One Night In A Bus With My Chatting Friend

I am frequent reader of ISS from past 5 years and decided to share my experience also with my fellow readers. It is my first story here so please kindly bear if there are any mistakes. I am open for suggestions and any hook up with beautiful ladies in Hyderabad. I will make sure to satisfy you to the core.

I used to chat in a sex chat group where I met this beautiful girl Srividya. Initially we chatted like friends and as days passed we started exchanging our personal stories and feeling as well. She introduced me that she is not married and completed her MBA and working like a pa for a shipping company in Vizag. We exchanged our numbers and like all we used to chat till late nights. We are waiting for a chance to meet. Finally the day has come, she told me that she is going alone to her friends marriage and she asked me to come to join her. We decided to meet at kakinada bus stop and then go in bus.

I have reached the bus stand at sharp 6 and waiting eagerly to see my friend for the 1st time. A few minutes later a lady walked with a beautiful black top and tight fit lower waist jeans. She was in her early 30’s and was 34-30-34 with a superb structure. I am happy to have such a sexy friend, but to my surprise she was married. She told that she was worried if she revealed that she is married we might not chat and told a lie. I told her it is not a problem, at least you have shared the truth now.

We have boarded into bus and I am not able to talk because of excitement. She started talking about our plan for today and how to work out after the marriage. Once we reach the outskirts driver has turned off lights and slowly I started moving my hand on her neck. Since it is an volvo bus they gave us blankets we both are under one blanket and have lip locked for 15min. We both are involved in tongue fighting and exchanging our saliva.I hold her ear and whispered that you will remember this meet for lifelong and I licked her earlobe.

Then I lifted her kurta and removed it and unhooked her bra and slowly moving hands on her back. She was feeling my fingers then slowly and lightly moved my one hand on her left boobs and giving her touch of my left hand she was enjoying it and she was rotating her hands in my hair. I grabbed her boobs and started crushing them with my hands. She started moaning while I am sucking her erected nipples. She was enjoying sucking and her soft moans started to increase and her breathe got heavier. She started to stroke my dick and I started to do a finger fuck.Since it is a bus we are unable to enjoy all the movements and we decided to end here and continue it further once we reached destination.

As we are about to reach our destination we have dressed our selves properly. We reached our destination and took a room and as soon as we entered room we have thrown our luggage ans started kissing. We undressed our selves when we are in deep kiss and I lifted her to the bedroom.She was damm looking like an angel. Even though she is married, she has well maintained her body and her curves are superb that any one can start sucking the sweet sweetest round shaped mellons. Her pussy was neatly shaved and she was looking like a damm milk beauty.

As soon as she touched my dick suddenly current started flowing in my body and she started to rub my dick and then she started giving me a awesome blow job.

Then I inserted my hand into her panty and started teasing her by rubbing surrounding of her pussy. I can feel the wet panty and some liquid coming out her pussy. She was pleasing me to insert fingers and do a finger fuck.Since I am teasing her she caught my hand and forcibly she pushed my finger into her pussy for a finger fuck.

I increased the pace and after 5 min juices started flowing from her pussy.She started to kiss and sucking my dick that I have never enjoyed blowjob because of that I cummed in her mouth within short time. She drank my sperms completely and kissed me. While she was pressing and stroking my dick so that it became hard again and with her few min pressing and stoking worked I got hard again. She then said please dont tease me any more lets start the final encounter.I pulled out a condom packet from my pant pocket and asked her if she likes a dotted condom or strawberry flavored condom. She pleaded not to tease and wear any condom and start fucking.

Then I started rubbing her pussy and suddenly I pushed my 8 inches dink in her pussy. She made a loud moan and later she started enjoying my strokes. I have slowly increased pace and stroking very hardly. She was making loud moans and asking to increase the pace. I told her that I may cum, she told that few more strokes I also will cum. After few min we both have cummed.

Since we are running short of time we decided to take shower together and attend marriage. We had a another quick session in wash room and dressed and attended marriage. She told that this was the superb and never forgettable session which lasted for a longer time. In my next story I will tell you our next encounter after her friend marriage.

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