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Hi ISS readers. I am Naresh Patil from Mumbai central suburbs and back with a new incident. I recently posted an incident in Couple section HAD SEX WITH COLLEGE FRIEND. The day this story got published on ISS I started receiving many emails complimenting my story. I was really happy as I was not expecting such a huge response. Thank you all who read it and appreciated me. I replied to each and every mail that I received. In this story I’ll narrate you how I satisfied one of my reader.

I received email with the name Sheetal. She wrote to me;

Hi Naresh,

I read your story HAD SEX WITH COLLEGE FRIEND. I loved it. The way you narrated the story was so erotic and sexy that I literally cummed while reading it. I wonder if I am there on the place of Preeti.

I replied to her;

Dear Sheetal,

Thank you for appreciating my story. Please refer your friends to read the story. And if you really wonder to be on the place of Preeti, then you can. Because I’m not in relationship with her. I’d love to satisfy any girl sexually if she is willing to. Thank you.

In next mail she gave me her contact number. I started to chat with her on WhatsApp. While chatting I found that we live in same city. So she requested to meet up. As I was free I agreed and decided to meet the next day at a restaurant.

Next day I got ready and went to pace where we were supposed to meet. I was waiting for her and after 10 mins one girl came and stood at some distance from me and started looking for someone. I went to her and asked her whether she is Sheetal or not. She shook her head in positive and greeted me. We went inside the restaurant.

We made ourselves confirmable and ordered some snacks. After some casual general topic we came on main topic.

Naresh: So what you want from me?

Sheetal: Actually I was in a relationship with a guy. I loved him a lot. But from past 1 month I noticed that he ignored me. I did not receive my calls. He used to be online but did not reply to my messages. After some days my friend told me that she saw my bf with someone else in movie theatre. I couldn’t believe it but it was true. I was very broke from inside from then. But now I want to move on.

N: So how can I help you in this? It’s your personal issue, and I’m not your friend either.

S: I want to show him that I don’t need him anymore. And I don’t care for him. I don’t bother whether he hang out with is new gf or any one. I’ve too moved on. I have an interesting plan. Let’s have a hot sex. You click my pictures while I suck your dick, have sex, while in 69 etc. I’ll show those pictures to him. And he’ll be so jealous to see this as I’ve not allowed him to have sex with me. We have kissed but no sex at all. I loved him very much, I wanted to do sex with him, but after marriage.

N: But now you are ready to fuck the stranger. Instead of that you could have allowed him to have sex with you. He would have not ditched you then. Don’t you think?

S: Ya, but I don’t love you. I just want to have sex with you to teach him a lesson.

N: And don’t you think he can misuse your nude pictures?

S: No, I’ll meet him personally and show him the pictures and video in my phone.

N: Ya but be careful. It’s a risky task.

S: Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.

N: And what about me? I‘m a total stranger, how can you trust me? Even I can misuse your pictures!

S: You’ll have to surrender your mobile phones and all digital equipment after entering my place. I’ll check your each and every pocket, remove your cloths and then only allow you to enter my bedroom.

N: No problem dear. Let me make myself clear. I don’t disrespect any women. And I don’t take advantage of anyone. You can trust me. And I don’t have any issue with your security check.

Then we planned our Mission at her place the next day.

Next day I became ready and went to her place at decided time. I took some chocolates for her. I rang the bell, and she opened the door. We greeted each other and she invited me inside.

After having some water, I gave her the chocolates. She was happy and gave me a brisk hug. She was looking dam hot. She was wearing a tight slip and kepri as it is too hot now a days. She was looking so hot that I couldn’t take off my eyes from her body. Mann!!! Her cloths were so tight that it was totally hugging her body. I could clearly see that she was not wearing any innerwear. I winked at her and said, seems that you are totally ready for today. She smiled naughtily and said, as decided please hand over your mobile phoned to me. I gave her my phone. She started checking for any other phone or recording equipment on my cloths. She found nothing as I was not having any. I asked her, are u satisfied or should I remove my cloths? She said, no need. I trust you.

Now, she came close to me and kissed me on my lips gently. I held her back and dragged her towards me. Now the distend between our lips were just millimetres away. The boobs were crushing on my chest and I got instant hardon. We could feel the breaths of each other on our faces. I started to kiss her passionately, slowly it became wild and my tongue was exploring her mouth. She broke the kiss and said, Deere se mere raja, Aaj mera first time hai. I picked her in my arms and took her to her bed room. I threw her on the bed and started removing her cloths one by one and asked for her mobile to click her pictures. I clicked some her nude pictured and she was posing like a pornstar. I purposely clicked some pictures in which it could be easily seen that a boy was making her necked.

Now she started removing my clothes and I was clicking the pictured of her making me nude. For next 10 minutes we were kissing like wild. Our both faces were wet with the saliva. Slowly I came towards her beautiful boobs. I sucked her left boob and massaged her right boob side by side took pictures. I the entire act we took many pictures and I’ll not mansion it every time.

She was moaning heavily and started abusing her bf. It was very funny to hear. She was using very foul language which made me even more horny. She was saying, Bada shauk hai na us madarchod ko dusri ladkiyan ghumaneka? Use meri kadar nahi to mai q us harami laude ki kadar karu. Mai teri aisi gand jalaungi kit u dekhta reh jaaega ki tune kya khoya hai bhosadike. The made me more energetic and sucked her boobs like a wild animal which she was enjoying a lot.

Slowly I came to her clean shaved pussy. My god what a sight it was. I couldent resist to suck on that pussy. I said, aaj mai rei choot kha jaunga randi. She said, Haa kha ja. I placed the camera on table from where it couls capture the clear view of me sucking her pussy with her expressions on face on self-timer. I was licking her pussy softy as she was a virgin. She pressed my face on her pussy and said, are itna dheere kya kar raha hia, khaa ja na use.

So I started to eat it literally. She started to moan so loudly that I was afraid to be caught by her neighbour. She said, don’t worry, all the people are service men. Nobody is at home. So I was relaxed a bit. I suggested 69 position as I was dying to be sucked by a hungry bitch, but also wanted to taste her juices. She immediately took the position and I adjusted the camera for pictures. I laid down and asked her to come on top of me. Now we both were facing each other’s private parts. She first took my dickhead in mouth and sucked it. Slowly she took the entire dick in her mouth and started to take it in and out vigorously. I was feeling like I was in heaven.

I too sucked her pussy till she cummed. While cumming she was moaning so loudly that I thought she was a pornstar. I drank all the pussy juice and it was awesome. I asked her to kneel down in front of me and I stood up and gave my dick in her mouth again. She took it deep into the throat. I literally fucked her mouth. While fucking her mouth I couldn’t hold any more and I cummed on her mouth and face. I took many pictures in this pose and while cumming I made the video as she was looking like a slut, face full of saliva and my cum, her eyeliners was smugged, my entire dick in her mouth, a total slut and randi she was looking. She washed her face and laid in my arms for some time as she was exhausted.

I asked her, maza aya meri jaan? She said, mat puch kitna maza aya. But abhi aur maza baki hai. Abhi to aur seal tudwani baki hai na. After some rest, we got ready for the final showdown. I applied the condom on my dick and placed it on her pussy door. I made video of her virginity loss and her expression on face while the act. Now I threw the camera and started to fuck her slowly. As her pain turned into pleasure, I increased the speed. She was enjoying to the fullest.

After some time, we changed the position. Now she was on top of me. I was relaxing and she was jumping on me and was abusing her bf. I was feeling very lucky at the moment and pitty for that poor boy at the same time. I was enjoying the fruit that he could have enjoyed if he had showed some patience. After about 10minuts she came again and immediately after that I too came.

We got cleaned ourselves, took a bath together and had some food. Then we saw all the pictures and videos of today’s act. Guyes it feels so great but at the same time risky too. I selected the best pictures amongst them and blurred my faces for my safety. I prepared a short movie on the movie maker software. I deleted all the raw pictures and videos from her camera and pc and only kept the videos. Now even if the video is leaked, my pictures were blurred and I am safe.

Next day she met her in the college and showed him the video. Tomorrow we are meeting again as she wants to tell the entire story that happened when he saw the video. But I realised that this kind of things are highly risky so I decided not to do this again.

So guyes, I hope you enjoyed the story. Please write to me on [email protected] if you enjoyed it and experienced the best orgasm. Any unsatisfied girl/women from Mumbai central suburbs like, thane, dombivli, kalyan, Ulhasnagar, abernath, badlapur wants to enjoy can contact me, your information will be kept confidential.

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