Love Making With Hot Cousin

Hey guys, my name is aaditya. This is story about my first encounter with my distant cousin sister. The story starts when I was 15 years old. At that time, I was living with my big joint family. Those were days when all of our relatives used to gather for family functions or get-togethers. In those functions, our parents used to introduce me and my brothers and sisters to all of our distant relatives who were living away from us. I was very shy in nature, I never liked these things when 15-20 peoples talk about you that how tall you’ve grown and how time has flown.

It was my elder sister’s wedding when all of my relatives gathered at my place. All of seniors were busy in works as it was a grand occasion.

I was helping my father in some outer works, everything was going good. Then my elder sister called me to her room and when I went there, I saw 3-4 girls were sitting with her, she introduced me to all of them, but when she introduced me to aparajita, my mouth was wide open seeing her, she was damn beautiful. I talked to aparajita for some time, she asked me to call her appy, it was her pet name.We talked 2-3 days and she became friendly with me because many of our likes and dislikes were same .We used to roam together, play cards, discuss studies. We were enjoying the whole function.

A day after the wedding, we were playing cards but it was boring, because we were only two players. Suddenly, she asked me to play “Truth n dare”, I was not familiar with the game, she explained the rules and we started playing. At first, both of us were choosing truth and asking some silly childish questions to each other, she asked me about my crush and I asked about hers, it continued for some time but once she asked me how I felt for her, I couldn’t answer her question, we continued playing the game, I was getting bored with truth and hence, I chosed dare and she asked me to dance with her, she knew that I never liked dancing, I accepted that.

We were dancing slowly, I never knew that she dance so good. I was getting goosebumps, it was most awesome moment of my life. I was very nervous at that time. But, I knew that it is the high time when I should take the initiative and I leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her lips, she was not ready for this, she left my hand and leaved the room. Next day, she left my house with her family and she didn’t even bid me bye. I was cursing myself for this act of foolishness.Days passed, I got busy in my own stuffs. I heard from someone that she has gone bengaluru for her higher studies. The memory of that night was not going from my mind.

Three years passed and I haven’t seen her since that wedding.And then, this invitation comes from her mother inviting my whole family to be a part of her 25th marriage anniversary celebration. I decided not to go there but my mother insisted me to go there.Everyone was forcing me to go there so I couldn’t deny.We reached there a day before the occasion. We reached there, stepped out from the car and heading towards her house when I saw those deep eyes starring at me, those eyes were very familiar to me, those were appy’s. I was delighted to see her after so long, but at the same time I was hesitating to talk her. I couldn’t guess that whether she has forgotten all that I’ve done three years ago or not.

We were sitting in the hall when she came to serve tea to all of the guests, she was walking towards me, my heart-beat was increasing, and then a sweet voice of hers offering tea n snacks calmed me down. I saw smile on her beautiful face, I reciprocated back with a smile.

The ice between us was broken, I was a bit relieved. I thought that she has forgotten all that happened three years ago.In the evening, I saw her standing on the balcony and I took the initiative and went to talk her.

Me :- heyAppy:- hey, long time!!!Me : – yea, nice to see you.Appy : – nice to see you too.Me : – I thought you are angry.Appy : – I was but I’ve moved on.Me : – thank god!!Appy : – no, thank me.

Me : – yea, that dance was thank worthy.Appy : – bad joke aadi.

Me : – I’ve not asked for your review.Appy : – okay, I think I should help my mother in some stuff. See you in the dining hall tonight.Me : – why there???

Appy : – family time, we have planned to watch a movie together.Me : – sure, bye!!!

That night, whole family was sitting in the hall and watching movie together. I was tall and that’s why I was sitting in the last. Suddenly, appy enters and from the front gate, she was wearing a top and lower, her figure was damn attractive. She came and sat next to me and I started talking to her, I had a lot of things to tell her and she too was listening interestingly. Everyone except two of us was busy in watching movies and discussing family things. Light of the room was dim and it was perfect movie scenario. The conversation between me and appy was getting more n more personal, I kept my hand on her shoulder and was pinching her asking about her boyfriend.

She caught my hand and lowered it, I then kept it on her waist, she didn’t stop me doing this. Now, my intentions were changing, my junior was erected, I was trying to cover my junior. On the other hand, I moved my hand above her waist, I was losing control on myself. Her smell was making me mad, her juicy lips were waiting to be kissed, I was being desperate, my breath was more dense than ever. I knew that I have already done this mistake in past but this time I was more confident. My hands were still shaking, but I managed my nerves and placed my hands on her soft boobs. She was not shocked this time, she was prepared for my move, she placed her hand in such a way that no one was able to see my hand.

Seeing her reaction, I got courage and I inserted my hand under her top. Her tight padded bra was stopping me from feeling her soft melons, I then placed my hand on belly and started feeling her navel. Ohh god!!! Her deep navel and her sexy expressions were making me mad. Suddenly, she holds my hand tightly and pushed in her lower, I was not expecting this move from her, but I can feel the heat inside her. She was breathing heavily, sweat was dripping from her face.I started rubbing her pussy area above the panty, her panty was drenching in her juice, she was moaning slowly.

I was becoming more furious, she wasted three years. I lived in fear for three years, she never tried to understand how I felt. Now also, it is her desires which have brought her to this extent. That was not happening with me only, every girl does this with every boy. I wanted to take revenge from her, all I wanted to make her beg for sex. I then inserted my hand in her panty and touched her pussy with my fingers, her pussy had little hairs on it. I started pinching her clitoris and her pussy was oozing juices. I knew that this is the right moment, so I stood up and stepped out of the room.

I knew that she must have become furious by my move. I went on the terrace and texted her to join me in the parking garage after 1 hours. I started making my plans, I was nervous too, my legs were shivering. There was a lot of movement going on in the house, everyone was going to sleep. I couldn’t wait for more, I went to the garage, opened the lock and stepped inside. There was very less light, only one zero watt bulb was lit. I heard someone coming towards the garage, I went to the car and waited there for any further movement.And then, she enters. She was wearing a blue nightie which ended just after her upper thighs, her long hairs were left untied, there was kajal applied in her eyes. Her perfectly shaped boobs and thin waist were increasing adrenaline rush in my body. She was standing like a sex goddess. Her shiny face in that dim light was driving me crazy. She was standing 10 feet away from me, I was continuously starring at her, seeing in her eyes.

That day, I knew that silence is louder than words, her eyes were telling her desire to be fucked. She came to a step forward and at the same moment, I asked her why??? She started speaking with her trembling lips that “She always wanted to be with me but our relation couldn’t let her think anything further from friendship”.I held her hands and pulled her towards myself, I bent forward and those magical words came out of my mouth. I said, “You’re going to be punished tonight dearie, get ready for the punishment”. She kissed on my cheeks and told me “I’m all yours baby” “Take good care of my desires tonight”.

I kissed on her beautiful lips, she closed her eyes and reciprocated brilliantly. Our tongues met, saliva exchanged. That kiss was the most beautiful moment of my life. I held her waist and lifted her in my arms while kissing, I started biting her soft lower lip. That moment, when her fingers were running in my hairs and her tongue playing with mine, I was somewhere falling for her. We broke the kiss after 2-3 minutes of a passionate kiss.

She looked in my eyes and I was searching myself in her deep eyes, but on the other hand, I didn’t want to be soft with her. I hold her hair tight in my fist and turned her backside. I then bent her forward and rested her on the bonnet of the car. I sat on my knees and lifted her nightie up, her white milky thighs were in front of me, I kissed on her thighs and a soft moan came out from her mouth “Aaah”. I lifted her nightie more and her fleshy milky ass was waiting to be kissed and spanked. She was wearing a pink lacy panty, I removed her panty and then I couldn’t help myself from kissing her ass.

She was moaning “Aadi, kiss me baby” “Right there-right there, baby”. The aroma from her pussy area was worth sniffing. I touched her bare pussy with my fingers, it was shaved just a few minutes ago, I was turned on by the smell of her pussy. I started making circle with my tongue around her pussy area and she was going out of control, she caught my hair and pulled me towards her pussy and said “Come on aadi, lick it” “Lick my pussy” “Drink my juice” and I started eating her pussy like a mad dog, I was tongue fucking her and at the same time rubbing her clitoris. She was going mad, pushing her pussy backwards. I then started licking her ass-hole and fingering her pussy at the same time, her juices were oozing out from her pussy. She cummed two-three times during that 5-7 minutes of my tongue tornado.

I then gave a tight slap on her ass and inserted my middle finger in her ass-hole, she was in lot of pain. I was in no mood of showing any mercy on her, I finger-fucked her ass and pussy at the same time. She was moaning “Go deep aadi” “Plzz don’t stop” “Aah, come on baby”.I caught her by hair and turned her to my side, we then kissed very passionately, I started biting on her neck and shoulder. I then focused on her boobs, I opened her nightie and she was standing only in a sexy matching pink bra. I started pressing her boobs over her bra, she was not able to control anymore and caught my dick over my lower. I was enjoying her move. I then tried to unhook her bra but it was very tight, I wasted no more time and broke the string of her bra. She was shocked and asked ” ye kya kr diya”?? But I was too horny to explain anything and I said “Chup reh madharchod”.

She was enjoying my wildness, she smiled and then sat on her knees and started chewing my dick over the lower, it was hurting me, I slapped her and told her to go slow but she was in no mood to listen to my orders.

She took out my tool and pulled my foreskin back, my pink dick-head was wet with my precum. She started licking my dick-head, I was enjoying the scenario. I caught her hair and shoved my whole dick in her mouth, she gagged but managed to take the whole length for some time. I then started mouth-fucking her and she was making eye-contact with me. I was finding it hard to control after 4-5 minutes of a blowjob.

I lifted her up and made her lie on the bonnet of the car. I then put my penis in her pussy and started rubbing, she was moaning in loud voice. She was expecting some more rubbing when I suddenly inserted the whole length deep into her pussy and started ramming her. She shouted “Aadi, go slow jaan” “It’s hurting me” her warm pussy was giving immense feeling to my dick. I was pressing her boobs continuously, I bent forward and took her left boob in my mouth and sucked it. I bit her pink nipple hard, there were love bites all over her body. Her deep navel was looking so fucking sexy that I tongue-fucked that too.

I then lifted her in my arms and started fucking, that position was a bit difficult but it gave immense pleasure. She cross-folded her legs around my waist. She was moaning like hell, whispering in my ears “Oo aadi, fuck me hard jaan” “Screw my pussy deep” “I wanna feel your tool deep inside my pussy” “Come on aadi, fuck me from behind”

I then turned her towards the car and bent her on bonnet of the car and inserted my junior in her pussy from backside. I caught her hair in my hand and gave hard shots, I spanked her ass hard. She was going very wild, now she too started using abusive words.

She was grunting with every shot, and was shouting “Chod na aadi, or zor se jaan” “Dikha na kitna hawas h tere me” “Aah-aadi, fuck me like there is no tomorrow”. I liked the way she was abusing me.I was also abusing her while fucking “Haa madharchod, roz chodunga tujhe” “Teri choot kaafi tight h kutiya” “Tune teen saal waste q kiya saali” “Aaj teri choot faad dunga”

She was moaning loudly, I then stuffed her panty in her mouth, held her hair and started giving long shots. She turned her head from the left side and was staring me from the corner of her eyes, her mouth stuffed with panty and her eyes filled with tears were looking fucking damn sexy.

I was on the verge of cumming, I caught her hair and pulled backward, it made her stand and I was fucking her from behind, it removed panty from her mouth and we were kissing and fucking together. I caught her boobs from behind and was pressing them hard, pinching her nipples. She knew that I was going to cum. She bent a bit front side to give me more access to her hole, I caught her shoulder with the left hand and her waist with a right hand and started giving fast strokes. Her legs were going weak but she stood till the last shot. I was grunting in her ears “Baby, you made my night” “I’m going to cum jaan” “Allow me to fill your pussy with my hot lava”She then whispered, “Please aadi, I too want to feel your hot cum inside my pussy” “Fill my pussy with your juice” “Don’t let a single drop of your cum to waste” “Drop your seeds inside my hole baby” “Come on, fuck”!!!

I give some tight strokes and then caught her ass and inserted my whole dick inside.

“Aah, huh” “Hold my hand baby” “Oo fuck” and I cummed heavily in her pussy. I was sweating very much, breathing heavily like never before. She too was tired of a hot fuck session. I didn’t take my tool out till it became limp. My cum was flowing out from her pussy. Her inner thighs were wet with our juices.

We stayed there for 30 mins more, cleaned ourselves, kissed and went back to sleep.

My encounters with her are still going on, I fuck her whenever we get some chance to meet.

Please let me know that how was my story, your precious appreciation will encourage me to share more of my stories.Mail:- [email protected]

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