My Love For My Mom – Part 4

After the first time sex with my beautiful mom she said, ‘Let’s do again after dinner, today you can sleep with me in my room’.

This excited me a lot. Mom served me dinner and ogled her like a hungry dog. Mom kept teasing me with her open pallu which showed her ample breasts. Sometimes I brushed mom’s bum. After the dinner was over I told mom to dress up in a nice chiffon saree, for our first night together. Mom laughed at me and said , ‘jasti aythu nindu,’ meaning this is too much. Then mom took a break and went into her room. Telling me, ‘give me sometime’.

I kept waiting for my beautiful angel mom, watching some hindi soap where you find young women in saree. I always loved saree.

After a few minutes heard mom’s door open. She walked up to the living, where I was watching tv, calling me, ‘Shashaaank’ . She was clad in light purple chiffon saree. On one side of her shoulder was the pallu and on the other only the bra strap was visible. She wore a nice ‘gruhini-like’ bindi on her forehead which was large and adorned her beautiful face. The bra held her breasts high and up. She had left a lot of her tummy for open view despite the pallu. Deliberately she tied the saree a lot below the navel. Her navel was sexy.

I just sat there looking at her, who was smiling at me without a word. I don’t know what made me jump off the sofa and fall for her feet. ‘Mom firstly bless your son for the angel like you is giving herself to me’, I said. Mom laughed at this and blessed me.

‘I am always yours my son, I bless you another beautiful woman to be your wife. I will help her and teach her how to make love to you’.

‘No mom I don’t want anyone other than you, You be my mom my wife everything.’ Now she held my head on her breasts and hugged her. My hands went over her bra straps. It was a Victoria secret-like lacy transparent bra. same colour as her saree. I caressed her bums over the fine texture of the saree. I kissed her chin, neck and landed on lips. Mom started moaning mumbling Shashoooo. Now my hands were on her stomach. Made gentle circles on her navel. Mom was aroused by now. I dropped her pallu and bit on her teats. Pulled one of her breasts and chewed on it squeezing the other.

‘Mom, I haven’t seen more sexy woman, mom’ I said.

‘How many sexy women have you seen Shashank’ she said sexily in husky voice.

‘Mom shall I go down on you today, why don’t you shave there Mom’.

Mom laughed. ‘You shave today afterwards okay’.

Mom was looking so beautiful in saree that I didn’t want to undress her. She looked like south Indian actress Laxmi of olden days. I just wanted to get into her petticoat and saree and eat mom’s most delicate pussy. Walked Mom along with in a hug to her bedroom. I loved the smell of her bedroom. Womanly cosmetics and perfume smell. Put her on the bed. And asked her to sleep at the edge of the bedstead. Pulled her saree along with the petticoat and went in there. Started with upper wall of her pussy with the tip of the tongue. Mom was moaning my name. The licked all along the cunt, sometimes inserting the tongue like a dick. I slurped on her for what should be more that 20min. Then Mom squealed and said, ‘enough Shashank now undress yourself and come over me. I want to have you inside me now’.

I went over her removed her bra, saree, petticoat and all, undressed myself. I kissed her cheeks neck and took the breasts one after the other and spread her legs to keep my dick inside her. Mom held my dick and placed it well. I entered.

‘Slow shashank, don’d be excited and come soon’, she said. I pumped slowly for ten minutes and increased the spread later, there were gushes of mom’s cum along with her loud moan, I think she was having multiple orgasms. I fucked mom for about 25 minutes. She had asked me to cum inside her as it was safe for her. I came shuddering inside Mom. Mom kissed me thanks. I insisted we slept nude. She washed herself and I followed her to the bathroom. We slept holding each other nude. I woke Mom in the midnight to have sex again. We made an early morning sex the next morning.

I was all over Mom the whole day, the following day. Since dad wasn’t in station we tried various positions. Mom licked me sometimes. We were nude sometimes and we were dressed completely sometimes. Once in the kitchen when she was cooking I went down in between and licked. She was laughing all the way. ‘How long will you love Mom Shashank?’ she asked me.

I said ‘ For as long as you want mom, I love you Mom. What do I need in this world. I will take up a nice job after studies and take care of you well. Mom took me for shopping and bought her undergarments right in front of me.When we returned she tried all of the one by one right in front of me. She changed her dressed in front of me.Once we bathed together after a fantastic sex inside bathroom. My favourite timepass was licking her while she worked or watched tv.

Mom told me that she had tubectomy after I was born hence no fear of getting pregnant. Dad will be coming home only after 3 more days. Until then we will have sex. Mom said be careful when app comes. He will kill both of us if he comes to know this relationship she explained. She assured me private time even after he comes home.

Friends I have a lot more to tell you about my mom, let’s catch up again

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