Hard Fuck Of My Reader Neha

This is raj from Mumbai. I am 21 single 6 ft, fit body, and a business guy and I love to have sex. I have had sex with my girlfriends, neighbor, and her daughter, many friends and 2 hot college professor from my college.I have a 6″ long and 3.5″ thick cock which I know to use perfectly.

First thankyou all for such great responses to my stories. You guys can also follow me on facebook and chat with me on hangouts. Just drop me a mail and I will add you. Many people have been having trust issues but I assure you your identity will be a secret unless you want me to write about you in my stories. So m live has been amazing , all thanks to iss since my last 3 stories I have got many sex offers and I enjoyed some while I look forward to enjoy many more. I have had sex with my reader girls, threesome (2 girls), with couple where I and her husband fucked the woman , with a widow and I was also invited to a gangbang. I will write about some of these stories over the time. But today I am going to tell you about this amazing rich girl I met over hangouts and she asked me to fuck her. So here it goes. (name changed on request of the girl.)

So, as usual, I was sexting on hangouts and replying to my emails when I got a chat popup from this girl named Neha who stays Juhu Mumbai . We introduced each other and over a span of weeks, we were sexting. She said she wanted to see me and so I told her that first I want to see her nudes to which she said why waste time here and why not just meet and fuck each others brains out.

I loved the idea as I prefer to meet and not exchange pictures over sites for safety and security purposes. Over the chats she said that she never had anal and I told her that I would love to fuck her ass and take her virginity, she was scared but I promised her if she cant take it, we will stop. She also said she will be with a friend of hers and who would also love to get fucked by me but alone and not in a threesome. So we decided to meet on Saturday. Neha told me that she will pick me up in her car and we will go to a room she had booked. So as decided I went to the ccd in Veera Desai, Andheri at 6 in evening and waited for them to arrive.

At around 6 :15 a honda accord pulled up with partially tinted glass and two chicks got down from the car . One was petite about 5’2 and little chubby not fat , but full of curves , curly brown highlighted hair while the other (driver) was 5.6 slim and fit figures 34-26-34 or so .. Too fucking hot .. Fair with straight hair and curls at end . The petite girl was wearing a white sleeveless top tucked in a black skirt till her knee white the fair girl wore a loose grey off shoulder crop top , black visible bra straps and and denim shots which ended just below her ass cheeks . All eyes were glued on these chicks. We sent msg to each other where we are and what we are wearing and they spotted me and came near to me and the girl in shorts hugged me and said she is Neha while the other friend is Monica .

Neha said lets get out of here , lets go grab some drinks and we went and sat in her car. Now before I could get the front passanger in neha grabbed my hand and pulled me in from the rear seat door . I knew she was one wild thing . Now monica was driving and neha and I were kissing, touching and feeling each other. Monica told us to stop as she could not stay away from the acion and that we have a lot of time ahed to fuck each other, which made us laugh and we started talking and chatting naughty. Now we reached the pub and grabbed some drinks and hukka and were enjoying . Now it was 11 at night and we went back to car and monica told us that she will drop us at the hotel room neha booked and take neha’s car with her and pick her up tommrow morning . While driving monica and neha told me about their fantasies and experiences and while we reached the back road, I was rubbing neha’s pussy over her shorts and kissing her passionately on her lips .

Monica was getting turned on too.. I was squeezing neha’s perky boobs over her top.. Kissing her neck , lips . Her hand was on my cock and my cock was hard ready to explode out of my jeans.. Neha was kissing me and moaning ammmm…Sss mmm..Oouuhhhh.. As I pressed and squeezed her boobs … Neha broke the kiss and said.. ” I need to see that cock ” I said ..It will look much better wrapped around your pretty lips.. She smile and opened my zip , I picked my ass up and shifted my pants and boxers down .. She was excited to see my 7.5″ cock pop out of there.. She said its big and she had never taken such big cock up any of her holes.. I assured her not to worry as it will hurt a little in beginning but great pleasure forever… She kissed me on my lips and then went straight down and wrapped her lips around my cock .. Wooowww… Those lips were great .. She tied hr hair up and started sucking my cock like a pro .. I had put my hand on her top and was playing with her boobs and tits … She was moaning due to my squeezing and pinching ..Ammmmm hhmmm..Sss ahhmmmm ..I got hold of her hair and started raming her head on my cock hard … ” ohhh yess .. C’mon neha , u little slut , worship that cock…. Ahhhh sss yeah baby ..C’mon..” ,

Thats when our car stopped and we halted to take a look and it was monica looking at us with her hand in her skirt.. She said to neha ” baby u have this cock for whole day .. Please just let me get with it till the hotel ..” neha kissed monica which made me even hard.. And both got out of car . Neha got in drivers seat and started to rive while monica had already got my cock in her mouth and my two fingers were inside her pussy .. Neha said enjoy babe you have 10 minutes and we will be there … Monica got my cock out of her mouth and said ” I need it inside me .. I cant leave like this please ..” neha said ” okay baby .. But its big ..Take it slow …” I lifted her skirt and got her panties down.. She had not shaved .. The aroma of those juices was in air …

I leaned back and spread my legs and pointed my cock upwards .. She came down and placed her pussy over the tip of my cock . She slowly came down and took my cock in her..” ahhhssssss … Ooouuuuuu ” about 2 inches .. I was holding her by waist and guiding her .. It was difficult for her in moving car..Little by little she took it inside her.. Nw about 4 inches was inside her and the bumps on road were helping her take it in… Car was filled w.Ith moan ” ohhh yeahhhhfuck me … Fuck me raj..”” she took it about 6″ and then it started to hurt her…. Ooouuu noo more… Bas thats it .. Ahhhhhhsss ammmmmm… Please …Ahhhh fuck me yeah… Neha was cheering . Cmon baby u can take it in ..Cmon … I was holding one hand by her waist and one hand squeezing her boob …. Ahhhh ahhhh…Fuck ..Yeahhh monica ..Cmon le … Le ..Mera lund le ,… Take my cock you hungry slut .. And thats when neha missed a speed bump and the car bounced hard..And my whole cock ..Whole 7.5 inches was deep in monicas pussy …Monica screamed with pain. ” ahhhhhhhhh..Aaaiaiiiiiii fuckkkkk bhencoddd…….. Naiii… Takkke takkke it ouuttt ..Fuckkkkk it hurts …Ahhhh ahhhhh..” I still held her by her boobs tight and fuckked her … Now I made her lean ahed ..Her head besides neha and started to fuck her from behind ..” ahhhh ahhhhmmmmm mmmmm aii ss saaa ouuuuuu sloww plss. Ahhh ” she was moaning … Neha asked monica if she was enjoing … Monica while moaning sai ” ahhhh sss…. Fuckkkk .. Keep youuu aiiii ooooo sss.. Fucking eyes on road neha …Aiiii aiiiiii aaaaaaa sss… ” neha laughed and I was enjoying my own…. Ahhhh.Yeahhhh cmon … What a pussyyy you have monica .. Ahhhhh… So tight …Take it..Le le le…” I humped her harder and harder …Neha told us we have reached the back side of our hotel and that monica and I should finish it fast…

I started fucking monica even harder .. Her moas increased and her pussy gripped my cock tighted .. Her boobs were hanging out of her top and now I knew she was going to cum… Ahhhhhha sssss aiiiii fuck fuck me harder harder yeahhh dont stop fuukkk aahhhh aaiii aiiii assss hmmmmm..Ammmm..Im coming im coming ” monica and neha kissed each other and monica came on my cock.. Ammmmmm sss hhmmm ahhh…. I left her and took my cock out and made her sit on the seat.. She was exhausted .. Neha was smiling at me…. I took my cock near nehas face and said ” chal now why dont you like your friends juices off my cock and before I tear your pussy …She slutflly took my cock in her muth and started licking it… She licked it clean and then drove us to the basement of hotel .. Monica thanked me and said its gonna be tough now as her pussy is aching …We laughed and I told her to rest for sometime and leave … Then neha and I went to the reception took our keys and got in lift ..

I had my hand over her ass and was squeezing it .. Neha kissed me and got her arms around her head ..I held her by her waist .She said to me ” raj it’s too big for my ass ..I cant..” I did not want her mood to go down so I said ok… And we kissed again. Our floor arrived and we hurriedly got to the door and opened the door.

We got rid of our foot wear and kissed … I started kissing her neck and face and lips ..She too reponded …She was turned on .. I was continousely moving my handover her pussy .. I took of her bra and top… Wow..Those perky boobs with pink nipples…. I placed my mouth one her boob and started sucking it… While pressing the other alternating over time… She held my head moan…Ohhh ahhhhsssss ssss..Ammmmssss…Rrraaajjj…Ssss ” I moved down to her navel and licked it..She was getting wet … I bit her navel and a moan came ut of her mout and she giggled…. Ouuuuu…Ssssheheeh… …She was so pretty on bed… ..I slowly licked her thighs moving upwards her pussy … I took out her shorts and wooooowwww! No panties!!! Shaved fair pussy waiting to be worshipped… I parted her pussy lips and started licking her ..Up and down ..Then all over .. Her body was arching and her moans were getting louder …Ssssahhhhhhhhhh sssshhyeahhh yeeahhhh fuck fuck me yeahhhhssss ahhhh aiiii…. ” her juices were wall over my outh .. I drank them …. Fuck me now raj .. I need your cock in me… She said ….I took my cock to her mouth and asked to lick it first to make it easy for her…. I held her head sand started having deep throath .. She was struggling to take my whole cock in.. ” uhhhhh ugggghh ammmfff ammppfff ”

While I was fingering her pussy…. I was so hard. I took my cock out and asked her to like down on her back….Put it in .. I cant wait raj ..Ahhhh ssss..” she said….. I rubbed my cock on her pussy for a while… Her pussy was well lubricated … I slowly inserted my cock about 3 inches in… ” ahhhhhhsssss ammmmm…..’ a moan came out of her mouth…. I started fucking her slowly in and out in and out. Pushing my cock deeper each time…Ahhhhh sssss ammmm fuckkk…Sss..Syeahhh ahh aaa aaaaa ssssss.” 4″ the 5 “‘ sss…Yeah, fuck me… I started fucking her at about that much in ..” ashe was enjoying with her eyes closed… Ahhhhsss ssss…Ammmm fuck me ee aaaannnnn aasshhh yeahhhhsss…Fuck me, baby…. ”

I said to her not it will hurt a little im putting it all in… She said please thoda deere karo… … Dard hoga…. And then I reduced my pace held her tight by waist and gave a hard push.. I felt her pussy streatching on my cock,,and her eyes widened and she screamed ..Aiiiiiiiiiii …Aaaaaa.A.No it hurts ..Slowly ..Take it ouuuuuuuuchhh out now…..Ahhhhss…” and she started pushing me back.. I held her hands and gave another hard push and it was fully in …I gave her a kiss on he lips..” ammmmfff…Sss ammmm ammm mmhh.” she coud not scream… I started to fuck her slowly… “Ooouuuu ahhhhhhh hah… Naaaaa… Aaaa sss huting slow plss… She was moaning in pain and pleasure … After some time she started enjoying it…Her hands here holding the bedsheet tightly and squeezing it …While eyes rolled back and moaning…Ahhhhh mmmm ssss yeahhhhhhh fffuucckkkk meee ..Ss eahhhhh ” what a view..My big cock sreatching her pussy ….

I was enjoying every bit of it. After some time a made her face side ways and laid behind her… I put my cock in her from the back and started fucking her … Yeahhhh take it bitch .. U want big cocks don’t you. Le le …Fuck ..Ahhhhhhsss yesss ” she was on cloud 9 with her first such huge dick in her…. ‘ fuck me har der ahhhhh harder fuck me ..Tear my pusssy …Ahhhhss ahhhsss aii’ she was getting tighter and tighter …It was hard for me to control… She started moaning loud then…Aiiiiii a ssss ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss fuckkk….’ I was squeezing her boobs from the back …I was so much enjoying the fuck.She said she was coming and she came on my cock…Ahhhhssss…… Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisshhhhhhhhh…. Mmmmmmm.” yeah baby…. She made me stop and got on her hand and knees in doggy style…. Looked at me and said ” now your turn…Do it inside me. I ave never felt it ” .. I was the happiest person… Even if I had a baby form her now I dint care. I was ready to fuck her all the life…

I got behind and shoved my dick in one go. She screamed in pain…”Ouuuuuuchchh…. Slow na baba…Ahhhhss sss” I started fucking her hard and even I came in her ….” ahhhhh ass ahhhhhhh aaasssssss hhhhh,mmmmtake it, baby, yeah yeah fuckkk,,,..!’ my juice filled her pussy .. I took my cock out and make her lick it which she did happily and to my suprise she inserted two of her finngers in her pussy took out the cum and ate it… You are one cum hungry slut, aren’t you… I said to her. She giggles and hugged me … And said theres still tommrow we have .. I asked her..U wanna walk tommrow dont you … She said .. Dont worry ..I have called monica with a car .Ad winked at me. And kissed me… Since we were tired we slept …

I wokeup in the morning by 8 and saw the pretty face is still sleeping ..Her legs spread apart and one hand over her head while other on face… My cock was hard again ooking at her pussy … Now I made a plan to fuck her ass .. I took a bottle of lotion and kept it close by … I started to lick her pussy …. Ammm…Ss ammph.. She was moaning in her sleep ,,,,… I applied some lotion on my cock and slowly inserted it in her pussy… Sahhhhhhhh ” she moaned ..I did not go to deep , just 5″ .. Now I started to fuck her … She was half asleep and moaninng …… I turned her arond and made her sleep on her tummy and started to fuck her pussy … Ahe was moaning ahhhss… Ammmmsssss ahhmmm” she was awake now and lifted her ass for me … Oo.. That asshole…. I took my cock out and put a vibrator in her pussy .

She smiled and looked ahed again .. Her back was arched and her asshole was clear and visible ..I applied lotion to my cock and her her tight ,…And before she could know about 3″ of my cock was in her ass…. She screamed in pain and tears rollled down her face… “‘ aiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaa fucckkkkkkk!! Take it out …Nooo aaooooooo aaaaiiiii what you doing … Ahhhh its tooo big…” I still kept giving thrusts and she was crying and trying to get away …But it was useless… Finally about 6″Was inside her and I thought that was enough…She was still in pain,… Pleaseeeee..It hurts take it ouuttt …Ss aahhhhh np no no… ” I started fucking her slowly and little blood started to comeout on the rim of her ass .. After about 15 minutes she was enjoying and loving it ..” ahhhhiii ahhhhhh ahhhiiii fuckkkk sss ahhhhmmm aiiii…Ssss .. ‘she came twice this time and after some time I too came deep in her ass…. I told you u can take it …I said to her … Yeah but it hurt alot … Now I hope next time il enjoy it..She replied… I assured her… Yes il make sure f that … Then we kissed and went in shower where she gave me a nice blowjob and I came in her mouth … I fucked her 6 times that day …And yess she had a diffculty walking but a orderd some medis and lotion and that sorted things out…

So here is our story Neha .As you told me to post …Hope yo have more adventures with you.

Hope you guys like it. Queries, sex request, or you want to get in contact with me. I am available on [email protected] or facebook raj Roshan or hangouts: [email protected]. Threesome (me + female + female) (me +female + husband ), gangbang invites or sex invites are accepted… Identity will be kept secret.Please write your views on my story. I love to meet and interact with people.

See you guys in next story.

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