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Finally, I am member of ISS and this is my first story here which is an real sexperience with my gf. Well I am Boby (nick name) working as a design engg in automotive sector in Bangalore age 25 height 5’6″ fair enough to work for fairness cream add.

Coming to the story, I was in a beautiful relationship in ma college days with a girl Sonu ( obviously fake name ). We were from same class in our first year of engg. In spite of being babe lover I use to lessly interact with our class girls because of the narrow mind sets. There was this girl sonu who use to always bloom amongst them she was always getting highlighted in the girls crowd. But we never spoke a word to each other but we both were sharing common lab batches in college. One fine day it was chemistry lab, I was with ma lab partner doing some titration I heard a voice calling my name.

I just turned around and was shocked to find her calling my name. I was also happy to know that she knew my name too, she asks me pass her flask to heater which was placed in corner of our lab. I did it and placed on heater to heat. Then I got interacted with my girl sonu for very first time that too end of our first year of clg together. After knowing each others with an intro we started interacting in lab hours much. And we finished our first year as classmates. She was cs I was a mech student so we were about to get separated as classmates. So on one such days after exam I found her near library returning few books I ran to her we chatted for a while and then I placed my cell phone in her hands and told her to save her no in ma phone.

And from then on we started chatting and calling late nights. I was so happy being with her and so I proposed her to which she replied with love you too after 10 long days. Then we started going to places, movies, restaurant and long drives. It was easy for her to hang out with me because she use to stay in hostel as she was from nearby town. And one day during some frequently occurring holidays whole girls hostel was empty and ma girl was feeling lonely without her roommates. To ma bad luck she fell ill because of food poisoning, I was worried how she could manage being alone.

But to ma luck my parents were suppose to visit my native place in mp. I was supposed to be staying alone for 15 days. So called her in the eve around 6 and told to pack her luggage and come to ma home for she was denying after being forced she agrees.

I texted her my address and booked a cab. And there she was in an hour. I took her bags made asked her to step in ma home. I made her sit on couch and locked the doors. Awww then she comes to me for a hug oh no she was warm she had little fever. I called my brother in law for medications and I bought them. And to my luck they worked and she was feeling great after having the medication.

After that we cooked together and enjoyed our first hand made meal. I asked her to watch tv till I get changed my clothes. While changing in ma room I got tight warm hug from behind by her I was shocked for while to feel a warm skin on bare body for a while. I turned around I saw her wit and kissed her forehead and then I kissed lips wooow that was so heavenly. We kissed for a very long time then broke our kiss she was hiding her face on ma chest I could feel her warm breath on ma chest I lifted her face kissed her cheek,chin,eyes, earlobes, forehead and lips which made us hot.

Then we both were lost in world of lovemaking I lifted her took her to my room placed her on bed and climbed on her we started kissing again but with much wildness. While kissing my hand was exploring her curves and reached her breasts I started with a press to which she took a long breath. She liked it I continued with my hands on her breasts with her clothes on. I slowly tried to pull her tee and soon it was off of her body she was there laying on bed in her pink bra I pulled it off with ma teeth and her left boob was out. I was just going so soflty on her breasts her body started waving like a flag in a rhythm.

She pulled me down and she started kissing my nipples to which so hot. My hands were just doing everything in an order and making its way to every part of her. My hands reached on her thighs from the bottom of her mini skirt and slowly reached her love hole. It was so damn hot with its love fluids I was going crazy she too started moving her hands thru my body touches my hot rod on my shorts itself. She grabs it and winks at me asking what is it. To which I said find it yourself. We both were playing with our parts by she pulling foreskin of my dick up and down and wondering by seeing the dick so huge and me rubbing and inserting wit ma wet fingers.

Finally I went in btw her legs made them apart saw her love hole and kissed it. While doing it I got an idea asked her to go get honey bottle from the kitchen till then I took a peacock feather.

She kept on asking me what’s going on in btw our romance I din talk a word. I just pulled her on bed again and went to her pussy again. And I started playing the feather on her pussy. Oh god… She was just yelling mmm aahhh haaa…. To which I said this what it is for and then I opened honey bottle poured little on her right thigh and little more on left. I started spreading with two fingers slowly to which she was going crazy took those fingers on her pussy. Started rubbing her pussy with honey dipped fingers. She had little hair there which made sweet sounds while rubbing. Then I took my face close to her pussy and blew her pussy slowly for a while for which her body was getting arched.

Finally she lost control starts to rub her pussy on ma mouth. Then I held her thighs licked the honey with ma tongue and started tonguing her honey-fied pussy I inserted my tongue deep in her hole. Sucked her pussy lips and gave soft love bites on her pussy and surroundings. And there she gets her orgasms she came on my face and which I licked every drop of it.

She was so happy and had a smile on her face. Then I pointed her towards my dick. To which she hits me with a naughty smile and grabs it. She tells me it is so huge and warm. And she starts kissing me on lips, on neck, on chest, on nipples and goes down and looks at ma dick from near and gives a first kiss on ma dick and looks at me and then puts whole damn dick in her mouth and sucks it so deeply. I was going crazy with her first suck itself. She sucked it like a lollipop or some gola. She sucked it for a long time made me cum. Which was spilled on her face she cleans it and starts kissing me again.

After few min I came on her made myself in btw her legs. Took my erect dick started rubbing on her pussy lips she was like just put it dont make me wait. And there I started inserting but felt too tight after 2 attempts I was half in. For which she was in pain made me take out my dick. I didn’t listen to her and started pushing more deep and thr I am I was tottaly in her. Took my dick out and pushed it again this time she was less in pain and more enjoying it. She holds my back and pulls me for my every push.

We had sex for around 15 min and we both came again very soon because it our first time. We had few more rounds that night and had shower to get her followed by a soapy sex and later for 15 more days we had sex in every part of the house. And experienced lots of love.

But after 2 yrs we were made to breakup due to some problems at her home.

Hope you liked my story. Need your comments and likes. You could also text me on [email protected]. Any beauties and angels interested for sex and secret affair can also text me.Thanks

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