Had Beautiful Time With A Girl I Met In Exam Center

Hey readers this is Yash I am a big fan of ISS and have been reading it from quite a while…this was one of my encounter few days ago..

Myself…Yaash(yogesh)… I m 5.9 feet tall having a nice build…with a 6 inch tool… I am currently working in Bangalore and I am from Karnataka

You can contact me on mi id [email protected]

Now coming to story…last week I went to Mangalore for my examination…we reached a day ago so that we can enjoy for quite a while and we did it…

We had our exam early morning…all woke up as planned and then went to the center…examination started… there was a girl sitting next to me Sangita(changed) was cute and fair… I was hard seeing at her as I had not masturbated in quite some time…

Let me describe her to you…she completed her engg looking for job.. Her stats are 36-29-38 …she was looking like a goddess to me… I was looking at her constantly and admiring her beauty she saw it adjusted her well and gave an angry look..

I was sacred cause I was there for an exam but this was happening…the exam started… I saw her 100 number of time and she noticed it too…but after sometime she stopped reacting over it… I thought she was not interested so I stopped too…after completing the exam we were waiting for bus since we waited 20 min we planned move to hotel by cab. Same time we ask her to get in because no one is there in bus stop..She smiled and sit next to me .. We take about herself her family .. Etc..She get down near bus stop while going we exchanged our numbers..

At night I got a msg from her… I did not recognize her and also could not believe that she messaged me…after a nice chat… I asked her where she stays she told her home was near manglore and she wanted me to come to her home for a visit tomorrow itself because no one will be there in her home …All are moving to attend function..

As we decided go back to Bangalore next day at night I decided to go to her after 5 ‘o clock… I told my friends that I am going to meet a relative and left… when I rang the door bell she opened the door and said come inside… I went in and sat..After our coffee we were looking at each other for a long time…she was wearing a nighty….

As we are talking normally she ask me why were you looking at me like that during yesterdays exam ?? I siad no I am not looking you that time..She smiled and said I know everything ..

After some time she came to me and hold my hands ..I was very nervous that time …Somehow I start kissing her lips .. We kissed around 5 min love kissing the lips and sucking the boobs ..

We decided to move to bedroom she threw me on the bed and gave me a blowjob…she was very good at it…her lips were so awesome that I cannot explain…it was cloud 9…after that I said that I want to work on her…she gave a naughty smile and said please do… I went on her…sucked her big boobs…she was not opening her eyes…she was just enjoying and moaning like hell… like ahhhh … umm … pleaseee ..Suckk onn them baby….

After a while I wanted to lick she was again too high and was moaning loudly… I licked her for 5 min and she came hard…she suddenly got hold of my hair and put my lips on her left nipple.. She was on fire and started sucking her nipple as if I ’m hungry for the past few years. I started biting her nipple and she screamed ouch!!!! It hurts.. I dint care and moved to her right boob and stared biting her nipple this time more wilding. And she kept on saying. Honey it’s hurting. Slow down, plz flow down.. She dint realize that this was turning me on and I was going crazier by her words.

After this she told me that she wants me to put my dick inside herk her pussy

I took her in doggie style and started to fuck her … fucked her for 10 mins in that position…then changed position … she came over me and sat …. Took my dick inside her pussy and started to jump … I was also helping her and was squeezing her boobs…after 3 mins of fuck she squirted all over my dick … and was moaning like ahhh umm yesss ohhh ahhh ahh ahhhh

I asked her come in 69 position and suck my dick and I was licking her pussy, this happened for around 15 min. … We were doing all the experiment s and we both are in heaven…I fucked her again for 10 mins and still cum inside her…as she asked…. She was a big slut and wanted me to fuck her till infinity..

I fucked her 4 more time in all different positions and always came inside her as she wanted it… I wanted to fuck he again but time is up … She ask me her family members are coming back within 7 pm .. Now the time is already 4.30 pm .. Please you just move now.. We will enjoy the next session when I got a time and she also told I next month I am coming to Bangalore to meet her relatives .. May be that time we will find some place to …. Have a fun…

After that at 5 I left from her place and back to hotel.. Same day night I came back to Bangalore with my friends… I really had my best time with my angel …. We are still in contact we have sex chat daily and are now planning how to have our next sex as soon as possible …

Lady,girl,aunty please share your comments on my id [email protected]… I did not received any comments from girls or aunties for my old stories.

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