Gay Experience Led To Amazing Straight Sex

This happened during my 2nd year of College in Chennai. I was 19, 5’10 and 60 Kgs. Smart looking student I was. Lived with my parents and twin younger brothers in an apartment in Adyar. This apartment was 4 storeys and we have quite a few tenants. One of them was a couple in the 4th floor, working in MNC IT companies. THe lady’s name is Kavita, worked as HR and she was about 5’4″, 26 yrs, dusky and curvy. Nice breasts, perfect navel and she carried herself well. Lots of guys the apartements were drooling at her and I was more lucky since she was in my building. Outside My group of friends in college and locality was small. We Generally smile with a HI, when we meet and thats about it.

This guy Ranjan, 21yrs, 5’8″, 60kgs was in my locality but in a different college and was in 4th year. We usually catch up for tea near a tea shop and chat about all and sundry. One day, he had a porn series and had invited a couple of guys to his house. All missed out except for me and I went to this house to watch porn. His parents are working and no one was at home.

The movie started and we got aroused. The bulges in our pants was obvious and we did not bother hiding since it was not very lit but semi dark and just two guys watching porn. He went to the restroom and came back in about 10 minutes. Then I went to the restroom. I take quite sometime to masturbate and ejaculate. With my dick hard by watching porn, I was thinking about a nice fuck and stroking mine with pleasure. It took time and Ranjan was wondering what the hell was happening and he came to check in on me. The door was not locked but shut and he opened to see my stroking my dick and enjoying it. He said 2nd round going strong? I looked at him, turned around to the otherside and said.. fucker close the door and go.

Came out and I asked him why he came there and I was just finishing my first round. He said my dick was competing with those guys in the porn flick. Acutally my dick somewhere between 6.5 to 7 inches, thick and straight. His said his dick was little over 6″ and thick. I had taken some nice clips from the USB on to my mobile phone for future self help use.

Next time around Ranjan had new set of movies and same set of guys were to come. This time 3 of us were there and one guy had to leave since he had his parents caling him on his phone for some work at home. He left and it was back to Ranjan and me. We were hard and wanting to release and he this time did not go into the rest room instead pulled out his dick from his shorts, took a paper to catch the semen from hitting the floor and started to stroke it. I was a little shocked first and then said forget it. But my eyes went back and forth to see how he was stroking and size of his dick. He asked me to masturbate as it was more enticing to watch and stroke.

A couple of minutes into both of us stroking our dicks sitting on the sofa and watching porn, he walked upto me with his erect dick and asked me to stand up and he compared the size of mine against his. For a moment we were both standing next to each other, naked, with erect dicks and comparing size and thickness. Before I can think of anything else, he grabbed mine gently and said it feels thicker than his and gave me a gentle stroke and I pulled out from his hands. I asked, what was he trying to do.

He was quite for a couple of seconds and suggested we stroke each other so that each one can relax and enjoy another hand. In the spur of the porn and situation all seemed correct and I said yes. He sat next to me, held my shaft and gently rubbed it and started to stroke it. To be honest I enjoyed it. I came in huge spurts and it was my turn to stroke him. He had precum and I stroked him to glory. Mine takes more time than him and he said that it was not good. We pulled up our pants and watched the movie and 30 minutes into it, we had out dicks hard and out. This time I stroked him first. Then he stroked me while i slouched in the sofa. Two minutes into the stroking, he bent down and sucked my hard dick. I got up and looked at him and he said, he wanted to try it. Again all seemed correct and I left him to suck me. Oh Man, that was one hell of an experience in his warm mouth.

3-4 minutes later he took his mouth out and asked me if I wanted to FUCK HIM, for which I said NO FUCKING ASS or SUCKING HIS DICK. He said that fucking his thighs. I looked at him and asked how, for which he said that I need to put my dick between his thighs right under his balls and he will close his thighs and I need to hump by sliding my dick between his thighs. He lied down, spread his legs, I knelt and put my hard dick between his thighs and he closed his legs leaving me right on top of him. It felt SO GOOD. I started to move my hips and my dick went between his thighs up and down. Felt heaven for me. Burried my face above his shoulders in the neck gap and went about humping. As I got excited my movements were faster and harder. At one point I realized that my dick was hitting the floor and we put one pillow down to avoid that. I was getting faster and harder on him and when I was about to cum, pulled out and rolled to the side and I shot cum like never before. It was a mother load.

He asked me the experience I said i liked it and it was great. We cleaned up and I went home. There when the excitement died and life was normal, I felt kind of NOT OK and asked myself what if someone knows about it. I also started to wonder if he was gay and he had done it before which I never asked at his house.

Since it takes time for me to cum, I never use the bathroom in the evening to masturbate, as my parents would wonder what i was doing there for such a long time. I go to the Terrace of my apartment building and sit between two cement water tanks where no one can see, strip down my pants and stroke my dick watching porn on my mobile.

A week went by and Ranjan called me to ask if I wanted to see porn and without thinking I said yes. The porn flick was new clips and the moment it started, we were naked and stroked each other. He sucked me a lot and we fucked each others thighs. The fucked watching the flick. One month went by and then he came to my building and said he wanted to do it. I asked if he wanted to try it on the terrace for which he was not sure. I assured him no one comes there and we went up. He looked at the tank and said ok. IT was somewhere around 7PM and so it was dark. No one from other terraces can also see incase anyone was there.

We fucked on the terrace. It was new and nice in the open air. As mine takes time to cum, after 10 minutes of fucking his thighs, he will tell me that his nuts ache with my pounding and he will suck and stroke me until I cum. THe sides of the water tank wall show semen marks from my dick and now from his as well. While we both came down, we say Kavita at her apartment in the balcony. She looked at us and smiled and I said Hi and she said, what are you guys upto. I said we were chatting in the terrace and we walked away.I think Kavita must have seen us go up to the terrace often and having not seen him in the building must have asked what we were upto in the terrace.

3 months into this gay experience, one day as usual we were at the terrace. He had cum and it was my turn to fuck him. I was fucking him and mid way, the usual way of he sucking me and stroking it. I was standing and he was sucking me and I look up, I see Kavita just turning between the two tanks and she saw us. He was busy sucking and I was looking at her. He realized something was not right and looked up and when he saw Kavita, stood up, pulled up his pants was gone. She too quickly turned around and walked away.

I was there, hard dick sticking out and cursing my stars. Since she saw it and left, I thought she might not come and I was stroking mine and when I was cumming and ejaculting semen on the tank walls, Kavita was again looking at me. She left quickly again and this time, shook off the extra semen, put my dick back and went out. THere she was in her balcony and when I saw her, she and I looked blank at each other. I stood there, asked her if I can come in to her house and she said yes.

I went there and almost literally pleaded to not tell anyone about it. Including her husband since this will spread and I am not GAY. She smiled and said that is not what she saw. She was thinking that I was GAY and not sure how to come out of the closet and being in HR she said that she talk to me about it. I said OK and pleaded one more time not to tell and bolted out.

Two weeks, I never masturbated in the terrace nor went there. One time I went to Ranjan’s house, we fucked there and I told him about my conversation. He said that he will never come this side.

I was alone at home one evening and Kavita had come to my house looking for my mom. I told her she was away to her friends place. Taking this chance, I once again pleaded not to tell anyone one. She said the secret was with her. She also asked me when I became GAY. Thats when I realized I need to let her know that I was not being a FULL Gay but yes somewhat there. I narrated the sequence of events and what Ranjan does to me and what I do. I also told her about my outings that I do alone in the terrace. She said that she had gone back again and checked out the hiding and also the semen driping marks on the tank walls. I smiled and thought to myself that she has been checking there regularly. I also told her and Ranjan and I were not doing it anymore and it has been three weeks. She was curious how I masturbated in the terrace for which I showed her my mobile phone and said it has clips. She smiled and left.

Now that she knows the story and was smiling at me everytime we met and also talking, I was bold enough to get back to my solo days. I went up to the terrace one evening around 6:45PM. It was getting dark and I was watching porn and yanking my dick happily. Looks like Kavita was trying her luck to cathc me and she chanced upon me stroking my dick. There I was with mobile in one hand and dick in another, she saw mine HARD and in my hands stroking it.

We looked at each other and She laughed and vanished. Seeing her this time made my dick harder and I continued to stroke it. She came back again and this time I was ejaculting which she saw. I did not cover up instead allowed her to see the full ejaculation and infact made it a point for her to see my full size HARD dick. I was pretty sure she was excited. She left and waited at her apartment. When I came from Terrace and crossed her apartment, I looked at her and smiled and walked in.

I told her, I had to do it and no place better than terrace which was isolated for so long until she started investigating it. She laughed and said I was shameless since I did not cover up or stop. She said, I need to get a girl friend quickly to address all these issues.

I replied saying, since she already saw mine ealier being sucked and stroked and also knows the story, I was not shy anymore as The cat was out of the bag and nothing to cover up. Also mentioned that with a beautiful and sexy lady in her prime like Kavita around, how can I be not getting excited.

She blushed and said she was married and I need to remember that. I told her marriage has nothing to do with being sexy and hot. Infact young guys like married women who know all the details. I told her she had good eyes, lips and breasts and navel. She was taken aback and said that I was noticing too many things and she was getting embarrassed. I told her you cannot get more embarrassed than me in the two occassions she saw me. Conversations one led to another and I told her in a spur of the moment, that I was always itching to see her full breasts, perky nipples and navel. There was a 5 seconds silence and I realized that I blurted out nonsense to her in the short time I know her.

She said, what I meant and I now repeated saying that she had good stomach, proportionate navel and full breasts and was itching to see them and the nipple. With her now getting angry, I started to repeated atleast 3 times more and it was like begging and I did not care anymore. She said, that he husband will be coming home and I should be going home. I left thinking that I was clear in my intentions to her unintentionally.

A week passed and I was going up to the terrace and this time I saw Kavita entering her house. I commented on her coming home late and while she responded with some meetings and work. She asked if I would like coffee in her house and I said will be back in 20 minutes. She said I should not go up and paint the tank walls for which I smiled and we walked into her house. On that day, she was wearing a long black printed skirt and cream tops, which were buttoned in front. I sat in the living room, and she brough coffee.

We chatted on her office and girls in my class and then I told her the dress was nice and it was fitting her so well. She looked down at her and said that she was only going into work for half day and hence wore it. I said that dress accentuates her figure well and she smiled, blushed. I again told her that I want to see her breasts. SHe was now looking at me, looked at the clock and then said that I was bad. I said just one time to see and I wont touch or say this to anyone as she knows a worse secret about me. It will be even.

She was hesitant and she tried to avoid and when I asked the forth time, she said AGREED but NO TOUCHING and I have to leave after that. I thought to myself if this was really happening and she started to unbutton the tops. My mouth was going dry, and I was swallowing hard. My dick was swelling the moment first button was opened. I could see the cleavage and the breasts were full in the bra cups and she was breathing heavy not looking at me. As she opened the second button I could not control my dick swell, I had to adjust to allow it to swell and I came directly in front of her. SHe looked up, closed her neck and said what for which I said, I want a clear view and cannot afford to miss this. She looked at my eyes, started to remove the 3rd and forth buttons. Her navel was visible and I could not resists. My hands were itching, my mouth was dry and wanting to suck on the fresh skin, lick the navel and suck on those swelling breasts.

With the buttons off, she opened up and said, now you can see and started to close. I reached and held her hands softly and said, this is not fair since I cannot see breasts and nipple and the navel was not very clearly visibile. She was exclaimed if I wanted her to remove bra for which I said yes or take the breasts out of the cups. She looked up at the ceiling, reached back to her bra clip and released it and exclaimed ” what the hell am I doing”. Looking at me directly she said that I was bad and I should never ask her this again nor tell anyone. I reached out to her and promised and she lifted her bra cups and the heaving breasts came out from under the cups and I gasped. I could not speak but keep looking at those shapely firm breasts and the nipples were getting hard, which looked untouched. SHe was looking at me but I was only looking at her breasts, stomach and navel. I was breathing heavy and so was she. I Licked my lips and looked at her. I was not able to talk, my hands were shaking and she was itching for me to say or do something I guess.

I moved closer to her and knelt between her legs and leaned my face towards her breasts. Nothing was visible to me except her lucious breasts. I opened my arms and cradled her hips and burried my face gently into her breasts. She pulled my face deeper and hugged closer to her chest and kissing my forehead and side of my head. I quickly moved to her left breasts and sucked on the nipple. Erect and hard, I gently kneaded it with my tongue and circled the areola while my hands were gently caressing and pulling her hips towards me. The tongue lashes were getting harder and faster on the nipples and as I looked up she threw her head back and let out a moan. Moved my right hand and placed my palm below the right breasts and gently lifted and caressed the full breasts, circling the nipples and kneading them between my thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze it while i sucked harder on the left breasts.

Moved from Left breast to right breast and sucked on the erect nipple with my lips closed on it tight. My lips started to suck and let go of the nipple and every time I sucked, I sucked on the areola too and let go.. I could hear the sound I was making on it and that was erotic. When she pushed her chest into my face to suck more, I gently bit the nipple with my teeth and she whispered harder harder..Nipple between my teeth, Circled the nipple with my tongue and Kavita moaned louder and could feel her legs open up and chest heave and shudder.

I took this opportunity to slide my hands under her long skirt, lift them to thigh level and feel her soft thighs. As my hand glided to her inner thighs could feel it getting moist and she opened her legs. My plam gently glided and reached her panty line, moved to the side and reached the panty band above her vagina. Slowly from the top I brought my palm and placed it on her swollen pussy and pressed gently and glided it up and down the crotch rubbing the pussy mound and pressing slight when moving over the clit. The skirt was over her thighs and gliding the left hand to the panty band, I slowly tugged it down and I moved away from her legs making her close them. She automatically lifted her butt and allowed the panties to slip through down to her legs.

I removed the panties, spread her legs and perked myself between them. My head slowly moved from right breasts to between them, licked my way down to navel. Sucked on it and tongued it gently while my hands were positioning her butt at the endge of the sofa and pushing her legs wider apart. She was in ecstacy and licking her lips and her hands were running through my head and pulling into her. As my head moved from Navel to her skirt and below, I saw her trimmed pussy mound and swollen. THe lips were nice and labia showing. My eyes were glued to the pussy as I am seeing one up close and personal for real the first time. I landed a full kiss on the labia with open mouth and sucked on it. My tongue gently licking it in strokes. She moaned and tried to push my head but I was glued to it.

Using my hands parted her legs more and I could see the clit showing out of the sheath. I licked the labia and way to the clit. Full tongue on the clit, I made it wet and licked it gently, very genlty in a slow rhythm. All the porn I watched helped here. For every lick, she arched back exposing more CLIT and pussy to my mouth.I stuck my tongue stiffer and ran it over the sheath and flicked it like I would masturbate my dick. She as writhing, gasping and I loved her every thrust and rotation of her hips on the sofa. My saliva was all over her clit. From clit, my stiff tongue glided down the SLIT and reached her pussy hole. IT was moist, as I flicked my tongue over the edges and I could wait no longer. She said, “PUT it IN”..

I moved my head out of her crotch, stood up and unzipped my pants and pulled it down in a jiffy along with my jockeys. My HARD cock seemed thicker, bigger, with precum on the head which shined and throbbing. It was so stiff and hard, I thought would burst. She looked at the BIG cock with wide eye and open mouth and was going to user her hands to grab it. I gently put hers down and bend my knees, placed my throbing cock in her wet pussy hole. Gently rubbed the precum on the hole entrance and used her wetness and pushed the cock head into the waiting hole. It was TIGHT and the wetness was helpful to glide slowly in.

She opened her legs wider, I sunk my hips into her and my thick shaft was disappearing slowly into it. I was wanting to pump quickly but it was tight and did not want that to hurt her and spoil. I kept moving my hips side and forward to open her hole and glide. The cock completely disappeared into her tight pussy and the cock base was on her labia and my balls were touching her crotch base.

I did not want to pull back to pump instead my cock head made swells inside which made her moan and grind her hips more. I slowly pulled it back from depth and almost out and glided back in. My thrusts were slow and steady. I placed my hands on the side of her head holding the sofa back rest and her head was lying on my wrist and she kissed my writs and biting it sometimes. The hands helped my moved my hips in and out steadily increasing pace and every thrust, went deeper. In a couple of minutes the thrusts were faster and harder.

I slowed it down completely and pulled my cock out and placed it as the pussy hole entrance. She pushed her hips to meet my cock head and take it back in. Now I rubbed the cock head at the hole and pushed it gently only at teh entrance and pulled it out and did the same like 4 times. Her hands from nowhere came, held my shaft and pulled it into her pussy hole. I again started my thrusts into her wet moist pussy. I felt like my cock was in gelly in that wetness.

10 minutes into fucking, I could feel her pussy walls tightening more on my shaft and for every stroke, it was milking my cock. Her stomach was throbbing and she was breathing quickly and heavily. She was climaxing and I was going in full steam. Inbetween strokes, as the cock slides back, I lower my hips and push from below so that the cock head feels here pussy walls at the top. I was doing this not knowing it was actually stroking her “”G” spot and she would gasp more and moan loader. 12 minutes she CLIMAXED BIG and hard. My cock felt it was being choked in her pussy muscle and her lower abdomen was vibrating in spasms and I could feel it.

I slowed down my thrust and pulled my cock almost out with just about an inch or two in and started to only fuck that level slowly and gently and she loved it. Her eyes were closed and her hips were not moving any more to meet my thrust instead she was breathing heavy and completely loose. In one minute, she started to get back on her mood and my COCK started to slide deep going all 7″ inside her again.

15 minutes in, I was climaxing and I told her I am about cum. She held my hips and crossed her legs around my hips and pulled me into here pussy. I made my thrust in and out faster and then I came. My COCK throbbed and shot cum in loads. I think she could feel the warm liquid shoot into her and she pulled me into her pussy and held me into her. I obliged and my strokes were deeper but slower as my lower stomach stiffened and my cock head swelled to shot all of the cum. She tightened her pussy to milk the last bit of semen into her.

I collapsed into her and this time I kissed her lips, open mouth and gently. Lots of tongue but mellowed soft kisses. She whispered DONT TAKE it out. My dick was inside here for a minute or two when it started to lose hardness and become soft. Then I pulled it out and fell back on the floor.

One minute later climbed back to sofa, I kissed her and we smiled into each other. I asked her if I was good enough and she said, that I was her best fuck so far. I asked her when she fucked her husband last since she was tight. She said it has been a month and I was thanking my stars today. She was on pills I guess, since she never complained about not using condoms that time.

We got up, washed and I kissed long dragging kisses and left for home. THat night I was only thinking about that evening and what i can do next.

The next two years until I finished college and got a job in Bangalore, I was her fuck buddy and we did it whenever her husband was out or late.

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