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Hello.Myself varun .This is my first story even though I have read many incest stories from the start of 2014.Any aunts or teens who would want to have secret sex or even sex can contact me at [email protected]. So.. Without further boring you let start…


Hi,I was born and brought up in kerala even though we are originally from punjab.I was introduced to the world of sex by my mallu friends near our home,they were horny all the time and sometime would show me little parts or porn video. Mine was pretty well family hence we had no shortage of money.Soon I to become a porn addict especially incest.


Oh sorry about my family myself 18 years old, my mom alia(aged 38),father virendar(aged 53), and my cute sister emma(aged 14). I am pretty close to mom and sis but I kind of fear my dad,he is strict army officer and once he is angry there is no stopping him.

So my mom is fair,big and firm boobs of 36 d and a pair of round swaying as(38) and mostly wears moderns dress include t-shirts which enhances her beauty.And my sister due to gods blessing got moms feature and is 32 d boob and 34 ass.


Ever since I was into porn I used to watch incest but using incognito tab.So I was pretty sure no one would be aware of it.But once while surfing while I returned back from college I was shocked to see porn history in my browser , I was hell shocked fearing someone might have seen it.But I realised that they were videos like old bang young etc which I dont ussually watch. And the time was during my school hours so knowing my sister cant be the one whos watching it mom was the only suspect.Instead of arising angriness I was feeling horny.

I came up with a plan to seduce my own mom during the night, I knew that she would so horny as my dad seized to fuck her long ago and is now sleeping in different rooms.


Next day morning me,sis and dad went to thier respective

workplaces.But halfway through I stopped and returned to our home to glimpse what mom might be doing. I instead of knocking at the door climbed a ladder in the back to our houses terrace and entered through the door which I purposefully left open . Without making much sound I peeped into the computer room.


And theres my sexy mom sitting facing me. I was unable to see any of her parts due to her seating posture.But I dint mind it.The thought of my mom doing something kinky like this aroused me.But I was cautious not to make any hasty move so waited for a perfect opputunity .I recorded it on my phone. And watched my mom masturabting and left there after some time.


I knew I would have to wait for a day when dad would be away from home.And fate was on my side and my dad was called to delhi for an urgent meeting involving senior army officials. So one fine day I acted sick and cut my class but emma went to her school. I could see my moms face dull since she would be unable to have her daily activities


Mom treated me well and I told her that I was well now. And told her that I am going out to my friends house , she didn’t oblige me as I knew she wanted to let go of


Her her sexual tension. Like the day before I instead of going out entered my home through balcony door and peeped into comp.Room.

M y mom was there wearing just bra and panty was playing with her dildo (which I have no idea where she got). Form the way she sounded I understood she was nearing her orgasm.

I shouted: mom.. What the hell are you doing??


She was shocked and stood up in hurry.


I could see a clear view of her well toned and curvy body enclosed in matching red under garments.(damn she is hot). It made a tent in my pants.


She was half naked and was also shy, her face turned red which matched with her undergarments.


I asked mom why are you half naked and masturbating while we are gone.


The term masturbating which came out of my mouth impacted a shock on her. She tried to run out of the room. But I caught her from the behind and purposefully made her feel my hardness.She pushed me and stormed out of the room.


I ran after her and was able to enter her room before she could lock it.

The following conversation is as follows


Mom: why are you following me get out of the room?? Cant you see I am naked??


Me: you are saying this as you weren’t half nude just little ago.I saw and understood what you were doing. Wait till your husband hears about it!


Mom: what!! you are going to tell this to him. you of all people will know what follows, please varun give me another opportunity.


Me: well I already thought about. I am ready to give you another opportunity on the condition that you will allow me to explore you. More!


Mom: no way.Go to hell. Even if you told your father you have no proof for it. Just get out of the room now or I will complaint to your father about you pepping me!


Me: I knew this would come to this situation. So I have got a clear video of your mischief.


Mom: Damn you.Do as you like. But I won’t show any response, I am not a slut to be horny due to her son. And remember this is the first and last opportunity for you!


Me: we will see about that


Saying this I pushed her to the bed.She slept there silent and unmoving.


I being watched many sex movies had a rough but enough idea about pleasuring women. So first I started kissing her. First at her forehead, then her nose and when she expected to kiss at the lips I skipped her pink and juicy lips and kissed her jaw. I believe she was unpleasant by my action and was waiting to be kissed on her lips.

Then I started kissing her rest of the body parts avoiding sensitive areas like boobs, pussy etc. She was getting heated up. And was extra horny as she was unable to attain her orgasm due to my interception.

Then I started rubbing her outer thigh followed by her silky inner thighs often giving a slight knock at her vaginal entrance.Then later licking her side boobs careful not to give her high pleasure.

After this action, my mom got so horny that she let out a slight moan which she we constricting inside her.She shouted and pushed me down and rolled over me.


Mom: now you asked for it. you have let out a horny housewife be sure to face the consequences.


Saying this she grabbed my dick including my boxer.And started shaging it from the out side. Wow it was a pleasure which I never enjoyed.Then all of a sudden she put my dick including the boxer in the mouth and started wetting it with her saliva.She started moving it in and out. She was teasing me just like I did.


A sweet revenge which I loved. I suddenly swayed forward and grabbed her juggling boobs enclosed in red bra. She gasped and let out a moan.She took my extra hard dick of 6 inch ( common size of indians but with a girth of 3 inches) she paused for a second admiring my dick and continued to suck it.She had a perfect rhythm for the up and down motion . I sensed a huge load building up inside it and pressed he boobs strongly. Her moans which ecpaed from her mouth was unclear since her mouth wads in my dick:).


I came to a huge load and jumped up and gave me a tight but passionate kiss on the lips with my semen still inside her mouth.She exchanged it with me inside our mouth I didn’t liked it salty taste but being mixed with her saliva aroused am awesome feeling inside me.

I retained my vitality soon and was ready for the main event but before that, I wished to compliment my mom for her services and went down on her pussy.


I opened her panty with my teeth. And started sucking her vagina in a circular motion and then I do it anti clockwise.My mom presses my head deep into her pussy and starts saying that her husband was not worth half me. The words made me energetic and I increases the pace along with entering 3 fingers all of a sudden into her asshole and started finger fucking her ass hole. Her vaginal muscles become loose at first and then became tight all of a sudden and she climaxes, giving out lots of cum.I took some inside my mouth and repeated the earlier process of sharing also I applied some of it on my rod to lubricate it.


I entered her vagina hole. I expected it to be tight but it was much tight.The girth of my dick we making it impossible to enter. tightly holding the bed sheet. When I asked her should we stop she obliged and told me to enter her full. I did as she told and was successful in entering fully into her after 2-3 strokes.I started moving to and fro giving slow but strong strokes after 3-4 minute I asked her to get on all fours she did so and the sight of her hairy pussy made horny all over again. I entered her once again and started fucking in large pace. Moans of pure ecstasy and lust were escaping her mouth


. I rode her for about 10 minutes and she was the first one to climax soon I got the feeling that I am about to cum so I took out my rod and asked her to suck it. She did as wonderfull as the previous time and I once again ejaculated inside her hot mouth.


We both fell to the bed with my top of her.I kissed her and laid there watching the fan above us, suddenly she told m to get and got to my room stating that Emma is about to be home soon.And she didn’t want to get caught.


I jumped up moved towards the door.She called me from the behind and told


Mom: Varun you do remember that I told you that this would be the last time! Right?


Me: Yeah, why

Mom: well just forget all that:)

Me: thanks mom


I hope you liked my story. I know that this is lengthy but I am sure that this is worth the time.Please rate it and please sent reviews to my email address(in top)

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