Love And Respect Towards Her

Hello readers. I am back after couple of months with a drastically change. And due to this change I have got a pretty lady for sex. Except name and number I am introducing myself. I am 21 years old handsome guy and living at Rajkot. If you like my story and want to give feedback or if you want to chat with me then you can mail me on “[email protected]”.

Of course you all will like my story but you all won’t give feedback. And this is all about decency and if you are seeking ooohhhh aaahh and such all creepy things then you shouldn’t waste your time to read this story.

I am fitness lover and I go to gym and sweat like hell. It is one of the famous gym of our city where lot’s of people come for making their body well shaped. Generally due to my busy schedule I prefer to go to gym at evening.

But one Saturday morning I was free and I thought let’s go to gym. At 6.30 I reached at there and I have started warming my body. There were few peoples who were doing their workouts and many more were coming. There are two floors at gym in which first floor is for cardio and other things and second floor is for weight lifting. I was doing my cardio workout and at 6.45am a lady came into gym. She had wore a pink colored sports t shirt and black 3/4th with puma ignite shoes.  She was the attraction at gym and many people were staring her and lost their focus. I also lost but for 30 secs only.

She was looking for trainer to guide her and she had talked with him. And she got an instruction of doing  cardio. She came to running machine besides me but as she was unaware about how to start the machine, she was getting confused. I found her being confused and then I asked her for help. And then I had started the machine and then the trainer came to us and instructed us regarding running. As she was new to gym the trainer asked me to help her and it was not possible for him to give constant instruction to her because he was general trainer. I nodded my head and then he went to others.

I was running for last 25 minutes and she was walking for last 5 minutes. I was sweating like hell. She saw me and after a minute she asked me how can I run so much! I also want to run like you. Can you set the speed up for running? I helped her by showing her the way of getting speed up and the she also started running. After my 30 mins. I moved for abdominal exercises and then she also came and started following me. And then I instructed her during her workouts and at that day we had done workout almost together.

After my workout I was taking protien shake and then I went to my sporty bike for a tiny ride. She was standing downside near to my bike and also she was unaware with the fact that it was my bike. And then I went to her to give me some space to get out my ride and she was surprised that it was my bike. Then she thanked me for support during workouts and also chatted for few minutes too. She said she wanted to loose her fat and want to be in well shaped because her husband had an affair with another lady. (this thing I came to know later after having sex with her). She asked me about my schedule of gym and timing. I said that I generally come at gym in evening time but due to free time I came today. And then she got a call and we had finished our talk.

After one week she came to gym at evening time and suddenly I was also doing my cardio workout as usual to getting my body warm. She came and then at that day too we had done workout together. But at that day we have reached at a comfort level at which I can touch her and she also can touch me. After finishing my workout she appraised about my chest and took a pinch of it with sweet smile. I thanked her and she asked me to be her friend. I aksed her what I have which made her to be my friend?  She said that I am good looking and much more I am decent which makes my looks even more brighter. I accepted her friend request and we became friends.

We have also started going outside together in her car. As she was belonging to rich family she had her owned car. We have started to go at dinner,go to gym together, and also we have planned for movie too. Fortunately we have got seat at the corner of the row. It was kind of romantic movie in which sweet love story has been shown. During the movie, I had mistakenly grabbed her hand. She didn’t hesitate and I took off my hand back. Then she grabbed my hand and I saw it. She was pressing my hand heavily, maybe she was punishing me for taking back my hand. I didn’t react and let her do what she wanted to do. After the movie I went to drop her at her home and luckily at that time too no one were there.

She asked me to come inside and I went with her. She took a glass of blueberry cocktail. After that she sat beside me and started crying. I asked her the reason. And I thought because of my mistake at theater she was crying so I also got down at my knees in front of her and apologised. She held my face with both of her hand and she also set down at her knees and said no dear you are not the reason. It is my husband. I said what happened?  If you want any help then tell me. She said you can’t do my help. I asked again that tell me what can I do for you! She said she was seeking love from her husband at bedroom. I got her problem and I remained silent for a moment.

She asked me that what she should do? I stood up and started walking towards outside. She came behind me and hold my hand and asked me to sit for a while. I was confused what to do and what not to do! She said that she can have lots of affairs with lots of guys but she didn’t have any. She said she was hungry for love not for sex only. I asked her why she was telling me that all ? She said she wanted that love from me. Yep. I do her respect a lot and she also knew that. That’s why she was telling me all that things. She stood up and said if you can give me that love then please do not do delay, and also told me that if I can then go to her room or else the door is open and I can leave.

She was really very sad and crying too. I started walking towards door but when I reached at the door I realised all the moments which I had spent with her. I said to myself that how can I be selfish. My eyes were full of tears and I closed the main door and started running towards her room. She had kept the door of her room open and smashed the door and I just hold her and hugged her very tightly as if I will never see her again. She was started crying again and she also grabbed me very tightly. I lifted her face up and I kissed her at her forehead.  She was seeing my eyes and asked me to close my eyes. I did and she kissed my both eyes, nose, neck and then she kissed me at lips.

I felt like something like tornado was running in my body and then we had kissed each other so passionately. We were not being wild because we found the love each other and not just creepiness. I lifted her with both of my hands and she was still kissing me. I put her on the bed. (let me tell you something about the location. In the room there were a round bed and there was a long balcony and there was a terrace in which they had set up a loan based floor so that it would look like a mini garden and also at there was a swing too.) I asked her to take a bath together and we took a bath. There were a shower and bathtub too.

We had removed each other’s clothes and sat in the tub. She was sitting on me and applying body shampoo over my whole body. I was just seeing her beauty and she was chucked when I was staring her beauty. She kissed me again and again and then I have started applying body shampoo over her all body. I just took much time at her breast as it was really good and soft. She was liking that and smiled. She had also gave some strokes to my dick as it was already been stood up.

We have finished our bath and then we both wiped out each other and then I lifted her on my hands. I put her on bed and then I started playing romantic songs on the home theatre system. It made the atmosphere much more romantic. And I also started room fresher machine as it would make room so well smelled. We both were naked and the song of tum hi ho was playing.

For her comfort, I switched off the lights and let came the lights of moon inside it because it was a night of full moon. I came to her on bed and then I just started kissing on her lips and neck. She was hands her hand over my hairs and shoulders. She said please dear give me love and respect, I don’t want just your dick only. I asked her to see in my eyes and asked her what she was seeing? She said only love and respect too much. She came on top of me started kissing my neck and chest. I was also pressing her breast and she put her breast on my face and then I started kissing it and also started sucking it.

She was falling down and down. She invited me to be inside her. I said can I suck your pussy. She said don’t you find that dirty? I said in love nothing is dirty. Then I started sucking her pussy lips. She was moaning and asked me to carry on. I was doing it and suddenly she hold me and asked me to finish it. I did and before I do anything she held my dick and without any hesitation she had started sucking it. I asked her not to do it just because I sucked her pussy. She said you are the one whose dick she was sucking because of my love and respect towards her. She said she didn’t have any problem with that and continued.

Then after finishing that she asked me to come inside her. I just wore a condom and then I slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy. She was screaming little bit and I was worrying about her so I asked her what to do dear so that you won’t have to bear so much pain. She said dear don’t worry about pain just come to me and kiss me. I kissed her and I was pushing my dick inside.

After that I have started moving it and she was really happy to have it. We had done it in missionary style and doggy style too. She also climbed on me and started moving her body over me. And at that position I jerk off. And then I asked her how was that? She said you are my angel. I could see in her eyes that how much she was happy!  Then we had wore clothes and I lifted her again on my hands and took her at terrace at there we had talked a lot during whole night and we had done sex one more time over the loan surface under the full moon.

Guys respect girls. As they are seeking love and sex that doesn’t mean that they are objects or toys of sex. Be a man and spread the love instead of bitterness. Just think how do you feel when someone will do rough behavior with your mom, sister or may be wife too!

Thank you for reading my innocent story and special thanks to whom who had chosen a good guy who have respect and love for you girls and ladies.

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