Making Love To My Princess In The Most Romantic And Sensuous Way

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For all the new readers lemme introduce myself. I’m Rohan Sharma, 27 years old.. I believe in making love to a woman in a special way!!! I just don’t belive in having sex..

Guys I’m a sex advisor, a massuer by hobby..I’m here to help you in any way I could.. So feel free to get in touch me if u wish to seek any advise or help, or u wish to get naughty or meet me for some pleasure!!!

Coming to the story.. The princess of this story is Shika.. A very young girl, who is very serious about her studies.. She is in her college and from a science background but she opted for commerce in her degree. So she was not good in accounts as she had no basic knowledge about the principles of accounts.

We were family friends and their parents asked me to help her as she had some difficulty in accounts. She is a sweetheart and she is so so cute!! She called me up and asked for help and I had to agree. And we decided to start with her tuitions from tomorrow.

I reached her place at 6pm and she was waiting for me. Her mother thanked me for the help. And we went to her room to study.. She was actually confused with the 3 basic rules of accounts.. So I started with the basics first and this went around for a week.. She was a quick learner, so I had no problems in teaching her..

It was a Sunday and I had informed her on Saturday itself that I would coming to teach her around 2pm as I was going with my friends. But she dint remember and was busy sleeping.. I reached her place around 2.15pm and her mom informed me that she was sleeping. So I told aunty that I shall come later and let her sleep.. Aunty insisted me not to leave as she already felt that they were troubling me.. But guys helping someone is always a pleasure.. I told her the same and asked her for treat if she scores good marks in accounts.. She was pleased and promised me to gimme a treat irrespective of her marks as I have been helping them.. Well, this was too much for me and I said Aunty aisa kuch nahi hai.. Aap tension na lo.. Shika ko bahut ache marks ayenge..

Aunty went to wake her up and I was waiting in the hall.. After 5 mins, she came out and I was surprised to see her in shorts.. Her milky white thighs and her top was tight.. She must have forgot to wear a bra in hurry(Girls take their bra off while they sleep in the night). I could see the impression of her poky nipples on her top.. She asked aunty for a coffee and apologised for making me wait.. Then she told me that she and her friends had a night out last night and she came home around 7am.

I said it’s ok.. And she finished her coffee and we started to study.. we started with depreciation. The most simple problem in accounts. But I found tough to concentrate on the problems and couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful girl sitting right next to me..

Her poky nipples inviting me to suck on them, those shiny white milky white thighs asking me to bite them and her beautiful pink lips asking me to kiss them.. It was too much for me to resist and to concentrate on the problem..

Just then a pen fell down, and I asked her to concentrate on the problem and I shall pick it up.. And it was behind us, so I got up from my chair and went to pick it up. Just then I realised her top was slightly raised on her back and i could see her pink panty from behind..

I never used to have such kind of feelings for her till now, but today things were not on side and I was getting seduced by her.. She looked busy with the problem and I looked at her face. Her hair was loose.. And she rested the pen in her lips, thinking about the problem. I was falling for her innocence, her gorgeous face.. she was moving the pen a little and my mind started to have dirty thoughts. I guess you guys know what it is..

I dint wish to get distracted and thought will go out of the room for a while and come back in a minute or two and asked her to excuse me.. She asked me what happened? I told her that I was thirsty and will help myself. She asked me to wait and said that she will get water for me as her mom too must be taking her afternoon nap..

And then she got up and started walking. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her hot ass. It was swinging with her walking and I never realised she is so hot!!! She came back with a water bottle and I had some. I thanked her for the same. She again started to solve the problem. After sometime she too had water and she accidently spill some water on neck and top. I couldn’t control myself staring at her. I wanted to lick those few drops of water dripping from her neck. I started to feel thirsty again.. And this time wanted to taste the water on her body.. I could see a wet patch on her tee just on her tits!!!

I started to have a boner in my pants. Trying to hide it i just started move around the room which turned to be even worse for me.. Now I could see her panty from back.. I was so aroused and wanted to eat her.. I was standing next to her and I could see her cleavage. I kept looking at it for sometime and then she had a doubt.. I started to clear her doubt and doing so I placed my hand on her shoulder.. She dint say anything.

So I gathered some courage and placed both my hands on her shoulders and started to give her a slow massage.. As you know I’m a massuer, I was giving her a relaxing shoulder massage and she kinda started liking it.. I said night out k baad tum shayad thoda thak gayi hogi, toh may be this can help.. She dint say a word and I had a great view of her cleavage.

I slowly got more confident and start to insert my fingers a little in her top, and now my fingers were on her shoulders inside her top.. As I told u guys earlier, she wasn’t wearing any bra. So it was very easy for me to give her a massage..

I realised that she was enjoying the massage as she dint resist and her breathing to got heavier.. So now I slowly started to take my hands down towards her boobs and started to massage her just above her boobs.. she had her eyes closed and she was enjoying the massage.

As she was bending forward a little, it was tough for me to reach her boobs, so I pushed her a little back. Doing so, she was now resting her back on my hard thing.. She would have felt my hard thing on her back and she moved her back to feel my thing a little more. She too would have realised where this was heading..

Her gesture of feeling my thing gave me a green signal and now I moved my hands on her breast.. Now I was cupping and massaging her breast as if I’m holding a water bottle.. My 4 fingers were on the bottom of her breast and my thumb rested on the top. He nipples were exposed, untouched by me..

She had a very soft and big pair of breast.. Her size might be 34 C. Her breast were big and full.. 1 of the best pair of breast I had ever touched..

I started to massage her breast and she started to moan in a very low voice, feeling my thing on her back.. Now she rested her head on my chest and enjoyed every single second of this act..

I then placed a kiss on her forehead and I could see her lips shiver a little asking me to kiss them.. The best thing u can do to your girl or woman is to make her feel special.. Kiss and love every inch of her skin, pamper her.. Never rush..

I did the same, making her wait.. Not kissing her on her lips, but I started to give her warm kisses all over face.. Warm??? U can give warm kisses to ur partner with the soft and wet skin just under ya lips. Trust me she will feel all ya love when u do kiss her like this..

After giving almost 20 to 30 kisses all over her face I slowly inched towards her ears.. Remember, I have been massaging her breast all this while.. Moving towards her ears, I slowly took that soft part(where a girl wears her earings) of her ear and started to suck it ever so softly.

Sucking her ears there for almost 40 to 50 seconds, I moved up and started to lick her ears with my tongue.. I slowly inserted my tongue inside her ear hole and started to lick her thier. Most woman love it.. And she was no other..

Now she started to hold my hands and was pushing me towards her.. Remember we were looking in the same direction. We weren’t looking at each other. I realised it’s to much for her and gave a small peck on her lips..

And I rested my lips may be just an inch away from her lips and she could feel my breath on her skin.. I wanted to enjoy that beautiful moment and even stopped the massage of her boobs.. Teasing her there.. she had to take a move on..

Almost after a gap of 30 to 40 seconds.. Guys trust me this small gap would feel like ages!!! She finally reached for my lips and start to kiss me.. I started to suck her lower lip and then did my favourite thing. That is the Tongue fight.. I took her tongue in my mouth and started to suck it like a ice cream..

After few mins I realised that this might hurt her neck so I broke the kiss and started take her top off.. She was still sitting on the chair. And I start to kiss her bare back.. I love kissing and biting a woman’s back so I gave her few love bites on the sides of her waist..

Doing so, I cupped her breast from behind.. Gosh they were so soft.. Those nipples were so hard.. I turned her around and she was now sitting facing me leaning back.. And I started to kiss her navel.. I almost kissed her whole tummy for about 6 to 7 minutes and then I put my tongue in her deep navel and started to lick it.. She felt ticklish while I was licking her navel and I slowly started to move up with my tongue out, making her feel only the tip of my tongue..

As I was moving up I reached her cleavage and started to lick it.. suck it real hard.. Doing so I was pressing her right breast hard making her go wild.. And she said plz suck on those boobs Rohan!!! And I finally took her big pink nipple in my mouth and started sucking it.. Then I took my tongue out and started to lick the tip of her nipple while playing with my hands with the other..

I removed the books from the table and I asked her to stand up and took her shorts and panties down together.. I made her sit on the table spreading her legs wide and I got down on my knees and started to bite her inner thighs..

I could see a clean shaved pussey dripping with love juices.. I slowly moved inch by inch to that love tunnel licking and biting her inner thighs.. This is all she could take and she suddenly got hold of my hair and forced my face into her beautiful pussey..

I decided to tease her a little more, so I spread those pussey lips and started to lick where her pussey starts.. She was very horny.. And she was pulling my hair in ecstasy.. So I slowly moved down her pussey and pushed my tongue deep in that wet love tunnel.. I was licking every inch of pussey and was massaging the tip of her pussey with my fingers. She had her first orgasm!!! And I loved licking and drinking all of it without even wasting a single drop of it..

She looked at me with those beautiful eyes, asking me what’s next?? I slowly undid my pants and my undies and it was time for me to make love to her.. she was still sitting on the edge of the table, seducing me by showing me that pussey.

I slowly went near her, and smooched her for sometime and then I started to tease her by rubbing my penis on her pussey lips.. After doing this for couple of minutes, there came the biggest suprise. She hugged me, not using her hands, but her legs. This made my penis enter the heavenly gates of Shika…

I loved that feeling when I could feel my thing getting in her tight pussey. She was not a virgin, but she must have hardly made out just few times.. I rested my penis deep in her enjoying her tightness, and then I slowly moved my my ass up and down.. Guys plz notice what I said.. I said I moved my ass up and down not in and out.. feeling her tight pussey.. She loved it..

I then held her by her waist, and slowly start to pump my penis in and out of that pussey.. I slowly started to make love to her while I continued my smooch.. She kept her tongue out of her lips and closed her lips. And I started to enjoy licking and sucking her tongue..

While my penis was busy exploring every inch of wet juicy pussey.. I kept on fucking her for sometime and I then realised that sexy ass!! So I took to the bed.. and started to fuck her in my favourite doggie style.. I could now feel that sexy ass, I banging it so hard.. I then started to spank her sexy ass and it turned red in no time..

Just the thought of her ass made me go crazy and I started to pump her like crazy beast with the spanks becoming wilder.. She started to breathe heavily and with my each thrust I could see her breast swinging in the air..

She was just too much for me.. I was confused whether to spank her awesome ass or press those boobs!!! After may be 15 mins I got hold of her boobs and started press them hard.. But I wasn’t satisfied yet..

I then took my penis out of her pussey and lay on my back and asked her to ride me.. She guided my dick in her pussey and I could feel it go so deep.. she left a moan and dint move for few seconds. I realised her pleasure and I just raised her ass a couple of inches and started bang her again!!!

Guys trust me I can still remember that moment of my life. It’s as if it’s recorded in my mind.. I was fucking her pussey so hard and her boobs were swinging in the air in a circular motion. I loved that particular moment and hope you girls can imagine yourself in this position..

Looking at her boobs swinging in the air, I tried my best and started to fuck her as hard and as deep I could.. I put all my efforts and started to fuck her like there is no tomorrow..

She started to moan!!! Awww Rohan!! Yes baby!! I’m loving it!! Don’t stop !!! Don’t stop!! HARDER baby !!!! HARDER !!!! COME ON BABY !!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!! AAAAHH. I’M CUMMING !!!!

In the next couple of minutes we cummed together and she just fell on me as if she had no more energy.. We were so exhausted.. We hugged each other so tight..

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