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Hi Indian sex story readers, I am Azlik age 25 working in Trichy. me and my friend were working in the same place so we became very close, one day me and my friend were gone to movie for night show and after that it became too late, so my friend asked me to stay with him, he took me to his aunt house because his parents lives in Chennai so he stays with his aunt, his father send him to his sister house for the job purpose, we reached his house his aunt came and opened the door. I saw her for the first time and stunned there.

I saw her for the first time and stunt there, her name in Soha, she is the most beautiful women I saw in my life her brown eyes, loosen hair, white milky face, she will be around between 30-32 year old any men would die to have her and she got married couple of years back. Till now she doesn’t have kids.

She greeted us inside and my friend introduced me to her and she said HELLO. We came at the late night she know we won’t be eaten anything, so she told us to sit in the dining hall, she went inside the kitchen brought us a food and offered. on that day her husband went for a business trip he used to keep travel so she lives alone in her home for that sack also my friend’s father send him to her aunt. After we finished eating she said go to sleep. My friend took me to his onom which is in first floor and he keep talking about the movie for an hour and my mind filled up with his aunt image and I am very eager to see her again so I made an excuse of water to my friend.

I went to the kitchen drink the water while returning. I went near to her room tried to saw her through the key hole but I can’t find her and I return to the room, that night I can’t sleep my mind filled with imagination of her the night passed early morning my friend took me to my room and he went to the office and I too got freshen up went to the office. A week later my friend call me to his house I went very happily to his house rang the bell he said me through window to come in I went inside the door was opened I searched her but can’t find and went to his room.

After me and my friend came down she is arranging the dinning for the breakfast she asked both of us to eat and I saw her boobs outline through the nighty she noticed, my friend told me, lets have breakfast first I hesitated said NO than he compiled me. we started to eat she went to her room at the time my friend gone to his room for some stuff that he forgot to take and I went near to her room to see what she is doing ,she is not their I went inside I heard shower sound she is in bathroom than I tried open the door slowly it is unlocked so it opened.

I saw her standing in the bathtub taking shower her body curve turned my rod on she was approximately 34-26-36 and I heard my friend coming down I ran to the table and started to act like finished the meal than my friend said lets go he shouted to his aunt about we are leaving and he said he will be for the night because we planned a night out that was my plan made it purposely.

That night I made an excuse to my friend about the late night so he told me to stay in his house, after I get inside his house I keep looking at her without my friend knowledge she kept noticing my behavior and then we finished our dinner my friend took me to his room I told him that I’m too tired want to sleep we both slept at 12.15am I went down saw their kitchen’s light is turned on and I know she is in their she found me and asked what do you want I said water she gave a full glass of water I drank it asked for more while she tried to take water jug I grabbed her kissed in her lips continually like she won’t be able to make a noise and she kept trying to push me after few minutes of liplock she co operated with me and we both kissed passionately each other after 10 minutes of kiss she suddenly pushed me and run into the room and locked. I feel her that she is co operated because she won’t be touched for long period of time by her husband.

I went to my friend’s room and slept, at the morning I woke up my friend taking a shower and I went down and saw her she won’t able to see me and put her head down I went near her and said last night ,she said it was a mistake I lost control I love my husband I won’t do this , and I understood her loneliness she suffering for a love than I said no it’s not a mistake than I went and two days later my friend’s girlfriend came to see him in the office after a long time and they wanted to spend time together for whole day so he took her to the movies of night show so they left, on that night I went to his house as made an excuse like asking about my friend I planned and went inside the house, his aunt is in red nighty like red slips and upper full jacket she is looking beautiful I asked about my friend!.

She said he is not here and I asked can I have a glass of water she said go and take it yourself and I went to the kitchen I drink a glass of water and went near to her room she is arranging the caboard. I hold her tightly behind her she tried to get rid of me and she tried to pushed me to run I grabbed her hand pulled her toward me and hold her hands behind her tightly and I kissed in her lips, she didn’t give up tried to rid of me and suddenly I pushed her against the wall hold her hands up of her head kissed, her fighting continues after few minutes she started cooperate we both started eating each other’s lips and I crushed my whole body in her body than I hold her hands with my one hand and pressed her boob with other hand while kissing her simultaneously few minutes later I untied her jacket and remove it and I started kissing in her neck my hands are ruining all over her body she is breathing heavily I understood that she turned on, in that while I took of my t-shirt and jean and tightly kissed her boobs over her slips after that I took off her slips.

Wow! worlds beauty standing in front of me with red bikini her curves makes me to cum I controlled it and I grabbed her hair pressed her to kneel I get my rod out of my jockey tried to put in her mouth she refused by turning her head and I forced my rod inside her mouth, Ohh! It was heaven and I begin to push her head too and frow that was amazing blowjob of my life and few minutes of blowjob I cum in her mouth and I pull her hair to stand and kissed her,some of my cum came into my mouth it was delicious and pressed my one hand in her boob another in her pussy, I feel wet in the pussy than understood she cum too and I turned her against the wall removed her bra and panty begin to kiss her legs and came up to her ass I split it saw her asshole can’t control my self I bit it for that she moaned louder it continuous for few minutes and turned her toward me kissed her pussy and bit her clit and my hand middle finger inserted in her asshole and thumb finger in her pussy teasing them for sometimes she moaned louder that she likes it, and I came upward kissed her in belly and then boobs.

I pulled her leg up placed it in my shoulder pushed her up against the wall like standing position inserted my cock inside her pussy and she louder her moan we begin to fuck while kissing each other few minutes of fucking section, I throwed her on the bed and jumped onto her , kissed all her body passionately from toe to head and she pull me down and sat on me she begin to fuck me like women on top position and few minutes of fucking I cum inside her simultaneously she cum too, and she collapse on me we both took 10 minutes rest and we continued 4 round in that night, each round we tried new position and she completely drained in third round and in the fourth round I used her as a sex doll, in fact she really looks like a doll.

While I’m collapsed on her I saw in her face that the level of her satisfied expression I can’t explain in words, that look gave me more pleasure ever I felt, We slept holding each other. In the morning around 7pm I woke up she is coming from bathroom after bath, I saw her, she, put her head down and shouted ‘ LEAVE”. Without any words I got dressed up and left. I went to my room get freshen up left for the office and meet my friend in office, I asked him about the last night, he said it was assume they spent whole night together and he said that he has to take leave tomorrow because his uncle is arriving from business trip so has to pick him from the airport, after that I never had a chance to see her again. Ok reader if you like my sex story please comment.

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