How I Fucked My Best Friend’s Girlfriend

My name’s Raj. I’m from hyderabad. Age 24, height 6’1. This is my first story of the many to come which happened a few months ago. My friend Mahesh and I have been friends for 6 years and his relationship with his girl is around 3 years. I would never betray him had it not been coz of this girl, Monica.

She’s 5’9 , 38-24-36 , short hair and has wheatish complexion. I’ve known her since an year. Both are 2 years elder to me and he’s shorter than her. She plays tennis occasionally which explains her athletic body. She had all the assets and qualities of my dream woman. Monica and I work for an MNC and Mahesh for another MNC and located side by side.

We 3 smoke together during breaks and drink together but watch porn individually. She stays in a PG near to the office. The day I fucked her was the day Mahesh told me that the engagement date was fixed and we went to her apartment on a Saturday evening to party. Mahesh left as he got a call from his parents and told he can’t join later as well.

We spoke about life after marriage and Monica came closer to me and put her left hand on my chest and rested her shoulder on me. It is common to us as we 3 are thick friends. She’s not high yet and neither am I and I always have wanted to ask her that she had a boob job because they’re very firm at all times and not saggy. She smiled and explained about exercises for firm breasts and she asked me my dick size, I wasn’t sure but I told it’s more than 7, it is indeed. She wanted to watch porn and also look at how big my dick size was. We watched porn together for the first time and both of us soft porn and nothing else. Soon I had a boner and she saw it and said WOW!

I smiled too and asked Mahesh’s dick size. She told she doesn’t know. I was shocked and asked if she never noticed during sex. She said she’s still a virgin and didn’t wanna do it with him so early and she slowly started confessing about her sexual desires and how unromantic and busy mahesh was. She made out with 6 other men during her relationship with mahesh and never did anything beyond that and she knew me better than mahesh as we hang out more often. She knows I’m a virgin and shy with girls but mostly Interested in aunties and girls older to me so she took some courage and told me that she wanted to fuck me from so long.

I was both shocked and happy at the same moment but said good to hear that but now your engaged to my best friend , that cannot happen but I had something different in my mind. I’ll either fuck you tonight or pay a gigolo to fuck me before my engagement. I was on cloud 9 when i heard that and told that I’m too hard for you as you’re a virgin and it pains. She told that I could tear her apart and took off her jacket as it was hot and she was wearing a skin tight top. I saw her busty tits and my brother had become a rod now and seeing that she says I KNOW YOU WANNA FUCK ME and I’m not leaving you tonight.

Saying that she took off her jeans and only in her black panties. She noticed my liquids coming out and touched the tip of my dick and put her in her mouth. I smiled seeing that and told we’re not gonna stop with this one day and she told I don’t want it to stop and smiled back at me.

I too felt hot on the room and took off my shirt and was in my undies. She saw my arms and got turned on by the physique and said how can your girlfriends didnt fuck you by now? I said that i refused and i didnt feel like but the truth is I didn’t wanna fuck a non hot and non busty chick. She finally came and sat on me and put her arms around my neck and said just be my slave for this night and all my pervert friends are yours to fuck. I smiled again and said let me have the first fuck of my life with you bitch and BAM!! My tongue was almost at the end of her tongue.

We made out vigorously and I started biting her lips and her lip was cut and I apologised and she smiled and was on her knees and started teasing me by licking my dick. I really wanted to know how this girl would give her first blowjob and to my surprise we cannot compare 2 girls’ performance. There are as many different heavens as women.

I was uncomfortable releasing mine on her as she was precious to me but she really wanted every cell of my body and drank it like she was thirsting for it. I wanted to return the favour and I took off her top and bra and there she was lying on the couch waiting to get fucked and all smiles on her face. ABSOLUTE GODDESS OF BEAUTY!

Soon I started kissing her neck, ears and lips and licking her armpits and held her hands with my single hand and started kissing and licking her navel and hip. Moans never stopped and I pushed her to the wall and was squeezing her tits softly and gave kisses on the neck and groping her sweet ass simultaneously.

Then I pulled her by the hair towards me and locked her lips with mine and slowly entered her hole with my 2 fingers and she got wet in no time.

It went on for 15 minutes before I threw her on the bed and started kissing her thighs and eventually ate her pussy for a while. I came up and licked,bit,kissed and suck her million dollar tits for eternity before she said I WANT YOU IN ME and then I put mine in her and there was a gasp by her and started fucking her softly inside out and her hands on my butt pressing and groping and saying HARDER!! HARDER!!! and I pinned her both arms with mine and fucked her so hard that she screamed with pain and started abusing me Raj you son of a bitch, fuck me harder u piece of shit which turned me on even more and the session went on for 20 minutes and I turned her and did her doggy style pulling her hair.

It was 3 in the morning and she was hungry and there was chocolate. She put it on my dick and licked everything clean and I did the same putting some on her boobs. We had another 2 – 3 sessions till 5 and slept like babies on each other. We bathed and fucked again in the shower and I left the next morning. Mahesh and Monica are married now and we fuck very rarely now as they moved to Bangalore now.

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Stay tuned for my next story which is about how I fucked my girlfriend’s best friend.

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