First Love And Sex Experience With My Unmarried Mausi Mansi – Part 1

Hello friends…. I have been following ISS for a very long time and enjoy the stories and comments here. Presently I am living near RAIPUR Chhattisgarh. This story happened to me when I was very young (18 years old).. Against all the claims of the ISS story writer I am a 32 year old man of average built 5-5” and have working tool of 5.5 Inches. I have a pleasant smiling appearance and an average body (although I had no interest in providing these details but I do understand while imagining some people may like to picture these details also ). Just for fun I am sharing the story and I will not invite unsatisfied female members for satisfaction and discreet relationship. Although I would to love to have feedbacks and comments on mail id [email protected]

Now coming to the story.. I just appeared in my 12th class midyear exam and went to my Nani’s (Grandmothers Place ) for a marriage. Lot of relatives have been gathered there. One of them was my mother’s very close cousin named Mansi. I had been a very simple and routine guy in my life till that time. Easy school going life and I had a casual girlfriend with whom physical relation was out of syllabus. Slight hand holding and hugging was all we did. That too in a way that she always tried to protect her boobs from being crushed during hug. I will admit that I alywas tried to brush her boobs whenever I found some opportunity.

Meeting Mansi was the coolest thing ever happened to me. She was a year older to me i.e. 19 year.She was just an inch shorter to me and have a very beautiful fair appearance. All my unmarried relatives where taking a keen notice in her and tried to engage her. But I was the only guy of her age and we also knew each other from very old time when we were kids. But meeting her now was a totally different experience. She always wore semi casual dresses like jeans and kurta without duppatta or tshirt and skirt which gave a very easy view of her assets. I am not fond of very big or too small boobs. I like them handful and round and she just had those perfect breast which did not sag on removal of bra ( that part I learned later )

The moment we met she just came and talked to my mom “Didi avin kitna bada ho gaya hai”

To which my mother casually replied “ haan tu bhi to badi ho gayi hai , aur teri to ab shadi kar deni padegi agar aisi badi hoti rahegi to”

She after ignoring my mom’s talk came to me and said “ tumhe to meri yaad aati nahi hai”. But that time I could not collect who she was. Seeing a blank and questioned face she asked “ tum pehchaan bhi nahi rahe ho kya”. But how could I identify her , she has grown to a full curved sex bomb from a little girl which I remembered. And while she was talking I was struggling hard not to stare her boobs. But all my efforts where in vain, I can draw out the curve of the bra behind that thin t shirt which she was wearing. Her round face with curl falling on from her forehead was keeping me engaged and I was just tongue tied. My mother came to my rescue “ are mansi mausi hai”. Then I exclaimed “ Oh Mansi Mausi, kaisi hain aap??”

She teased said “ mere bete , paun nahi chuoge Mausi ka”. On which I smiled and bent and saw her skirt and the smooth claves and white and I touched her feets , but I sensed that what I was feeling was not respect but something entirely different.

Mansi then vanished somewhere. Mansi was the only person who was of my age and hence we hanged together at all the places. And these preferential treatment for me was becoming a matter of envy to all unmarried cousin of mansi. And to tease them more mansi often let me do things like tying necklace or putting a zip to her dresses and like a sweet boy I did these things. I am quite talkative but with mansi , I spoke very less. To be honest I was more lost in her breast and her face. In evening we will go on roof and being winter very few people would be there. We would hold hands and mansi told me about all the stories about her friend and their boyfriends. How they sneak out and kiss and do things which cannot be told.

I teased her “ aisa kaun sa kaam karte hai jo bataya nahi ja sakta “

To which she stared and replied in anger “ tumhe to jaise pata hi nahi “

I said “ are mujhe kaise pata hoga , karti to wo hai na.. tumhari saheliyan.. to tum batao.. aur ye batao tumne saari kahani apni dost ki hi sunai.. tumhara koi boy frnd nahi hai kya ?? aur tumhe sari batien itne details main kaise pata “

To which she got angry “ jao tumse bat karna hi bekar hai …” and she tried to go move away from me

I held her hand and said “ are narraj kyun hote ho.. maine to aise hi kaha”

To which she replied “ jise hint karo wo samjh hi nahi raha.. to kahan se banega boy friend ???

And the managed to free herself and ran from there. I understood what she meant and was feeling very happy and loved , trust me guys in that age love is more dominant than sex. In evening all the young people were playing antakshari and being winter season in each rajai two three people were accommodated. Mansi joined later and sent one of the kids in my rajai away and entered in my rajai.

I slowly whispered in her years “ sidhe rajai mein??? “ and gave a devils smile to which she made an angry face and with a fist hit on my thighs under rajai. “ Bahut batmeej ho gaye ho” she hissed. I kept silent and pretended to be hurt by this. She after few moment tried to hold my hands under rajai , but I shrugged her hands and remained angry.

To please me she kept her head on shoulder and played antakshri and this public display of affection melted me and I held her hand till the game lasted.

Now the dynamics among us transformed to boy friend and girl friend to which some of the mami’s noticed and commented “ lagta hai ek shadi ka joda aur taiyaar karna padega

“Mansi mausi blushed on such commented and defended me “are beta hai mera.. khyal rakhta hai mera”. Mami agained treased her “ to doodh bhi pila diya kar apne bete ko

“And hearing this I understood the meaning but remained innocent faced and said “main doodh din mien nai peeta” and all the mamis laughed on my statement and mansi just turned red by blushing.

Later that evening I brought the topic of kisses again and said “ ye kiss mein aisa kya maja aata hai ki log karte hain”

Mansi “ kyun tum kabhi kisi ko kiss nahi kiya kya “

Me “ nahi.. haan movies mein dekha hai “

Mansi “ karke janoge tab samjh ayega “

Me “ kiske sath karunga ?? “

Mansi “ Apni girl friend ya biwi ke sath !! aur kya “

I thought this is the right time to say

Me “ To wahi to try kar raha hoon “

Mansi “ Accha beta.. sahi hai.. humi pe try.. Mausi hai tumhare “

Me “ to Mausi acchi nahi lag sakti kya “

Mansi “ Nahi.. didi ( my mom ) se kya bologe “

Me “ Unse kya bolna hai.. sab to hume hi karna hai”

And I girnned and by that time we were standing very close. Her lips were moist and pink and I felt this is the right time to make a move. But before I can say something she asked “ ank band karo “

Me “ Kyun “

Mansi “ karo na.. kuch dena hai “

I said ok and closed my eyes. And all of sudden something warm touched my lips. And before I can open and enjoy the feeling was gone. It was a flash kiss. I asked “ yahi kiss tha “

Mansi blushed “ aur kya “

I said “ Isme to kuch pata hi nahi chala.. Mujhe try krne do “

She did not say anything just smiled. I caught her from back and hugged her and while taking in her my arm I leaned and touched her lips with my lips. I was a very warm experience and her warm breath was entering my nose, she was smelling awesome and slowly I started tasting her lips and after 2-3 minutes I stopped. My hand reached for her boobs and started feeling the curves. She hugged me passionately and then ran away.

I was under so much in love with my masi that I beamed and radiated happiness. Mansi Mausi who was always seen with me, teasing me was now smiling all in different way.

I went to sleep and that night I did not forgot to take newspaper along with me. I became naked in my bed and masturbated hard. With each stroke of my penis mansi mausi was coming in my mind. Imagination of her boobs and the kiss was making my penis super hard and I kept stroking until my body arched and I ejaculated handful of sperm while taking mansi’s name.

If you liked my narration let me know … I will tell how I and mansi reached to an oral arrangement and how we almost got caught by my mami.

Part 2 coming soon… As I have started writing for first time, please let me know what to add and what to omit. Waiting genuine responses from you all… Have fun keep exploring … I would to love to have feedbacks and comments on mail id [email protected]

Love … Avin

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