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It was nearly a month since we had last met. Her training lecture got done less than an hour ago. The airport was ten, maybe eleven kilometers away. I had a feeling she would be tired after a long day. Yet she looked and smelt fresh as if she took a hot bath a few minutes ago.

I hugged her tightly and we kissed. I felt her body go stiff. Her cheeks slowly turned to a soft shade of pinkish red and flushed. We got into the cab. I tried engaging her in a conversation, but her responses were very erratic. I thought, she maybe was upset or even angry. However, a strong aroma slowly began to overpower the fragrance of her body and was confusing my thoughts. It was giving me a hard time the entire cab ride. I could barely contain my lust for her body. I kept nudging her breast with my elbow every-time I got the opportunity. I rested my palm on her thigh, slowly tickled her exposed thigh whilst still trying to talk to her. It was evident she was losing her calm and patience too. With every passing minute, it was getting more difficult to contain our excitement.

We finally reached the hotel. In a few minutes, we checked into our room. I had never seen this look in her hazel eyes, felt like it had been years. Her elated eyes stared into my soul with a sense of fascination. It felt amazing. There she was in her purple short sleeved shirt, breathing heavily.

Her chest was heaving in tandem with her each breath as if she was almost panting. She had pinned herself against the door, facing me, whilst fidgeting with the lock behind her back ensuring it was latched properly. She didn’t want anyone disturbing us. I stood there, thinking of my next move. Her pantyhose stockings were inviting me to rip them apart. Her navy blue skirt oozed out every bump in her curvaceous figure which I had barely noticed all these years. I was sweating although it was winter in Delhi. My white shirt was damp with sweat. She took a step forward. I thought time had stood still for this moment or if this was a part of a movie scene. But it wasn’t. This was real. It was our moment.

She didn’t hesitate one bit and flung into my arms. We had practiced this for fun before she had left. Maybe her emotions held her back at the airport. Now, she had regained her composure and in an instant, our lips were locked in a deep, passionate kiss. I held her in my arms feeling every curve and bump of her back. The seams of her shirt and the hooks of her bra were the only things between her skin and my fingertips. Her perfectly tied bun was still holding up. I was in heaven, but all hell was gonna break loose.

In my head, I wanted to pin her down and fuck her brains out. That would’ve been quick and it would be over in an instant. But, I wanted this moment to last an eternity. She was in a totally different mood and I was too selfish for wanting this to go down like a porn flick. I relaxed myself and let her take control. I decided to play the tease game for a change. I could sense she was tired, but the reality of us being all alone in a room, with no one to disturb, was something she craved for the longest time. It was close to a year since we had so much privacy.

She was all over me. Her hands were gently exploring every inch of my body. Tugging at my collar, she exposed my shoulder blade. With her other hand, she dug her nails into my back, whilst trying to nibble my neck. Every time she took a bite I let out a shrill moan, teasing her. I took long, heavy breaths. I could sense her heartbeat increasing. I cupped her breast. It was soft, yet firm. I fondled and tried to find her nipple over her padded bra. I couldn’t. In a swift move, she took my hand and put it on her crotch. I rubbed my palm on her lower abdomen, then went up to her navel. She was making sounds I never heard before. I knew this was going to be an awesome ride. I held her by her butt cheeks and picked her up while we were still kissing. She wrapped her legs around my waist and started grinding me mid air.

I somehow walked over to the sofa and we slumped there with a gentle thud. I was still carrying her in my arms. She was on top of me and her skirt was stretched to its limit. She unhooked and unzipped the skirt to loosen it. She then started unbuttoning my shirt with a naughty, dirty little smile. After the first two buttons, she ran her fingertips on my chest playing with my chest hair. She then gently began licking my neck with the tip of her tongue. I knew things were going down on the sofa for sure. She wasn’t going to wait, change and then go to the bedroom. She wanted me then and there. All these years of being together the longest time we were apart was a week. I wanted to grab a condom, but I knew it was in vain. She was not going to let me go anywhere till she had her way. I willingly obliged.

Our kisses were getting more intense. Her matte red lipstick gave up and was smudged all over her lips. Her saliva tasted like cherry. She removed my shirt, threw it to the floor. Like a cat she clawed my chest with her nails, nibbling away on the nape of my neck. Her skirt had lifted above her waist. I held her butt and squeezed them harshly. She enjoyed it. She removed her neatly tied scarf and unbuttoned her shirt, looking at my reaction the whole time. I didn’t interrupt. She dropped her shirt. The intensity on her face was evident. She was craving for my fingers to explore her exposed skin. I held back and made her anticipate it some more. She got rid of my shoes by pushing them down my ankles with her toes. She then unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. This was very uncomfortable. I hastily managed to somehow kick my jeans away. She rolled up her skirt and removed it like a t-shirt above her head. I was in my boxers and socks, staring, completely in awe of her. She was just wearing a bra and a thong, with an inviting look on her face.

Her vagina felt tender and moist with pre-cum. The huge wet patch on her thong was glistening with a gooey texture oozing out of the threads. Her facial expressions read as if to say, “Eat me or pound me. Just relieve me.” I was in no mood to give in, I wanted her to get an orgasm purely out of anticipation. I hoped that she would get rough, maybe nasty and ride me to her heart’s content. After all, I did fantasize it.

I could feel her body twitching. She was swaying her hips in the air slowly. I felt her back with my fingertips, unhooked her bra. Her nipples were hard as frozen peas. I toyed with them relentlessly. Kissed them, sometimes licked them gently. I knew she enjoyed when I sucked her nipples. But I didn’t linger too long or suck them. I rubbed my hard penis against her crotch, holding her waist against her wishes. She tried getting another feel of my erection, I held her back. She was frustrated and disappointed. Anger was setting in. I was still in my boxers. Her eyes were rolling back in pleasure, then pain and disappointment. I wanted her to break free of whatever she was holding back. And oh she did.

A teardrop trickled down her cheeks. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes tightly. She took a brief pause and then proceeded to do what I was waiting for. She got off my lap and knelt on one knee whilst I was laying low against the the sofa. In one hand she held her thong sideways and exposed her vaginal lips and her other hand held my hair. She came forward and forced herself on me. She pressed her wet vagina on my eager smiling lips. I was in heaven and began smooching her pain away. She was moaning. Whispering my name like a magical mantra that would help soothe her pain. It did.

In a matter of seconds, I felt a warm sensation on my lower lip. I extended the tip of my tongue. I managed to reach her clitoris and felt the warmth and heat of the most private and sensitive part of her body. The drops of her cum tasted heavenly. I pushed my tongue deeper. She thrashed her hips in a violent swaying motion. I adjusted my face to avoid getting hurt and dutifully stuck my tongue out. Her moans were getting louder. Her grip on my hair was getting harder. It was sweet pain and I wanted it to stay. It was difficult to breathe and I sucked in whatever air I could, which was getting filled with the pungent aroma of sweat.

This went on for a while. She stopped swaying her hips and paused for a couple of seconds. With full force, she then pressed down on me. I began sucking and licking like a mad man. I felt her body go limp, I held her in the same position whilst she wanted to just fall down on the sofa. I continued licking and smooching away. Her juices were flowing and I gulped them down. She resisted, I didn’t. I held her hips and sucked her gently. I could hear her quiver, ” baby stop. It’s dirty. Don’t do that please.” I didn’t listen. I drank every drop of her cum and then some more.

She was exhausted. I was too. I took a deep breath and inhaled the sweetest fragrance. A mixture of sweat and her cum. It was simply amazing. She fell down on me. She barely had control over her senses, let alone her body. I would safely say that she had almost passed out. Waking up at 5:00 am, getting done at 4:30 pm and then waiting at the airport for almost half an hour. Exhausted was an understatement. I removed her thong and carried her to the bed. She held me by my neck and mumbled a faint “I love you.” I took the blanket and covered her. I wanted to go pee, but she didn’t let me go. So I snuck inside the blanket beside her and we both slipped into a deep sleep.


“If you ever lucky enough to find a girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, you should hold onto that. Because she will be yours at two in the morning and at two in the afternoon the following day. She will kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts. And that’s important. Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something.. And a little more than usual.”

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