My Wife And Tailor – Part 7

So far you read that After opening herself to a tailor having a cock of only 4” , she became mad for his cock and chudai. Thereafter she opened up fully during two night’s orgy at her house. She enjoyed openly with three friends of husband and invited one of them to fuck her as much he desire even at her house.

In the morning of second orgy night Paro , maid of house informed owner that her husband has not fucked her since Diwali and requested him to arrange fuck of Aashu with her husband Bhuvan. Kamal told her to send her husband home after she goes and tell him to fuck Aashu despite her resistance.

After morning fuck with Kamal, Paro did her work and went back home at 8.30. Except Kamal all others were asleep at the time Paro left. Bhuvan entered house at around 9.15. Still except Kamal all were asleep. Kamal told servant to go to room where Aashu was sleeping. Servant hesitated but when Kamal said that he has seen Aashu fondling and sucking his, servant’s cock and also that Aashu is eager to fuck with him so he should not hesitate. He said that as he is fucking his wife , maid, regularly he , Bhuvan can fuck his wife as much he wants,

“ Bhuvan, mai Teri bibi Paro ko roj chodta Hun, tum bhee jub chaho meri bibi ko chodo, pyaar karo. “

He pushed servant inside. Bhuvan came in and seeing Aashu sleeping nude he forgot everything. He did not know when he got undressed. He first made Aashu flat, she did not move, nor opened eyes. He caressed lips, cheeks and softly caressed boobs. Asshu did not move. He caressed cunt and inner thighs.

He looked down and saw his own cock throbbing. He looked at door, though door was open no one was around. He positioned himself between legs of Aashu, put tip of cock on entry of cunt. He held waist tightly and instead of giving hard push he kept pressing cock inside.

As Paro has complained, Bhuvan was used to fuck hard & fast, fuck like an animal in different different pose but as lady was asleep he adopted soft technique. He kept pressing and pressing. Aashu had repeated sex last night beside Pawan kept on fondling cunt all along he slept her, Aashu’s cunt was loose and wet. Cock kept on sliding inside cunt easily. Bhuvan’s cock was longer than cock of Kamal and thicker also. It was best cock Aashu was now getting inside cunt. Bhuvan kept on pushing hard and entire 8 inch length got lost inside cunt. Root of cock got pressed with cunt lips.

Aashu moaned but did not open eyes. Instead she widened thighs. Bhuvan moved both hands from shoulders up on her silky skin and finally on boobs. Simultaneously he began thumping and pumping slowly but with firm push.

“ Ahhh Pawan , kitna chodoge ….ahhh maza aa raha hai …..uff she jerked hip. “

Bhuvan has not heard this name before. He thought that Aashu might be calling her husband by this name Pawan. Her eyes were still closed. He squeezed boobs tightly and began banging faster……

“. Ahhhh ……. uffff ……. bahut ……. maza ……. as… raha  …..hai ……. pelte …raho…”

Bhuvan gave still harder push, so hard that Aashu’s body felt a jolt and she opened eyes ….

“Uffff … Pawan itna jordaar dhakka to pahle nahi maara ….Bhuvan tum ……

She recognised that man fucking her is not Pawan but her own servant Bhuvan whom she had invited to fuck her on coming Monday…

“ harami, tu kab aaya, kab ghush gaya, betichod, tujhe to kal bulaya thaa…kutta, kutia ko chodne aaj kaise …. aa …gaya ……”

She tightened him in her arms and thighs but she could not keep him under control. He pushed her arms and legs wide and continued thumping hard to harder ……he did not reply what she asked but said that since he saw her first some 8-9 months ago, he madly fell in love for her. When ever he fucked his wife Paro, he always visualised that he is fucking Aashu and he got first opportunity to touch her on evening before diwali and next day she fondled his cock..

“ buss maalkin, ab mut roko, hum aapke gulam hai, Paro ko sahab chode yaa kisee aur se chudwaye lekin ab se mera lawda aapke bur kaa gulam hai…..buss mujhe chodne dijiye, kabhi mana mut kijiye….”

She whispered that which fool woman can resist him. She thought a bit and decided that beside she herself will continue to have Bhuvan inside her she will get all others , relative and friends fucked by Bhuvan in presence of herself and husband.

She smiled back to him, kept absorbing his strong thrust by jerking hip and said that she is ready for regular fuck with him but only on condition that he will obey her orders , each and every order without asking any reason. She said that she is even ready to mother his child.

“ raja, jub chahoge, chodne dungi, jo bologe karungi, lekin tumhe bhee meri har baat, Bina kuchh puchhe man-ni hogi, apni maa, bahan ko chodne bolungi to mere saamne chodna hoga…”

And Bhuvan immediately agreed. He agree to fuck his own mother and other relatives if Aashu says so, he will even kill anyone on the order of Aashu…..

“ haa maalkin, apni maa bahan ko chodunga, jisko marne bologi maar dunga…”

Hearing Bhuvan, Aashu crossed his neck and began kissing him . When they got separated from lip lock both saw other three persons in the room. Jaya and her husband were nude whereas Kamal was dressed in paijama and sandow.

Aashu looked at visitors but she did not get embassies at all. Instead she moaned and appreciated.

Uff Bhuvan , harami….itna din tak kanha thaa….ufff kya mast lawda aur karara dhakka hai…ek ek haddi (bones) ko maza aa raha hai….beti chod, ab tujhe roj meri chudai karni hogi….”

Bhuvan glanced at Jaya but he remained unimpressed. She was not of his liking , he wanted healthy women like Aashu, he might have liked Rekha. But Jaya got very much impressed by this young man of 22 yrs of age. She looked keenly at man fucking her friend, not tall may be of 5’5” only, but very well built, muscular arms and thighs, chest at least 44 inch , healthy biceps, strong arms, flat belly and strong and firm looking hips.

She looked first at her husband who was nude like her , Lund was limped. She then looked at Kamal whom she loves. Undoubtedly Kamal was much more handsome but he was not near Bhuvan in strength and muscles. Jaya silently appreciated power of thumping and size of cock going in and coming out of cunt. Her cunt began to itch and it got wet…..

It seems Aashu read her mind and enquired whether Jaya wants to fuck with Bhuvan.

“ randi, mere yaar se chudwayegi, lawda chusegi iska….?”

Jaya nodded and came on bed. She began to caress back of Bhuvan.

“ Aashu, bahut mast mard hai, dekhkar hee dil khush Ho gaya, tune bahut liya ab mujhe lene de….”

But Aashu was not ready to leave him so soon that also during their first chudai….

“ yaar abhi ruk…..bhagwan kasam,aaj pahli baar iss harami se chudwa rahi Hun, bur ko thanda honey de…”

She said and focussed on chudai. Seeing Jaya and Pawan nude Bhuvan was certain that Saab has fucked this lady who is desiring for him. Similarly other man ( Pawan ) also must have fucked the lady Aashu whom he was banging. He became angry at this thought and began pumping hard and fast. Aashu enjoyed more and Jaya got amazed to see speed and power of thrust. Another 7-8 minutes passed and Aashu moaned loudly and began to loosened. Bhuvan grunted and pumped still harder few times and then he rested on boobs. Not only Aashu, Jaya also caressed his hairs and back.

After few minutes Aashu pushed Bhuvan and said that she is fully satisfied and don’t want any more cock that day…

“ buss Bhuvan, tune aur tere lund ne mujhe , meri bur ko pura thanda kar diya, ab aaj aur nahi chudwa sakti. “

She got down from bed. Bhuvan also wanted to come with her but she pushed him on Jaya. She told him to fuck & satisfy this bitch Jaya.

“ Bhuvan, mai khane- piney kaa intezam karti hun, tab tak tu iss Kutia ko khush kar. “

Aashu walked away from room and Jaya positioned herself on her knees. She bend and began licking tip of cock of Bhuvan. Jaya’s husband and Kamal watched . But how long they could have watch. Jaya sat in frog postures with both knees under her small boobs and hip pushed back. Kamal began to caress hips and moved fingers over asshole and cunt area. With other hand he pulled off his all clothes. Bhuvan watched. Though cock of maalik, Kamal has tightened ( still under effect of viagra) fully, it was certainly not like cock of Bhuvan. Bhuvan thought that after having his cock in cunt for over 2 years why his wife Paro is getting fucked by a inferior cock of Kamal. No doubt cock of Kamal as such was good looking, tight and throbbing but as compared to his cock , it was certainly inferior.

Kamal pulled Jaya towards him and in turn Jaya pulled Bhavan along with her. Now her hip was at edge of bed. Kamal undressed and positioned cock tip on cunt hole. He wanted to give push but Bhuvan pulled Jaya up on his lap and scolded maalik for sharing his maal. Bhuvan scolded Kamal that presently this lady Jaya is his bitch, his randi so no one else should even touch her.

“ maalik, ye madam abhi meri maal, meri randi hai, jub tak mai isse pura naa khaa lun, tabtak aap uss dusri randi ( Aashu) ka maza lijiye. “

He said and pushed lady on bed. He has seen one of his master making love with his woman. He has seen that before penetrating man has eaten lady’s cunt, chewed it. He thought of doing so. So he parted legs of Jaya . He kept legs wide enough holding both on his forearms and began chewing, kissing & suck. Many time he has seen live chudai. Many time he tried to break open door and fuck that lady himself. But door remain closed. though he was very aggressive in sex with his wife Paro but they never got engaged in oral sex.

Beside Paro, Aashu was his second women. Like he was helping hand for Aashu and Kamal, he was doing part time miscellaneous work at other three houses. He used to see live chudai in one of those three houses. But Bhuvan never desired any other woman like he wanted Aashu but he was not knowing that women of other three houses were mad for him. At his one signal they would have fucked with him any time. Aashu got interested in him only when he has boldly lifted her on his arms and ate boobs. Thinking all these Bhuvan kept giving oral pleasure. He was eating cunt of his wife also but though Jaya was getting regularly fucked by another man her cunt was tiniest of all three whose cunt Bhuvan has seen so far. He was taking full cunt in mouth and chewing it. Simultaneously he kept caressing thin figure of Jaya.

Suddenly it clicked to him that he is sucking & eating cunt of his only younger sister who is as thin like Jaya. He has not yet fondled sister so far but now he desired to fuck her. This thought aroused him a lot and he began tongue fucking lady. Jaya’s facial expression indicated that she is enjoying it a lot . She was not bothered about two male standing nude at her side. Bhuvan also ignored them. Along with tongue he inserted middle finger and began fucking her fast. Her face turned red. Eyes turned smoky.

“ Bhuvan fuck me, lawda andar pelo …..”

She wanted penetration. Bhuvan continued finger and tongue fucking for few minutes and then he covered her thin figure with his muscular figure. He took her body in his arms. His strong chest crushed her boobs, it seemed her bones will brake but Jaya moaned….

“ ufffff…. maza aa Gaya…. bahut. Taquat hai raja…. saari haddiya tod daalo….”

He kept her in arms and kissed passionately. Then he said that she looks exactly like his only sister, younger sister…

“ madam, aap bilkul meri chhoti bahan jaisee ho, waise hee dubli patli lekin lachakdaar….”

Jaya smiled and asked whether he is fucking sister.

“ apni bahan ko chodte Ho….? “

Bhuvan positioned tip on cunt and gave a very hard jolt, hard jolt which Jaya has never faced before…..

“ nahi, rani ab tak to nahi choda lekin ab chodunga….ufff. Kitna tight choot hai….mera lawda chheel Gaya…”

He gave many such hard strokes but Jaya did not complain. Her smile broadened and she told to husband and Kamal that she always wanted such hard and fast strokes.

“ uffff Bhuvan, tuney mast kar diya, meri choot khush ho gaee..teri bahan bhee bahut pyaar se chudwayegi……”

Both man watched relentless chudai , pumping of Jaya by servant. Both knew and understood that even with Viagra they can not fuck so hard and fast. Room was filled with fucking sound.

Soon Aashu came in with tray of tea cups and biscuits. Beside three cups of tea there were two glass with dark colour liquid. She placed tray on bed and gave one cup each to other two men watching chudai. She was still nude. She took her cup in left hand and with right hand began fisting of cock of Pawan, husband of woman getting fucked. Cock was already tight but she continued thumping. She asked Jaya about Bhuvan.

“ kyo randi, mera yaar kaisa hai…? “

And Jaya replied that Bhuvan is as good as her ( Aashu) .

“ kutia, jaise tu mast aur maaldaar hai, waise hee tera yaar khubsurat aur strong hai…uff itna maza to tere Kamal ke saath bhee nahi aaya…..mai to roj aaungi iska lawda khane. “

She said that Bhuvan is better than even Kamal and she will come daily to eat cock of Bhuvan. Kamal felt sad but remain quite whereas Bhuvan became very happy to hear that he is better than maalik….he said that she ( Jaya) need not to come here as he will not be able to fuck her again with Aashu madam around. He asked for her address and said that he will give her full service when ever she will call him…

“ Jaya madam, aaj Aashu maalkin ne kaha iss liye aapko chod raha hun lekin aagey se Aashu madam rahenge to mai kisee ko nahi chodunga……aapko mera lawda chahiye to aap jub chahte mujhe apne ghar bulaeeye, aapko pura khush kar dunga…”

Bhuvan continued to fuck hard and fast. Tea got over and Pawan pushed Aashu beside fucking Jaya, his wife. He rode over Aashu and straightway penetrated. Seeing this Bhuvan got very angry more so because Aashu did not resist at all. Aashu took man in her arms and began jerking hips. To add oil in fire Kamal turned wife’s head and pushed cock in Aashu’s mouth. Aashu held root of husband’s cock and he began mouth fucking.

Bhuvan’s speed and power of thrust increased. Instead of telling him to slow down Jaya began to moan loudly and enjoyed it better……

“ ufff Bhuvan bhaiya, tumne apni randi bahan ko mast kar diya, khush kar diya…mai..jharne waali Hun, bur mey apna paani bhar do…..”

She desired to fill cunt with his sperm….

“ apni kutia bahan ko apne bachche kee maa bana do…..”

She wanted to become mother of Bhuvan’s child but it was not possible that day because like other ladies of group Jaya had also used contraceptive , she had copper – T inserted inside cunt.

After few more hard and fast strokes both discharged and climaxed at same time. Both hugged each other tightly , kissed and then Bhuvan rested on her boobs. She caressed his hairs and invited him to her house.

“ Bhuvan, aaj kee Puri raat teri bahan apne bhai ke lawda ko bur mey rakhegi..”

But Bhuvan said that she can come only if Aashu madam permits. And Aashu permitted.

“ Bhuvan , tujhe jub bhee apni bahan yaa maa ko chodna Ho to chale jaana, lekin beech beech mey Aakar iss randi ko bhee khush kar dena.”

She was getting banged by Pawan and husband was fucking in mouth and squeezing boobs. She told Jaya and Bhuvan to drink what she brought for them. Both sat up , drank that “sharbat “ and thanked for nice drink.

Both kept their mouth stuffed in cunt & mouth of Aashu for longer time than Bhuvan fucked Aashu, they did not discharge. Aashu pushed both men away and said that she had too much.

Except Bhuvan all freshened, took bath and both ladies cooked what they could. After having eatables Jaya went out with husband but before going she gave her address to Bhuvan and again requested him to fuck her whole night.

Here Aashu rested and she did not allow anyone to touch her. Bhuvan went out of house and Kamal waited for Paro. She came in evening with her child and he narrated everything what happened after Bhuvan came. Bhuvan had told her only that he will have to go out in the night.

After cooking and little fondling by Kamal Paro went back to her home. Aashu did not allow husband to fuck her in night also.

Next morning while Kamal was leaving for office Bhuvan came and in front of him he undressed Aashu but Kamal did not wait to see chudai. He went out and Bhuvan while fucking Aashu narrated his last night’s experience with Jaya. Aashu was not interested in other’s chudai, that day she got fucked by servant thrice before arrival of husband. In night again she did not allow husband to touch her.

Next day was Tuesday. Bhuvan again came like previous day and again enjoyed with Aashu whole day. While leaving office , Kamal recalled that Aashu has taken appointment with tailor that night. So instead of going home he visited Jaya’s house. Pawan has already come. Pawan’s mother and younger sister were at home. Still Kamal pulled Jaya inside bedroom and both came out after an hour. They did not talk about Bhuvan but Kamal requested her to give few capsules of Viagra. Jaya said that his cock don\’t require any energy pills. She said that without any pill also Kamal can satisfy any one, even a virgin girl like younger sister of husband.

“ darling, tera lawda waise hee bahut mast hai, kissee bhee kunwari ladki kaa bur phaad sakta hai, uski kunwari nanad kaa bhee….”

But she gave him a bottle of pills with advise that he should take only one pills per week. After they came out of room Pawan introduced his friend to mother & sister. Kamal had tea and after he left Jaya’s mother in law asked son whether he is not capable of satisfying wife that others are coming to fuck her. She had seen Bhuvan staying last two nights with Jaya.

At this son told everything about orgy and exchange of wives. Jaya added that though she is satisfied with cock and fuck of husband, she loves Kamal and like cock and muscular body of Bhuvan. She suggested both mother in law and sister in law to try with both men Kamal and Bhuvan.

“ aap dono bhee ek ek baar Kamal aur Bhuvan se chudwa lo, aap roj unse chudwaungi.”

Husband said that as he fucks friend’s wife he don’t mind his wife getting fucked by them.

Kamal reached home late at about 9. His wife was ready wearing a frock like school girl which has come only up to her mid thighs. Cleavages were clearly visible. Aashu told him to get ready soon to go to tailor. Kamal said that as she has fucked with three more men and Bhuvan also. She herself said that she liked Vinod and Bhuvan very much so what is need of going to tailor. But Aashu replied that though Bhuvan has fucked very nicely but he also could not give pleasure to her like master gave.

“ raja, Bhuvan bahut maza deta hai, lekin master se bahut kam…jis din koi bhee tailor se jyada maza dene wala mil jaayega, mai tailor ko chhod dungi….lekin abhi juldi chalo. “

Kamal knew that it is no use to telling her. Tailor certainly has done some magic on her. They again reached at tailor shop at around 11. Entire market was closed . Again like last time shutter was half closed. Both entered and Kamal pulled down shutter. Kamal smiled to see that girl in the shop with her father. Before Kamal could touch girl Bina, master has hugged Aashu tightly and pushed her on bed, two makeshift bed made on floor. Kamal hugged Bina and kissed her.

This couple were kissing, caressing and talking but other couple has already undressed and tailor has dipped his mouth between thighs of Aashu. Before leaving house Kamal had taken one pill and he was also ready for penetration.

Unlike previous night father did not penetrate daughter. Tailor repeatedly penetrated Aashu whereas Kamal penetrated only twice. All including tailor were amazed to see stamina of Kamal and absorbing power of young girl. Both the time Kamal fucked girl for more than two hours.

It continued and they heard bell of tower clock, it was bell of 5 morning. Kamal told wife to return home but Aashu declare that she will stay few days with tailor and will return on next Sunday night. She told him to come and pick her up sunday night. Tailor became very happy to hear Aashu so was Bina. Kamal tried to pursue wife a lot but she did not agree.

Unhappily Kamal drove back home alone and reached there just few minutes before maid came. He said that last night Aashu’s father came and she went with him. He informed that she may return on sunday or monday. Paro gave another bad news that since morning her period has started and she would not be available for fuck for 5-6 days.

Kamal thought of spending night with Jaya that also at her house.

What Aashu did at tailor’s house ?

Wait for next part………

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