come on. You should. Why you do not allow your mom fucking us. She is a slut. She wants to fuck, you can’t stop her fucking. It will be better you allow us. We are friends. Just one time allow us. We helped you.Me- but she is a mom.Karan- come on, why you don’t want to see her nude? You don’t have any choice allow us to fuck your mom. Otherwise, we will leak this video. And share to everyone it will be insulting when everybody will ask you, you mom’s price. And they will fuck your mom. So think what would be better for you. They confess me due to blackmailing.

So, guys, I will tell you how my friends fucking my mom in next sex story. And my intentions toward my mom having changed. Now I, use to speak her when she bath and records the videos of his bathing.

Thanks for reading my sex story. So guys for feedback my contact is [email protected]

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