Took The Virginity Of A Girl Whom I Met In Hyderabad – Part 1

The story began when i was doing some courses in a well reputed area in Hyderabad, the place where all the graduates appear, which is filled with lot of hostels and the place where you can find any kinda institute. I hope the people from Hyderabad can better understand the place I’m speaking about. Let’s get into the story and in between I’ll describe her.

That day which is Wednesday, as usual I went to my institute for my classes. After finishing the class, I felt little bored and decided not to go home and to rome on roads to pass the time. It was around 6:30 pm, the climate was little cloudy with full winds. There I saw a girl who was so beautiful and have good assets. I found that she is waiting for something or in search of something. Usually I feel shy to speak to strange girls, but that day I got courage and went near her. I just asked her ” Are you in search of something, coz you are looking so tensed, tell me if i can help you”. To my surprise she didn’t hesitate to speak even though I’m a new person.

She told that she is new to Hyderabad and she came here to do some kinda course as I told you that the place is famous for institutes. She also told that she doesn’t know anyone here in Hyd, she just joined the hostel and is looking for a good institute. I thought this would be the right time to move. I have taken the courage and told her that I’m staying in Hyd since long ago, I know all the details of the institutes and if you want, I’ll help you. Again to my surprise she accepted and thanked me. I was in heaven that time.

Then, I said her that there is a good institute in some distance “1 KM” and we can reach there by walk coz I need some time to talk to her. I took a street instead of main road and started asking her some usual sort of questions. She told that her name is Pooja and she is from Kurnool, completed her in CSE and looking for a job. I introduced myself to her and asked her that how did she believed me since I’m a stranger. She said bla…bla…bla…and finally I advised her not to believe any strangers in Hyd.

Then continued to walk sharing about our life, college days and that went to the topic of BF or GF. She told that she don’t have any BF and not interested in such things. I thought that the things gonna be harder with her. As soon as we reached the institute, she decided to join the institute and finally she joined the institute. After returning to the hostel, we continued speaking about usual things and finally managed to get her contact number. I dropped her near hostel and left to my house. As soon as I reached my house, I had my dinner and the time was around 9:30 pm. I thought to text her and start my game.

I texted her ‘Hi’ and to my surprise I got reply in fraction of seconds as if she is also waiting for my message. Then we continued texting for a week and everything was a usual chat. After a week, I thought to start the game as she became close to me and believed me completely. I started texting her admiring her beauty, the assets she have, etc., and she is replying in positive way. Since she has no BF yet, she started to get attracted to my texts.

One day we thought of meeting at the same place. She came to meet me and oh god! She is looking damn sexy. She was wearing a tight blue T-shirt and a tight skin fit jeans which exposing her beautiful assets. Sorry, I forgot to describe her she has a beautiful assets of 34- 30-36 for which I got attracted. At once looking at her decided to fuck her at any cost.

As soon as I met her, started to play my game, admiring her beauty which later gone into personal. We went to a restaurant, ordered some food and started eating it. Then I thought to make it open, got some courage and told her that she has some great assets. She smiled but I was confused whether she understood what I mean. I once again told her that she is looking sexier in those tight costume. She again replied with a smile. Then I understood her intensions, decided to make it more open.

Then, I told her she have beautiful boobs and well-shaped ass for which every guy go mad. This time she didn’t smiled, continued to eat. I was really tensed that it would destroy our friendship. While leaving the restaurant, I apologized her for my words and asked her whether she felt bad about me.

Then, to my surprise, she smiled and said “it’s ok, I can understand how a boy feels looking at me, and I’m really thankful for your frankness”. Then I got some relief, dropped her at hotel and I left to my house. That night I didn’t slept properly thinking of her beauty, fantasizing and masturbating. After that day, the texts gone little personal and started texting her about sex, etc.

Then it all started to have sex chat which later I understood about her fantasies and how wild she is regarding sex.She shared all her fantasies of sex with me. We became much closer, started going to movies, having sex chat every day, masturbating every night sexting each other. But, she never agreed to share her private photos but I showed my dick to her 3 to 4 times.

One day, everyone in my home left to village and I escaped pretending that I have some interviews and I cannot come but the truth is to privacy and try my luck to fuck her. Everyone left to village by 5:30 pm and I texted her and started convincing her. I didn’t ask her to have sex rather than I invited to home as a guest and to have some good time as I feel bored being alone. But, she started making fun of me saying, “you will not get bored being alone as you have internet facility and you have more things to do”, because she knows what I usually do when I’m alone. But I insisted her and requested to come home which she later agreed to it.

How I took her to my house and seduced her, fucked her and enjoyed her beautiful assets, I’ll describe everything in my next story. For any feedbacks please feel free to mail me via [email protected]. I hope everyone enjoyed my story, and please read my continuation story to get more pleasure and please give feedback so that I can improve myself in the next story. Thank younguys.

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