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Hey, Indian sex story readers, this is Akay from Pune, about myself – I’m a 21year old engineering student with wild desires to satisfy women of all age, I am 5’11 with a muscular physique and a monstrous little friend of 7inches, I took me some courage to approach this woman whom I healed sexually.

Let me first describe the hotness of the sex story, her name I shouldn’t disclose, she was a 24-year-old, height 5’6 with a slim yet bulky figure, by bulky I mean the extra curves of her assets. She didn’t weigh much as I recall picking her up to bed that night. However, we should call her Savita, as we already dream about our very famous beloved Savita bhabhi.

She lived in a society opposite to mine, as I lived on the 6th floor I could monitor the movements in the building. Savita was a housewife who was recently married to a lawyer. They didn’t have a child. She would spend time doing housework, I laid my eyes on her on a Monday afternoon when she had left home to buy some stuff, she had a figure of a goddess, she always whores a dark sari.

I couldn’t stop looking, one fine day I happened to go to the same grocery shop as Savita, after gathering lots of courage, finding her struggle with the grocery I offered to help. She said “I would have dropped the bags and made a mess” I responded by saying “Not today, not when I’m watching”, my naughty smile went right to her brain, I acted as if I didn’t know she was married. I took the bags and showing off my veins on the arm I offered to help her walk till the lift, she agreed.

I asked her about her education, life, family etc. Her response on the family part was a little sadistic, she said she was married for 3 years to Prakash, who often played cricket on Sundays in the hood. I said I knew Prakash, and he had never said he was married, and his behavior was weird. I said, “Prakash plays like a little baby, he needs to lift some weights” saying this she started to laugh and understood that she had married a jerk. She didn’t approve of the marriage as it was fixed by their parents. She said “Maybe you should train Prakash in the gym” to which I said, “I wouldn’t mind training you”. She said she didn’t require to exercise as she was fit.

I kept her wanting to talk to me more. I didn’t exchange numbers the first time. One day I ran into her, she stopped me while I was on the bike, she said “Prakash is in Singapore okay…. I need some company” I said, “Savita I’m in a hurry give me ur number”.

I saw her missed call after I reached home, I called back

Me: Hi, what’s up?Savi: Kuch Nahi, was bored in afternoon, let’s go for a walk?Me: no, I have to go to the gym, can I meet you later?”Savi: Okay, come to my building after gym.

I could feel Savita being attracted to me. Meeting her in the evening was electric, she was wearing her push-up bra and some tight female clothing which outlined the goddess figure. I went in for a hug when I saw her, as I had a bath after a workout, I smelt just good. She had made some dinner home and was not feeling like eating alone, she invited me up, the house was well furnished. She arranged the food as I ate my apple while talking to her. Savita kept looking at my pants. I had a hard on ever since she bent down to put the plates.

I stopped her my putting force on her hand. Slowly smelling her hair I got close to her face and kissed her cheeks, I said “You needed this” looking at her not get angry I went to her lips and kept kissing till she responded back. She said “Akay … This is wrong” I said “Maybe, but a beauty like you and a monkey like Prakash is not right either” she giggled and hugged me tightly, I felt her butt and grabbed it, she knew my intentions, she kept breathing heavily, I thought removing the push up bra would reduce the heavy breathing, but it increased.

She pulled my t-shirt out, our naked bodies meet, I got a wave of ecstasy transferred from her to me, we couldn’t stop kissing, our tongues were long lost fighters, I put my hands on her warm pelvic region, almost simultaneously she did the same to me, she like what she had touched. I could notice her begging for the pleasure I could deliver.

I picked her up, with her legs wide open against my chest, as I licked her nipple, she pointed to the door, I took the action there, with her hands around my back I lay down yourself on the bed, I ripped open her pants to reveal her pussy, it was well shaved, she made an expression which signaled me to lick her navel, I headed to do the pleasure, she said “Just like that…. Keep licking it,……Don’t stop okay…… I need this” I increased the speed I could feel the pussy licking me back, her pussy was dripping with tasty juices.

She was in heaven, her eyes were shut. When she opened them she wanted to suck my penis, I wanted that too, she started to lick my shaft with the tip of her tongue, she took my penis into her mouth and went up and down. She said, “I want to eat this candy every day”. Her every word made me horny.

I knew it was time to fuck her silky pussy, I brought my cock to the summit of her pussy and went wild till she actually squirted her juices on her bed, I lay in the bed with her till she woke up, she kissed me again for an endless time.

Thanks for reading my sex story. Any woman wanting to have sexual fun pls mail me at [email protected]

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