Doing Oreo In Ivory Coast


All I hope you haven’t forgotten me, I am Shalini From Mauritius, and I thank you for your comments concerning my two previous stories, namely African lust for married woman, and anally deflowered by my nephew…

I am coming with yet another experience of mine…

I am now twenty six, fully matured woman, and with my constant sexual appetite and my husband and lovers’ attention, my boobs have grown up to 36dd. Else you know am very fair and even considered a trophy wife.

This is the story of what happened in Cote D’Ivoire….

As you kknow my husband travels an awful lot and I often accompany him… this time it was a trip to Cote D’ivoire in western Africa… we landed in Abidjan after going through Dubai and had a steamy sex session with my Husband in Sheraton Dubai.. it was very very hot in Abidjan… and I fortunately packed only light clothes… my husband was supposed to meet some government officials in Yamoussoukro, where all government office are located… I decided to stay in Abidjan which is more vibrant…

There was a circus in town and I decided to go after my husband left for Yamoussoukro… I sat in front on the VIP seats… and I couldn’t help noticing the big bulge in two acrobats.. both were black African around twenty years old… tall around 6feet 4 and very muscular… they had eyes like coal and chiseled body. They were very hot to watch, very eye candies… yet their number and closeness during the numbers made them look gay….

However I noticed they were looking at my silky smooth legs, from time to time. And I teased them by folding and unfolding my legs which were bared a lot cause of my short flowery Gucci dress….

After the show I went to the hotel, where I sat at the bar and ordered a mojito… the two acrobats came at my level… and they started talking among themselves… I joined in the conversation and asked them where they lived… they replied naughtily anywhere you want us to live ma’am…. I was buzzed already an said well you can come to my room since you guys looked gay….

And they replied” lets go to your room and we shall see” and you know the tingling between my legs started…. So buzzed and horny I was, that I decided to give it a go… and told them to come after ten mins in my room so that no one suspected anything…

I was having second thoughts when in the room thinking if I made a mistake or not.

After fifteen mins, there was a knock at my door and the two guys were there… they Introduced themselves as Nathan and Felix. I invited them in to have a drink.. I served them both a double black label on ice… and we started to chat. I told them they have wonderful bodies , and if the go to gym etc… the told me I saw only half so how could I say they have wonderful bodies… I replied” show me the rest then”

Well the show was a feast, they stripped for me showing me theire strong black chest… then their perfectly muscled legs… and Nathan asked” do you want to see more” and I Replied ‘Only if it is worth it”. They both said you will be surprised… and surprised I was… they had long and thick rods… least 8 and 9 inches, black as coal, and hard as steel…They told me it was now my turn. And with a huge amount of lust I obliged… I took off slowly my dress… and teased the by brushing against them… and told them to remove the rest themselves…which they did… I was breathing in deep the scent of those guys undressing me, and ready to use me as a slut….

Nathan then stood behind me rubbing his cock against by ass, and felix stood in front of me playing with my boobs… I was dripping wet… Felix started fingering me while Nathan inserted his middle finger in my asshole. It was heaven… I came down on my knees and started to suck those big black dicks.. I took the biggest one in my mouth, running my tongue on the big purplish black black head… Felix moan with much pleasure, I switch to Nathan, and gave him my best blowjob…running my tongue on its full length sucking his balls and then licking his head.. I now desperately wanted a cock inside my throbbing pussy,

Nathan Lifted me with his strong arms levelling my cut to his mouth and started sucking me, I felt like a toy being used by the vigorous young man, Felix on his part was kissing me and fondling with my big boobs…. He then started sucking my boobs while Nathan was sucking my pussy like mad… I was so hot… Moaning hard, yesssss oh yess, it’s so so good.. plz I said almost begging them to continue.

They put me on the bed, I was on all fours… Nathan came behind me and felix in front of me… and Nathan slowly inserted his dick inside my inviting wet pussy… while I started to suck felix like a bitch in heat… pumping hard on felix dick, while I was being rammed by Nathan… MM it was so good, feeling that big black cock stretching my cunt and penetrating the deepest parts of my pussy… I had two mind blowing orgasme from Nathan.. then Felix came behind and took me.. he fucked me like a machine, ramming my pussy like it was his toy to play with… I was now shouting hard” baise moi , je suis une salope” meaning fuck me I am a bitcch in heat.. I was sucking Nathan hard now… taking his dick in my mouth like a lollipop, slurping on it..

But the best as to come… Nathan put son of my argan oil on his dick, and lied down.. he parted my ass cheeks and then inserted his dick in my ass hole… then Felix cam on both of us, and inserted his dick in my pussy… Fuck what a bliss it was to be double penetrated… I was so like a bitch, shouting urging them to fuck me so hard… ‘ Ohhh yesss fuck me guys, please fuck your bitch… I am your slut’ Ohhh yesss, mm ohh h my goddd”

I came at least five times that day…. Both came into my mouth… like a proper slut I ate the cum of those huge black man and cleaned their dick…. In fact I was like the white cream in oreo… sandwiched by two huge black ean.

More to come guys! you can mail your comments on [email protected]

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