Finally Tasted My Innocent Mom

I started growing interest in mom by watching stories..

Started smelling her used bra and panty.. it was wonderful with smell of urine her sweat used to masturbate on it.By doing this everyday grew the desire to have sex with her.I thought of a plan..I used to massage moms legs.. planned to take it further up to her body.While massaging slowly started to move up day by day slowly so that she won’t get to know that what I’m trying to do..

In 4 weeks moved till thighs and continued.. She wears nighty at home so it was bit easy to slide it up for massage and to feel her legs.By doing this I moved till inner thighs .This was first time I saw my mom’s inner thighs and sight of her panty.I could feel the warmth of her body now.

Finally in maybe a month slowly by moving up and up..once slightly touched her panty. She was shocked.. She suddenly opened her eyes and asked what am I doing and moved her nighty down..I stopped my massage .

Next day while massaging I touched again..She stopped me and asked what am I doing.. I said nothing mom.. She told to massage till thighs. Next day again I touched panty bit more.. She stopped me and scolded.. What am I doing.I was nervous and hesitantly told her that I’m very curious about women’s body so I was trying to see it..She got angry and was shocked to hear . We didn’t speak for 3-4 days.. no massage was done during this time.

After that I was dull.. One day she came to me asked what’s my problem..

I said I couldn’t concentrate on study.. women’s body comes to mind when I see book and all.

She said leave this …I said.. I couldn’t ..

If I see women’s body once I could be able to solve I said.. She thought I’m very innocent and couldn’t believe the words I’m saying. She went away from there.

After few days.. She came to my room after dinner..I was sitting silently

Dad was not there at home so we slept together.( we used to sleep in same room whenever dad went out of town)

I told her I’m not able to overcome my interest about womens body and couldn’t study marks were also less in last exam. She got angry and bit shocked hearing me..shouted at me..and cried a bit..

After few min she came and sat near me opened her top night gown button and told see it looks like that nothing special like men women have different body.You shouldn’t see your mom like that. You’re old enough to understand this and why are you doing like this.. Your behavior and that too trying to watch your mom like this..I was watching her opened button and asked her can I touch it.. She cried again and was looking angery. I slowly moved my hands to her chest.

She closed her eyes crying. I told we ‘ll sleep mom and we slept. I went next to her and adjusted her top so that I can see her private parts .

She held my hand and she was closing her eyes with tears rolling.She was wearing white bra.I could see both her breasts it was pretty big and could see her nipples poking from her white bra.I was very nervous as it was first time for me touching women’s body.She said this is first and last for 5 min see and sleep.I touched,squeeze it a bit and circled her nipples.She was holding my hand throughout and preventing me from touching her. I could see her hurting expressions on face . I continued it for 10-15 min.She said enough kiran you saw it and buttoned her top and later we slept.

Next day was normal till night.We didn’t speak much.

When she came to bed..She slept..

I went near her and tried to open her button..She stopped me..saying it’s done ,you saw how it is yesterday and it should end here.I somehow convinced her saying Dad will come tomorrow and I couldn’t see it again and it’s the final time.Opened top button she tried to stop my hand but I kept on saying no no…. She cried again and managed to see her bra.

I did repeat the same thing as yesterday.Then i tried to put my hand inside bra which was tight .She stopped me shouted ‘no’.. but I was in no mood to listen..She pushed me, cried did everything but I didn’t stop.

Pinched her nipples,moved her bra down, squeeze her breasts and went to suck her nipples..throughout she cried and was pushing me.

You know any women ‘ll be turned on if someone squeeze and suck her breasts.. She was closing her eyes .She couldn’t control and I enjoyed her top part of body for 10-15 min she said enough is enough and hit me..this was it for day we slept after that.

Later again we began massage after my request saying to help her leg pain.

Touched her panty again and again she pulled her nighty down and went away.One day when dad was not there she asked why am I touching her panty even after I saw women’s body.

I said mom I wanted to see panty couldn’t ask you directly so I said body she was like..What happened to my son and all..quiet shocked to hear about women’s lust while saying this I moved towards her tried to kiss her lips….She pushed me saying it’s wrong what are you doing.. I’m your mom , I showed you breasts.. it was my mistake and you’re doing this with your mom and all..

I tried to convince her saying it’s not like that..If I see women’s full body.. I think I’ll be fine as before and won’t have any interest if I see it and my full concentration will be on study .I moved closer to her .. tried to smooch she pushed me.. saying what are you doing. Dad will come now what if he sees you like this. You have gone mad….I told ok mom.Night come to room we will solve this matter.

Night after dinner she came to room .

Saying why are you doing like this..I’m your mom,mother is like god etc and you want to see you moms body!.I said you’re beautiful and all.. slowly moved towards her and kissed her she didn’t respond and forced me out of liplock and said what happened to her son etc…. while kissing moved her nighty up . She said Kiran you’re doing wrong with your mother and again cried.

I moved down.. kissed her panty she was shocking by this act was closing her eyes and cried a lot.. I tried to slide panty down.. She stopped me and shouted at me saying you’ve seen it . Stop now and sleep ,don’t touch me now… but I didn’t listen saying it’s ok.. last time please allow me to see it without undies once .. won’t do anything after this..with her hands forcing me out .. I moved her panty down forcefully and kissed her hairy pussy put my tongue inside… She was in a state of shock having seen me doing all this and I could taste cum from vagina now. She was closing her eyes crying a lot kicking me hitting me with her hands.

Now I started to finger her and with her objection I started to do it faster..She slowly started moaning and crying saying no kiran stop it don’t touch me.. I’m your mom and pushed my hands out . I undressed myself silently and continued fingering.

Slowly I moved up and took off her nighty by force and slide her bra down.She tried to remove my hand of bra but I forced her..She was bit out of control as I was fingering her… and any women will be turned on by that…

I started to suck her breasts and she pulled my head up saying you have seen full body now stop itand go away from me… I went up smooched her put my tongue inside her mouth slowly she was doing all possible things to push me and hit me with all her force. I was nude by then was trying to hug her saying you’re beautiful mom.

While hugging her I tried to put my dick inside moms pussy which was leaking with pre cum by my kiss,boob press and all my sex acts..She was in complete shock when I did this and pushed me but I was not going to listen she shouted loudly saying stop you can’t do this to your mom don’t do that now and cried a lot. I stroked inside her 15-20 times with all her rejection and her cry and cummed in her pussy.She was exhausted and shocked by now and was reacting anything with only tears from her eyes with dead expression.Removed my dick from her pussy and licked it ,put my tongue inside and fingered again….

By now she was not forcing me and was lying like dead…. I went on to lock her anus,licking her armpits ,enjoyed her breasts with all my tricks and enjoyed her whole body that night..She didn’t say anything.. looked sad..I did this till 3 am I think and when I stopped she moved out of my room without saying anything. This is how I had sex with mom for first time.Next day we didn’t even went on for 5-10 days..

After that she again got leg pain.Dad told me to massage her every day as said by doctor. That day dad told to massage and went to sleep. She came to me and gave oil to massage.I massaged her till thighs for 20-30 min with her night gown on inner thighs.. when I saw panty I couldn’t control again and started caressing my hands on it.. She again cried though she didn’t say anything.I pulled her panty down she shouted once and then went quiet.

I fingered her and licked her pussy again. She cried with dead expression without any words. Then onwards when she comes to massage I removed her panty first and massaged … She tried to stop a few times but she knew she had sex already and was in state of shock to do anything….

After few days of massage and fingering I started to put my remove her nighty completely and make her nude for having massage.She was even crying now but it decreased as days went on…and after few days I started to insert my duck inside this I started to have sex after massage with her .She didn’t respond even once.. and lay down on bed like dead… like this I continued…….

After that.. whenever I go to her when we are alone..I used squeeze her breasts from behind and kissed her.. touched all her parts.Used to enter bathroom when she’s there and had sex there also.. She was hesitant to allow me to do such things ,cried ,shouted,requested ,but she knew she had done a mistake by allowing her son to go beyond limits.. like this I did have sex with mom almost every day…

This was an year back story….

Now we have bath together and at night 10-12 she comes for massage.. in name of massage we have sex together and I do a bit of massage also ? and she quiet enjoys it everyday as we have sex like couple now and I try all sex positions with little better response from mom…. and after that she goes to sleep with dad.

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