Girlfriend Banged For A Week

Hi everyone, i am ragu here posting a most pleasurable moments i had with nisha, my girlfriend. Its all started during my final year of engineering. She is my classmate , we have some mutual attraction towards each other, we always roaming together in shopping and i am very familiar with her family. Don’t forget to give feedback at [email protected]

Her name is nisha farhana, she always wear hijab(burka) even during college. It is the reason for my attractions towards her. Because i always attracted to girls in hijab, women are very sexy in hijab especially tighter one. She is slim and having sexy waist and her ass is in perfect size for her body and it swings when she walks and it is clearly shown on her tight hijab. I didn’t seen her without hijab, even in her home she is in hijab when i am there.

She is close to me but she never touches me and avoiding physical contact with me. Vacation started,i visited her home in holiday and everything goes fine but they planned a sudden visit to moonar and her mom invited me to the tour, the plan has four days spend in and around moonar(forest and falls) in theni district as her daughter(nisha’s elder sister) living there. We started in qualis as total of 9 members . they booked two cottage for stay and car passes her sister house towards cottage and her sister called and asked nisha to home for certain reason and tolds the way to her. Her mom asked me to accompany nisha as it was forest road and we both are out of car and started to walk towards her sister house.

As it was hills area the climate is very chill and she came close to me while walking, i brushed my hands over her finger and she too repeats that without knowing my intentions. But my heart is burning with lust fire and it forces me to take her into forest and bang her. But my spidey sense stops me and it keeps told wait,wait. So i played with her fingers by pinching it . after ten minutes walk she stopped and told that her legs are paining, i stared at her she tolds me to lift her and walk. Without knowing she is kidding me, i moved myself near her and touched her, she shocked and moves back and says she is joking. I felt embrassment and turned then i went behind her and pushed her to walk forward by placing my both hands on her back and feeled her shoulder and back.

After 5 mins of walk we reached home and her sister shoked looking me, i thought she never expects me. Then she asked me to sit on sofa and they both went inside and came after ten mins and they are ready to go to cottage. She started her scooty and nisha sat behind her and asked me to sit behind nisha.

Wow ,i wondered myself and sat behind her, my inner thighs are touching her outer thighs and my penis is poking back at her soft ass. Due to ride , the contacts makes me horny and my erected penis poking her ass and she jerked sometimes at my intentional poking. Pleasure build upon my body and she placed her hands on my thigh and adjusted herself by pushing her ass more towards my penis and it denotes that she too willing.

I placed my both hands on her hips and pressing it , she moves her hand on my thighs and touched my cock and removed her hand . i rubbed her both thighs and she further moves herself back and we reached cottage. That 20 mins travel shows me 20 heavens. It was 2 rooms arranged that women in one room and men in another one. During dinner they took the family table and nisha sat after me. She touches my leg and softly rubs me and i took my leg and rubbed her leg , she rolled up her hijab and what i saw atruck me. She doesnt put anything under her hijab, her whitey milky thighs are visible and i had a hard erection.

I slowly placed my right hand on her thighs and started rubbing, it was sliky smooth and hairless ,i want to eat her thighs right now. But its not a correct time. After dinner we wents to our room. Nisha’ cousin gave me his lungi as it was sudden plan and i dont have other dress. I never wear underwear during sleep, i was sleepless and just lyed down. It was 12 am amd i felt bored and came out of cottage and get sight of moon.

Suddenly my phone rangs and oops its nisha’ and she told she cant sleep,i asked her out to varanda. She came outside and stepped out like cat and came near me. She was wearing night pant with socks and tshirt. It was cold outside and she came out without blanket or sweater . This was my first time seen her without hijab. She stood silently facing opposite me, i looked at other side, but that girl knows how to please men. She again touched my leg with her feet and rubbed. I turned on and caught her waist and pulled her on me. She glued with me as she is waited for my action.

I bet she doesn’t wear bra, her erected nipples are poking my chest and my hands are rubbing her back. After some minutes she looks upward and her lips are wet and wants to be chewed. I bend my neck and kissed her lips slowly and she responded too well. I started chewing her lower lips and she make her grip tighter on my back, i inserted my tongue into her mouth and played it all around her mouth.

Now it become more passionate kiss ever. I parted my lips from her, she looking into my eyes with her lips full of my saliva. I again started to kiss her and running my hands all over her ass and tightly cupped them, now the kiss become wild as she is in extreme heat now. She started pressing my hard cock and masturbating it. Then she broke the kiss but continues rubbing my cock.

I hold her hand walks towards opposite of road, now the place with bushes and trees. I removed my lungi and put it on ground and ask her to lie. She staring my erected cock on moon light and sat on ground over lungi. Then i removed my shirt and also removed her shirt, wow those are little and hardly as large lemon size,it has pink aerola and nipples. I caressed her boobs and pressing it hard, she moans and hold my both hands over her boobs.

I rubbed my face over boobs and kissed all over there and started to suck her right breast and my right hand on her left boobs and my left hand is over her ass. After i sucked left breast and i pulled her night pant with panty and removed it. Her pelvic has cat hair and pinkish lips with honey oozing out of it. I kissed her pussy and moves over her thighs and kissed her all along to leg and again kissed her pussy.

I parted her thigh and placed my mouth her clit and started to lick, she holds my head and moaning, i slowly inserted my tongue into her hole and taste it. After two minutes i positioned myself on her entrance and placed my penis into her hole and thrusting, it is so tight but not tough. I thrusted more and tears flowing out of her eyes. I pushed harder and she moaned louder. I kissed her mouth and started to move to and fro and she starts to enjoying.

I placed my stomach over her and my hands are playing with her side boobs and gradually increasing my speed. I placed my face on her neck and fucks her hard and i am going to release it as i removed my penis and placed on her stomach and my sperm flowing on her waist . after some mins we dressed overself and went to veranda of cottage and she kissed me passionately again and we went to our rooms.

Still there are three consecutive days are coming. Pls feedback at [email protected] for. Sequel

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