Had Desired Sex With Mami

It’s a long story.Something about her first. She’s a beautiful and hot woman with big boobs and a bigger and tight ass. She’s about 37 years old. She has 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

Now, I was always the favorite. With a good physique I know how to maintain myself and controlling others.

Now to the story. It’s about 2 months old. My mami’s name is Shruti. Stats – 36-26-37. She has a beautiful face and I know my uncle is very fond of that face as well as me. Well, it starts way before I was 7 years old. Even then I know how exceptionally sexy she is. I used to go to their house often.

Then for studies I was sent to hostel and I completed my 12th outside the city. But now after completing it I live here in Delhi.

So, I was so happy that I now I would finally get to see my mami. But to my surprise she was waiting for me which I will tell after.

So 10 days after coming to Delhi I decided to surprise my Uncle and Mami and also their kids which is 10 km away from my home.

I went there rang the doorbell and what do I see. A 5 year old girl opened the door and asking ‘Who are you’ with a fully cute voice. She was Mami’s daughter, Aarohi. I was so happy to see such a cute face and I introduced myself then her brother came who is 12 years old now. We are kind of very good friends, Me and Tushar. So, I asked him where is your mom. He said she’s at their neighbor and will come soon and Dad is at their shop.

And After 45 minutes there she came, with a yellow saree which matches her whitish complexion and she came towards me and hugged me. She had a deep neck orange blouse which looks fantastic. And the way she hugged me, man she must had noticed my bulge.

Afterwards, we talked for a while, while her kids were playing at their neighbors.

She asked me, ‘How are you?’ in the middle of the conversation.

And I was baffled and said, ‘I’m sorry.’

She asked again, ’How are you internally you know what I mean.’

I was a bit confused. But as I was always a straight-forward. I asked, ‘Do you want to say anything to me?’

She said, ‘I know you didn’t want to go outside the city but you were forced…..’

I got what she was trying to say and I stopped her and said, ’It was for the best.’

She got up she was trying to go. I held her hand and said, ‘Don’t go. Talk to me.’ Truth is, right at that moment all I wanted was to kiss her so passionately.

She said and I was confused again, ’It can’t happen.’

After a while I got it, removed my hand and let her go to the kitchen.

I thought for a time and I went to her, ‘Mami, what can’t happen. You know how straight-forward I am. I will answer any of your questions.’

She didn’t say anything. I held her hand again and called her by her name – Shruti. She said, ‘what Abhay I don’t know what to do.’

Right then and there I understood everything with her expressions. With my hand I turned her to me and I confronted her, ’Do you wanna do things with me.’

She said, ‘What?’

And I said, ‘Look mami I know everything I know you are not happy.’ And by saying this line I moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips and it was not long that Shruti pushed me and slapped me hard on my face. I was moved from the place I was standing she had good power I thought. But then I noticed her face. Frightful anger was on the face. I was scared. And I said, ‘Mami…’

She immediately came closer to me and kissed me back and hell was it passionate. Oh man! I thought to myself. Shruti is kissing me. And I came alive and saw it was all real and started my actions.

With some sudden moves, I removed her saree while kissing her on the neck. I saw her face she was giggling like a fourth grader. I kissed her on her ears, hair, eyes and almost full face.

Till then, I have removed her blouse. And what do I see, a black bra which was so tight that it seriously couldn’t hold any longer that heavy melons. I Kissed her on the lips again and removed her bra. ‘Oh woman!’ I said when I saw those round boobs with hard nipples and a big areola. I started sucking them instantly.

One by one I sucked them.Then I lift her went to her bedroom, threw her on the bed and went out and closed all doors(also the main door). Came back and Shruti was still giggling I watched her for 5 seconds then jumped at her and started kissing her again. I then made me nude and removed her petticoat. And with a black panty she was looking too bold and was inviting me. She pulled me closer and said, ‘it’s big.’

That was all. I started my foreplay. Licked her thighs and removed her panty. Oh darn! This woman can’t stop surprising me I thought. With a shaved pussy I saw the real thing. It was pink.

And after 20 minutes of foreplay she said, ‘Now would be the time.’ with sarcasm. I thrashed my tool into it and after two more thrushes It went full in. She was screaming not so loud but it was enough to be heard the person in the next room if any. I told her, ‘I know Uncle is not taking care of you like before.’ She knew I know.

She said more hard, do it more.

And I kept thrashing her. She had an orgasm after five minutes but I was not close. I changed the pose to doggy and after 5 minutes when I felt I was about to. I told her to suck it in a sarcastic way(in a joking way). But she really was doing it. Oh man was I in heaven. I told her I’m close. And I came. With loads and loads she drank it all and even after I mouth fucked her(and also deep throated her).

We laid there for a while and she said, ‘I’m nowhere half full.’ And giggled.

And I, ‘Oh man! You are something else.’

I was satisfied as well as she. Till my Uncle came I had 3 more sessions. And after one in terrace. It was awesome she gave a wonderful blowjob. It still made me hard. Oh man!

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