Finally I Meet A True E – Part 1

Hey people this is Puneet, I am 27 year old living in south Delhi while I work for an MNC in Gurgaon while I have been a reader for years it never occurred to me that I should write but today it came to my mind that maybe it would be interesting to write about my experiences. All my stories would be about my real incidents only.

Let’s come to the story, this is my true story from last week:

I am a very curious person and love talking to new people and there was talking to a 24 year old girl named Shristi for 2 days over a dating website then we started to talk on phone. First day I she said that it would take month to trust me(telling the crux of the story to make it short) and we had a normal chat till late night and she slept while I had a night shift. Early morning while I was going home and I ended up calling her. She told me that she is from a very conservative family etc and I said let’s play 20 questions.

She started asking me about my ex and I asked her the reason for her last breakup and if she ever wanted to get spanked to which at first she said how do you know…I bluffingly said I got it from her voice while she said she loves to get hit and be a dominant but has never tried it(thank god for fifty shades) here lol as that is how she first thought about it. Then I somehow convinced her to meet me the next day.

I picked her from the metro station and she was in a black t shirt and blue jeans looked like an average looking gal. We started talking and she held my hands and said your aura is affecting me so much, I told her to remove her specs which she did giving me a weird reaction. Now seeing a chance I gave her a tight slap on her face and she was awestruck, I asked her if she liked it and she said yes but this is our first meeting but she said she wanted more.

I slapped her couple of times and then parked the car in a corner I spanked her ass and back supposedly her favorite areas to get beaten up. She was so hungry for it she said thank sir for every hit from my strong hands and she said she would love someone like me for a relationship and then I was getting late so I dropped her back to the station and told her we can meet soon.

A question ran into my mind and will she meet me after getting my finger prints on her ass. Yes I was right but somehow I convinced her to meet me the next day.

I picked her up from the metro station and while roaming around she removed her specs which gave me the clear indication of what she wants and I immediately gave her a slap and smooched her while driving.

I called my friend and his flat was empty so we went there. She entered and sat on her knees with her face down, I asked so you want to be my person whore while she said I want to serve you.

I pulled her hair and kissed her,she said do you like me? I said I love whores like you.

I removed her t-shirt and slapped her cheeks again and I said bitch give me a strip show and she immediately got up and unbuttoned her jeans making a move in front of me and I spanked her ass for it. She had a very nice figure which she described as 34(pressing her boobs),32(moving her hands on her waist)36(moving her ass on her ass). I got turned on and said aja aj tujhe apni randi banaun kutia.

She was a littlel shy while I removed her bra and was rubbing my finger over her panty and said my voice excites her so much that she would do anything I command her to…I held her hair and got her on all fours while lowering her black color panty(my fav color) slapped her 6-8 times nonstop along with her back which she said she loved. I told her mu idhar la randi and inserted my 7″ thick cock in her mouth in one go. I slapped her face with my cock in her mouth occasionally spanking her back while adjusting her speed by pulling her head. She was gagging for some time while I made her back all red.

Next I ordered her to lie on the bed while I spanked her lower thighs to which she gave some light moans and after pulling on the condom I tried to insert my dick in her tight pussy and suddenly I got so aggressive and slapped her and inserted my dick in her. She gave a loud moun.. Ahhhh sir bhut dard ho raha hai… I pleasured her a little after which I fucked her for around 18-20 mins almost nonstop taking breaks for a slap or a spank. Then I slapped her boobs and face and said aj tujhe samanjh ayegi asli submissive ka matlab. Slapped her face and pulled my belt to removed my dick made her into doggy and gave her spanks and belt marks….

Turned my bitches face around and said ab chus ise randi while pushing her mouth on my dick making her gag for another 10-12 mins while pulling her hair and light spankings in between and made her drink my load while she just lied on the floor all panting and cum dripping from her lip waiting like a whore for his masters instructions.

After 5 mins we started to fondle again and I asked if you want more spankings get on your knees now and to my surprise that red ass wanted more and I spanked her for maybe 40 times turned her around slapped her a couple of times told her to lie down opened her legs and this time went straight in while she moaned ahh mar gai…Ahhhh sir please…Ahh and I continued to fuck her while abusing her at will.

After some time pulled my dick and cummed all over her face. Got ready and left as my friend would have been there in another 10 mins.

I really like to party and meet mature women so girls and mature women email me at [email protected]. Dont worry about your secrecy as I am well educated and sound headed person.

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